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Before & After: An open plan living & dining room update that makes a statement

Whether it's a complete renovation or a quick update, it's amazing how much a space can be transformed. Take it from us, it's what we do! We wanted to show you how little changes can create big results, so we have decided to share with you one of our room makeovers that takes an already lovely open plan space, into a functional, modern and on-trend living and dining room.




A statement chair

DSC_4827 Image credit:  My Bespoke Room


A pop of colour is always a fab idea for an instant update. The bright yellow is super complementary of the blue tones in the room, and brings out the colours from the homeowner's painting. The chair is sleek and compact in shape, and therefore isn't obtrusive in the room, yet it still makes a large statement as your eye is instantly drawn to the colour.


A layout rejig

IMG_3514 Image credit:  My Bespoke Room


Before, the corner sofa slotted into the far left corner of the room, creating a waiting room style layout. This chaise sofa still gives you a comfy spot to put your feet up, but it is more angled towards the wall-mounted TV and as a result, gives more purpose to the area, creating a more functional living space.

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Finishing touches and indoor greenery

IMG_3526 Image credit:  My Bespoke Room

Often overlooked, finishing touches really are what completes a room. They pull the whole scheme together and can make a space feel more homely. The finishing touches really bring the brass elements out here, and the indoor greenery gives an organic, fresh look to the space. Lamps and lighting are brilliant decorative products, and add ambience and warmth to your room.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

IMG_3538 Image credit:  My Bespoke Room

Mirrors are far more than a functional item for vanity purposes. They're a great accessory for filling wall space, and can be classified as wall art in their own right, especially when they're as interesting and stylish as this one! Mirrors also bounce light around the room, making the room feel larger and brighter.



IMG_3545 Image credit:  My Bespoke Room


Geometrics are ideal for introducing pattern and giving a room a contemporary edge, whilst not being too 'loud.' The homeowner wasn't afraid to go bold with contrasting geometric wallpaper, a diamond patterned rug and hexagonal side table!


Embrace storage

IMG_3547 Image credit:  My Bespoke Room

We wouldn't be humans if we didn't manage to accumulate even a little bit of clutter, therefore, to keep surfaces clear storage solutions do need to be incorporated in your home. However, this is no longer a negative; it's 2018 and storage is more stylish than ever. So much so, that storage can actually enhance your room design, rather than hold it back. This compact, white TV unit fits the space perfectly, grounds the TV, has brass accents to tie in with the scheme and fulfils the storage needs for the area. Result!

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Design by Nardus Lamprecht & Rosie Ellis

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