Looking to instantly add value to your home? Whether you're selling up or looking for affordable ways to maximise your home's potential, this is the post for you!

Sometimes radical and expensive updates like an extension aren't the only answer to make your home work for you. Here are some of our favourite quick updates you can make that will add instant value to any room in your home:

1. Remove bulky and boxy furniture

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Getting furniture that's the wrong size for a room is one of the most common design mistakes we help clients fix.

It can tempting to buy the biggest sofa you can than can technically fit but if the scale is wrong and it's bulky, it will have a really negative impact.

If you want to add value to your home - spend some time decluttering and removing furniture and items aren't needed. The less clutter you have, the more floor space will be seen making the room feel much more spacious - and who doesn't want a spacious room?!

Read our guide dedicated to small spaces for more solutions to try.


2. Swap over dated light fittings

Post image landscape (27)Image Credit: My Bespoke Room and Da Silva Designs

Nothing quite transforms the mood and feel of a space like lighting. The trick is to layer your lighting at different levels to create an ambient vibe.

Your ceiling light should rarely be used in rooms like your living room or bedroom that you want to feel calm in - lower level lighting like table lamps with a warm colour bulb will honestly transform the room.

Nothing quite dates a room and distract the eye like a tired old lamp shade in the corner. Also, not choosing a light fitting for your ceiling pendant that's the right scale for the size of the room can look a bit daft and even make the room feel smaller. 


"Lighting is great at setting a mood so  if you get it right, potential buyers will feel at home." Quote image (4)


Post image landscape (35)Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Plug in lights are a fantastic way of lighting up a dark corner and losing any dark shadows. This will really help to make the room feel even more spacious and what's more - you don't need an electrician and you can take them with you when you move!


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3. A fresh lick of paint (and which colours to avoid!)

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Now you'll be well aware by now that we love a good bold colour at My Bespoke Room. We often try to challenge our clients to take bold choices with colour and pattern so that they have a home that they absolutely love and is completely unique to them. The great thing about paint though is also that it's relatively easy to change. All you need is a free weekend (rare, I know), some dust sheets and a tin of emulsion! 

So if you're thinking about refreshing your home for potential buyers, consider something, fresh, light and neutral. It will help to create a blank canvas for them to picture themselves living there.

Even if you already have a neutral palette, we strongly recommend doing a touch up anyway to wipe out any scuff marks and fingerprints. You might no longer notice them, but trust us - they're there!


"If you're selling, avoid bright colours like red, orange yellow and purple. A lot of people can’t see past this and won't imagine themselves living there." Quote image (2)


4. Lay down a rug

Post image landscape (22)Image Credit: @life_on_nightingale_lane My Bespoke Room

"A good rug can hide tired looking flooring and instantly warm up a space to make it more inviting." Quote image (6)


Flooring is another big selling point and something buyers will look out for. Replacing your flooring however is a big update that could cost a pretty penny. Instead, simply layer in a rug!

Rugs are an interior designer's must-have as they serve so many wonderful purposes like warming up a space, absorbing sound, adding a pop of colour and also zoning a space in a room to give it a clear definition.

Another benefit relevant for this blog however that they also help to hide any scuff marks and typical ware and tear. They can also distract from what might be a dated floor choice (no judgement!)


Looking to make bigger home updates to add value? Check out our blog post '15 little and large home updates that add the most value' to learn more:



5. Get a handle on it

Post image landscape (26)Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Another quick and easy tip from us to you is to simply replace your old handles on your kitchen cabinets or wardrobes. It's amazing how these little details really do make a big impact and can make a home look far more luxurious. 

Our friends over at Plank hardware wrote us a blog post all about how to upcycle items of furniture and make them look truly fabulous. Take a look for some inspiration!


6. Fill empty spaces on your walls

Post image landscape (31)Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Here's another super quick home update that will honestly transform your space - hanging artwork. Look for those areas around your home where you have a blank space that's looking a little lost and lonely.

Pay particular attention to views between rooms. Is there a blank wall that you can see from your hallway that's crying out a picture? This will really help to lead people through your home to keep exploring. 


Post image landscape (34)Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Abstract art works really well as a way to pull together an entire room scheme as you can pull colours from it and dot them around the room in soft furnishings and other little items. 

Avoid damaging the walls by using command strips to hang pictures instead of hammering in nails. You can also simply prop the artwork on a fireplace or piece of furniture to get a similar effect.


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7. Hang a mirror

Post image landscape (25)Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

An oldie but a goodie! Mirrors work wonderfully in the same way as artwork to fill an empty space on a wall but have the added bonus of reflecting light around the room and giving an illusion of hidden depth.

We wish we could put them everywhere but our clients homes could start looking like a circus style hall of mirrors!


"Mirrors trick the eye into thinking there's space beyond." Quote image (4)


8. Bring nature in

Post image landscape (36)Image Credit: My Bespoke Room and Da Silva Designs

Plants are just wonderful aren't they? Whenever we do a photoshoot we bring along a bunch of plants with us as they instantly complete the look of a shot. In fact - I'll give a fiver to anyone that can find an image in this post that doesn't have a plant in!

This works for daily life too. They add a pop of colour and life to a space and help to fill any awkward looking empty spaces. 


9. Call in the pros!

Post image landscape (29)Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

It can be really hard to see your home with fresh eyes and see what needs updating and improving. An interior designer like ours have years worth of experience and can spot creative ways to unlock a home's potential. So give us a call and find out how we could help!


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