Welcome to part one with the wonderful Rockett St George! In this 'Ask the Experts' series we quizzed them on the importance of creating a home that reflects your story. In this post they give us a tour of their homes for inspiration!

To get the Rockett St George style in your own home check out the next post: 'How to achieve the fully curated look'.


Your home is a reflection of you

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Image credit: Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George

"At Rockett St George, we think it is so important that your interior design reflects your personal style. 

We will explore some beautiful homes and how the décor reflects their owner. On top of this, we will discuss tips on how to create a dazzling display that is personal to you.


Eclectic homes that reflect their owner 

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Image credit: Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George

A totally unique style starts with the small touches which make for an extraordinary home. Moreover, if you are wondering how your home can tell your story, the following homes will illustrate this.

Read below to discover some of the fabulous homes behind the Rockett St George brand that continue to inspire us every day. Additionally, we will show you how to achieve a personalised look that really expresses your personality.


The home of Tina B

(Senior VIP Customer Services Administrator at Rockett St George)


The home of Tina B

Image credit: Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George


Tina B is fearlessly unique, tremendously theatrical and oh-so fabulous darling! A long-term employee at Rockett St George, Tina B has always been surrounded by the world of textiles, interiors and theatre. 

Tina B’s ultra-glorious Victorian home is where her creativity can run wild, with an eclectic mix of kitsch pieces, naughty signs and plenty of ravishing adornments too!

Moreover, as a firm lover of a cheeky phrase, all-out eccentric collectables and quirky pieces with a glamorous allure, Tina B’s style ensures to never hold back.

I mean, what’s not to love about this tremendously creative space with lashings of exuberance?! 

To learn more about Tina B's extraordinary treasures, watch our short film about her home.


The home of Lucy St George

The home of Lucy St George

Image credit: Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George

A lover of delightfully dark and antique pieces, Co-Founder Lucy St George encapsulates the essence of the Rockett St George brand oh-so perfectly!

In her London home, Lucy has always taken joy in hosting divine dinner parties, creating fabulous floral arrangements and being an all-round creative in everything she does. 

On top of this, using black with pops of colour as her preferred palette, Lucy’s home is bursting with character.

We simply love the dazzling adornments with a nod to carefree disco vibes. Using one of a kind pieces collected from over the years mixed with her favourite Rockett St George products, Lucy’s divine décor never fails to impress. Above all, her scheme is made to turn heads and evoke that party feeling when you enter each room.


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The home of Jane Rockett 

The home of Jane Rockett 

Image credit: Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George


A tranquil oasis for the whole family to adore, Co-Founder Jane Rockett uses serene neutral tones to evoke a calming feeling in her home. Combining memories she holds dear with statement pieces from Rockett St George and around the globe,

Jane has created a peaceful interior style that screams timeless elegance from the moment you walk into her home. 

Additionally, Jane Rockett’s eye for style and passion for photography really shows in every corner. On top of this, every element has been carefully placed to curate stunning style spots throughout her home.

Jane loves to get creative with new and existing pieces. For this reason, she is always restyling her decor to reflect a mood or feeling she wants to evoke. This makes for a really unique space, one in which is so personal to Jane and loved by her family.


How to make it personal 

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Image credit: Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George

As we believe in the beauty of all things unique, you must never be afraid to do something daring.

When looking at how your home can tell your story, always remember to let your personality shine through. Furthermore, when designing a room, it is important to choose pieces that excite you, rather than following a trend. If it makes you happy, then go for it!

Additionally, styling with trinkets, collectables and keepsakes is a brilliant way to make your décor more personal to you. Pick out pieces in your home that spark a marvellous memory and use them in a versatile way.

Lastly, to encapsulate that eclectic charm, incorporate mementoes and beloved objects into your home to really make your scheme stand out from the rest. You will not regret it. If you struggle to find a colour palette for your overall scheme - look to your wardrobe first to see what you are most comfortable with and then select a range of complimentary tones and patterns.

If you don’t wear florals, for example, then you are unlikely to love using lots of floral designs in your home, and vice versa."

For more actionable tips on how to style your home like Rockett St George - check out the second blog post in this series: 'How to achieve the fully curated look' .

To find more inspiration from the homes of Lucy and Jane, you can also check out their two best selling coffee table books; Extraordinary Interiors and Extraordinary Interiors in Colour...



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