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Escape: Hotel interiors to die for that you don't need to fly for

It's no surprise more and more people are taking interior inspiration from hotels to create their perfect residential property. There is no feeling quite like stepping into a well-designed hotel; you quickly adjust to the luxury, as if you've always lived a life of ostentatious opulence, because who doesn't have a free-standing bath in their bedroom?

We totally understand why people would want to take inspiration from commercial interiors, and implement them into their own residential homes. So we've curated this blog post to allow you to obsess over our top 6 hotels right here in the UK. Whether you're redecorating or just want a fancy weekend away, you're going to enjoy what's coming up...


Flemings Mayfair

Lobby3 Image credit: Flemings Mayfair 


Glazed doors, wall panelling and marble styled flooring - this lobby certainly has WOW factor. The best part is, this style can be easily translated into your hallway. A tiled floor, neutral colour scheme and a combination of textures are the foundations of any grand entrance.


709-penthouse-bed-jpeg Image credit: Flemings Mayfair


You can't go wrong with monochrome geometrics; the geometric pattern is striking but understated and the monochrome colour scheme is easy to execute, yet looks curated to perfection. What completes this room? No, not the champagne. The gold trim on the headboard and splash of pink in the lamps. Also, this interior will make any outfit POP, think of the holiday instagrams!


Lobby5 Image credit: Flemings Mayfair


We love brass because it works in modern, industrial loft, an eclectic cafe, a traditional home, and here in a luxuriously styled hotel. The fuchsia sofa creates a bold finish, and we're loving it!


The-Drawing-Room Image credit: Flemings Mayfair


Another bold sofa, Flemings, we know your game (and we definitely want to play)! They've hit the nail on the head here when it comes to combining the formality of a commercial space with the cosiness of a sofa seat.


Lympstone Manor

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 13.02.02 Image credit:  Lympstone Manor


Can you believe this is part of one of their rooms? We love the traditional structures combined with modern colours and finishes. Did you ever imagine you would be in love with a green sofa or a quirky, artist style TV stand? No, neither did we, yet here we are.


Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 13.02.50 Image credit:  Lympstone Manor


If you're ever struggling on how to add that extra splash of splendour to your bedroom, start at 5 scatter cushions and work your way up. Failing that, throw in some gold and an oversized mirror. Thank you, Lympstone Manor.


Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 13.03.06 Image credit:  Lympstone Manor


We spoke earlier about having a bath in your bedroom, but how about a  bath on your balcony? Not the most practical of options with the amount of rain we get in the UK (usually). Summer 2018 is the time for balcony bath tubs, you only need to worry about the insects!


Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 13.03.19 Image credit:  Lympstone Manor


Two gold bathtubs. We repeat, two gold bathtubs. If someone asks us now, what does luxury mean to you? We're going to say two gold bathtubs, with perhaps a champagne bucket thrown in too. This is the ultimate double bathroom.


Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 13.03.55 Image credit:  Lympstone Manor


We love how Lympstone Manor combines different interior styles. They've mixed up traditional with this copper, studded bar. At the end of 2016 we said, 'ok, enough copper now', but suddenly we can't get enough.


The Hoxton, Shoreditch

_mg_7273 Image credit:  The Hoxton


Shoreditch is known for being a bit 'edgy', and that's one of the reasons we love The Hoxton, it's unique! They have 'concept' rooms, such as the one shown above.


hox_concept_shoebox_010 Image credit:  The Hoxton


Who says bold needs to be big? The Hoxton also have 'shoe box rooms' which are super tiny, but still super stylish. They also seem to have fantastic taste in literature, as well as interiors.


hoxton_270717_0283 Image credit:  The Hoxton


Black, yellow and a splash of teal. Probably not your first choice when it comes to redecorating, however, they can be a winning combination - exhibit A shown above.


Solent Forts

473823453 Image credit:  Solent Forts


Solent Forts is brilliant for a slightly different hotel experience. Whilst the saying 'no man is an island' seems to be proven right more than wrong, it doesn't need to apply to hotels. Each one of Solent Forts are converted forts and their own little island in the sea.


793917450 Image credit:  Solent Forts


We always think and interior should  be complementary of the property, and in this case Solent Forts hasn't let us down. They've kept the decor nautical, without looking too themed!


2851206081 Image credit:  Solent Forts


Not only do they have impressive interior, the Forts boast incredible views. You can see for miles and miles, and you really do feel a little bit humbled in the vast expanse of ocean.


The Pig

Brockenhurst-Int-Hi-Res-4 Image credit: The Pig


Each room at The Pig is different, and each room at The Pig are gorgeous. The interior is abundant in character and personality, whilst still having a clean and functional finish.


Brockenhurst-Int-LoRes-58 Image credit: The Pig


There is something quite enchanting and endearing about the decor at The Pig. It's one of those hotels where you can walk in, and feel right at home.


gallery3 Image credit: The Pig


I don't know if we've mentioned it at all, but we love indoor greenery and an organic interior. Their restaurant is full of plants, herbs and all sorts of greenery. The interior looks so fresh and, just alive!


gallery9 Image credit: The Pig


Love the look of full to the brim bookcases, and like the idea of being a bit of a bookworm, but quite frankly, you just don't read enough? We've heard that before. The Pig proves to us how bookcase wallpaper, isn't actually tacky at all. When paired with a roaring fireplace, it makes the room look super cosy.


Hotel Du Vin, Stratford

116691443 Image credit:  Hotel Du Vin


Hotel Du Vin in Stratford has some really charming elements to it's interior. We love the small gallery wall above the bed, with carefully chosen artwork. Additionally, the houndstooth cushions look fantastic with the bright orange, oversized headboard and deep blue wallpaper.


144333270 Image credit:


Say goodbye to having to see the wine list, just have a look at the wine wall. Ok, ok, we are joking, as we might get in trouble for suggesting Hotel Du Vin supply every wine bottle that makes up this wall, but it's a stunning and unique feature, isn't it?


144333305 Image credit:

Yep, you guessed it. We're about to start raving about indoor greenery again. Living walls are so on trend in the world of interiors at the moment, and here Hotel Du Vin has shown how to execute the look in a really understated, yet effective way.

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