Our online room design packages were designed to make Interior Design simple and affordable. Here's Jess, Head of Customer Success to tell you all about them.


Our flat fee room design packages make it easier and more affordable than ever to reimagine your space. You'll work with a qualified and experienced Interior Designer who we match you with based on your style, budget and living situation. 

Our Complete Package Designs come with the layouts for the room worked through, the visuals and a mood board so that you can see how everything is going to come together. Your designer will source everything you need for that space so that it’s really easy to bring that design to life. Your shopping team will then take over and help you order the items taking away the hassle.

We have three Complete Design Experience packages for different room sizes so that your designer has enough time to work through all the challenges in your space. The three complete packages also come with a £100 shopping voucher to help you bring your design to life! 


Easily compare the packages side by side in our handy table:



1. Complete Design Experience - £395

Our most popular package is our Complete Design Experience which is perfect for anyone with one function to design for so that might be a bedroom, a living room, a home office. One room, one function - that’s the package for you!


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2. Complete Experience PLUS - £450

Our Complete Design Experience PLUS package is perfect for any room with a dual function so that might be a living room-dining room, a kitchen-dining room or a guest room come office. Anything with two functions, pick the PLUS package.


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Need help with your floorplan for a renovation or extension? Watch our video on our layout consultancy service:



3. Complete Design Experience MAX - £595

Our Complete Design Experience MAX package is ideal for triple function spaces so if you have a kitchen, living and dining room, or if you’re lucky enough to have a basement, games room come gym, that would be the right package for you.

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Mini Styling Experience - £250

Our Mini Styling Experience package is a styling solution service so for any rooms that have the layout all sorted out and have most of the key furniture this is the right approach to take.

We’ll look at the finishing touches to these rooms to really bring them to life. That might be the paint colours, the artwork, the lighting and all those bits and pieces that really add depth to the style of the room.


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