What a year 2022 was! We loved every single design we worked on, each one tailored to suit the personalities and lifestyles of our wonderful customers. 

Every January we ask our interior designers to reflect on the previous year and vote for their favourite designs. The top three truly breath-taking, so without further ado, drumroll please....

1. Bethnal Green living room

best Designs of 2022Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this design here.


"It was so much fun working on this design as the obstacles of the space were seen as an exciting challenge, ultimately turning its limitations into its best features. The long layout of the space meant that you could see everything from the moment you entered the room, the change in materials were used to visually segregate the space without physically having to put up barriers."

 Angelica, Interior Designer



It's not hard to see how Angelica's design for her client's living-dining room was our clear winner. It features so many of the top trends our design team are loving right now (read about them here). From panelled feature walls to a soothing green palette complimented by natural materials and textures - what's not to love?!

The client was moving into her first home and was struggling to work out the perfect layout in this challenging long, narrow space. She wanted somewhere that she could entertain friends and family as well as somewhere that felt cosy for film and Playstation nights-in. 

best Designs of 2022Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this design here.

As this space needed to function as a living room and a dining room, Angelica needed to create a visual separation between the two areas without adding obstacles or barriers that would make the room feel smaller and hard to move through. She cleverly chose to run green panelling the full height of the room in the dining area to create a subtle distinction between it and the living space. The panelling also really helps to make the ceilings feel taller with the strips running vertically, leading the eye upwards. 

Angelica cleverly unites the space with a colour palette of cream and a muted, soft green throughout. The colour choices help to make the room feel homely and warm without feeling in any way oppressive or 'busy'. Brass accents balanced across the scheme sit beautifully against the green and add a warmth that black and chrome can't provide.

best Designs of 2022

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this room here.


Lighting was incredibly important in this design as the client flagged in her brief that the current dining area felt very dark and gloomy. Angelica added a beautiful statement brass chandelier positioned above the dining table as well as wall lights on the panelling to frame the artwork and balance the TV on the other side of the room. She also then incorporated a mirror wall on the opposite side that you can see in the visual below to help bounce light around the room and give the illusion of greater depth. 

Angelica's client also outlined in her design brief that she has a strong love of books. Angelica incorporated ample storage space at the end of the room with built-in shelving that cleverly makes use of the dead space above the door by wrapping over the top as well. 

best Designs of 2022Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this room here.


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2. Surrey living room

best Designs of 2022Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this design here.


"This was such a lovely large living room to work on. We explored quite a few layouts within this space to ensure we could get the most people seated in the space comfortably. I really did love putting this room design together and feel like I could happily curl up in there with a book and a cuppa!"

Lucy, Interior Designer



Our runner-up for 2022 was also a new home. The client wanted their designer, Lucy to incorporate their existing pink velvet and cream sofas into a scheme for their brand-new living room. 

Using these colours and textures as a starting point, Lucy created a soothing scheme of soft muted colours and added texture through natural materials such as marble on the coffee table and wood in the sideboard and side tables.

best Designs of 2022Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this room here.


Implementing plenty of green plants throughout brings much-needed contrast to the scheme and Lucy chose to make green more of a feature by incorporating a green ottoman in the bay window providing additional seating as well as storage. 

Lucy used plenty of curved, organic shapes across the design to create softness, such as the round coffee table, the curved sculptural lighting, circular mirrors and even the rounded edges of the armchairs that she sourced for this room.

best Designs of 2022

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

A vintage-style rug brings pattern into this neutral scheme. The sofa cushions are a variety of patterns as well as block colours in cream, pink and green to tie everything together. 

Lucy had a lot of space to play with in this large living room but large spaces can also bring their own challenge, especially in rooms that we want to feel cosy in like this one. Lucy brought all the seating into the centre of the room around the rug helping the space feel more intimate. This also allowed for ample circulation space around the seating zone with room for a sideboard, plants and side tables with low-level lighting. 


Designs (5)Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this room here.


Love this look? You can shop this room here.


3. South London bedroom

best Designs of 2022Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this design here.


"I adored working with this magical client. Her bold and quirky design style inspired me to take a chance and allowed me to push the boundaries of interiors, design from the heart and throw out the rule book. This space is the definition of Maximalist and doesn’t hold back!"

Lateefah, Interior Designer



Lateefah had a real challenge on her hands with this master bedroom which not only had very little natural light, with the only window opening onto a conservatory, but it was also a very small space that needed to squeeze in a king-size bed. The result was is a stunning, eclectic bedroom that reflects the owner's fun and vibrant personality. 

best Designs of 2022Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this design here.


The colour scheme for the room packs a punch and is truly unique! The Palm Springs-inspired wallpaper provides the perfect focal point for the room and the colour scheme of pink and green is carried throughout.

You might think that wallpaper is a no-go in a small space but quite the opposite! Patterns such as the one Lateefah used actually trick the eye into thinking there's greater depth beyond the palm trees in the foreground.


"Layering is a core element, and I have mixed and matched an array of patterns and textures to create this look."

Lateefah, Interior Designer


Two long ornate mirrors on either side of the bed also help to give an illusion of space and reflect light from the bedside table lamps back into the room.

We love how Lateefah has subtly incorporated feminine curves throughout the room, with the scallop-shaped bedhead, and bobbly legs on the bedside tables and table lamps as well as in the ceiling light, creating balance across the entire room. 


best Designs of 2022

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop this design here.


With small spaces, clever storage is essential. Lateefah incorporated a built-in wardrobe across one side of the room to give the owner plenty of space to store her many clothes with a dressing table and mirror within. An ottoman bed with room for the owner's snowboard was another important element of the design.

Our design team loved Lateefah's clever gallery wall opposite the bed that includes a Samsung Frame TV hidden amongst the other artwork. If your budget doesn't stretch to a Samsung Frame, this method of surrounding your wall-mounted TV with artwork will still really help to make it less of a focal point in the room.


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