How we choose to decorate our homes, from the colours we're drawn to and the materials we surround ourselves with is a reflection of the time we're living through. The last few years, which brought a huge shift in the way we live, work and play in our homes has been particularly transformational. 2023 is going to be no exception!

Our designers reflect on how our homes will look next year in light of the cost of living crisis and a stronger-than-ever call for sustainability in the world of interiors. They also share their expert tips on how to interpret these trends in your own home.


The biggest trends of 2023

1. Sunset colour schemes

Sunset colour scheme design trend


"I'm seeing a departure from cooler tones and towards sunset colour schemes like terracotta and soft pinks" - Emily

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All our designers have consistently called out a move towards the warmer side of the colour spectrum in 2023 as we seek comfort in our homes. Earthy hues like terracotta and paprika will begin to take centre stage, and soft shades of pink will continue to feature as a neutral alternative to white.

Not ready to commit to red walls just yet? You can adapt this trend in a softer way like our designer did below by choosing beige over greige walls with red undertones and then burnt orange and rust-coloured soft furnishings:


2023 interior design trend - sunset coloursImage credit: My Bespoke Room

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2. 'Lagom' - balanced living

lagom interior design trend

Minimalism is out in 2023. But so is maximalism.... what we're seeking now is the perfect balance.

The Swedish lifestyle concept 'Lagom' essentially means 'not too much, not too little'. For interior design, this translates into the idea of 'moderation'. Clean, fuss-free living with just the right amount of furniture you need and just a few items on display that you need or love. This isn't going quite as far as minimalism as we know it, but ensuring that everything in your home has a purpose and a place.

We feel that this trend will pick up momentum in 2023 as we look toward a more frugal way of furnishing our homes without spending needlessly. This is also a far more sustainable way of designing our homes which is more and more on our minds. 


"The cost of living and energy prices are forcing people to buy less items but of more quality and long-term value" - Milena

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3. Timeless furniture built to last

timeless furniture


The motto 'out with the old, in with the new' is being swapped for an appreciation of older pieces full of history that can add an interesting dimension to your scheme.

The cost of living in 2023 will be a real challenge for us all and will very much impact how we choose to design and live in our homes. We believe (and hope!) that throw-away furniture will be a thing of the past as people look to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. 

Avoid your home resembling a thrift shop by balancing older pieces with new to create a really striking contrast. Have a read of our blog post on balancing the old with the new here.


"People are more focused on sustainability now and people want furniture with longevity. Throw-away furniture is extremely bad for the environment, so try incorporating vintage design pieces from local selling sites or websites such as Vinterior with your current design style." - Olivia

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4. Soft edges and organic shapes

curved furniture


"We'll see a continuation of curves and round edges. I've noticed more furniture and finishing touches are softening. This also creates function to the flow of a room." - Sarah

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We've been seeing curved edges gradually replace sharp, straight lines for some time now and it looks as though this trend is only going to pick up momentum in 2023. There's something comforting and soothing about the nature of curves that we can't quite put into words! From round coffee tables to cocooning armchairs, these shapes are here to stay.


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5. Biophilic design and natural materials

Biophilic design trend


Another unquestionable interior design trend for 2023 is biophilic design. Fancy terms aside, this means using nature as your design inspiration as we continue to crave the outdoors in our homes.

You can interpret these trends by bringing in organic shapes and opting for natural materials like wood, marble and stone while working from a colour palette of earthy reds to forest greens. The most important element? Plants. Lots and lots of plants.


"Biophilic design is here to stay I think, with clients continuing to want to bring the outside in, add plants to their home and plenty of natural materials with interesting textures. Marble, stone, timber, and natural rattan are all materials that clients love to have in their homes. - Lucy

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6. Broken plan living and the 'snug'

broken plan design trendImage Credit: My Bespoke Room


There was a time when open plan living was the dream. Having the whole family in one room - what could be better? One pandemic later and we've realised that privacy is also quite nice! 

We're seeing a clear rise in demand for the snug - a smaller, separate living space that makes you feel warm and cosy the second you step inside. Another more practical reason for this trend is that smaller spaces are much easier to heat up and so in the evenings you can retreat to the snug and switch off your heating in other rooms.


"Covid has forced us to spend more time together therefore a separate lounge has become more important. A snug is also easier to heat up and so it's more energy efficient" - Milena

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To achieve a cosy vibe in your living room, consider a dark, moody colour scheme and don't feel the need to stop with just the walls. Wrap your entire room, walls and ceilings in a dark colour to really help you sink into the space. Lighting is also essential. Steer clear of overhead lighting in your snug and instead layer in lower level lighting like table and floor lamps with warm temperature bulbs. 


7. Joyful interiors

colourful design trendImage Credit: My Bespoke Room


Our homes have the power to shift our mood.  This is why a designer's job is so much more than a dash of paint here and a scatter cushion over there. They work incredibly hard to consider how the scheme will work as a whole to invoke specific feelings and emotions.


"People are moving away from white walls and neutrals and want to bring some colour and energy into their homes. Things feel quite bleak at the moment and so we're looking for ways to bring some joy and vibrancy into our homes." - Ria.

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In light of that, we're noticing that joyful interior schemes with bright colours and fun patterns are on the rise. Bright pops of primary colours can add a really playful and energetic element to our homes.

Be careful which rooms you implement this trend in though! It works brilliantly for kitchens and open-plan spaces, but steer clear of bright, saturated colours in bedrooms and snugs which should be spaces you feel calm and relaxed in. 


"People want to bring more dimension and personality into their rooms instead of that minimalist all-white look" - Beatriz

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Trends that will decline in 2023

1. Industrial interiors

industrial design trend


The antithesis of joyful, warm cosy interiors that celebrate nature - industrial design is seen as cold, with hard edges and man-made materials. Our designers predict a move away from materials like concrete, chrome and black finishes. 

This isn't to say you should completely disregard this style! The best interiors are created through contrast and so bringing industrial elements into your design in subtle ways can still work beautifully. Such as black metal candlesticks on your curvy marble coffee table, or a cast concrete basin in a beautiful, warm terracotta colour.


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2. Fast furniture

For many years now we've seen prices fall on trend-led pieces of furniture, which has certainly had many benefits, opening up the world of interiors to everyone, no matter your budget. The downside of this, however, has been that quality is often sacrificed and it's led to a throwaway consumer culture in interiors which is bad for the environment, and in the long run - bad for our wallets too.


"We'll see a decline in "fast furniture". Pieces will become more of a considered purchase with the view to invest in furniture to last, not just change it with the trends." - Lucy

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We always suggest taking time to consider your big investment pieces and unpick whether you really love them or whether it's just a flash-in-the-pan trend. For example, white boucle chairs have been all the rage in the last few years, with many cheaper interpretations available on the market. However, think hard about whether an all-white chair really works for your lifestyle to avoid having to replace it next year.


3. Velvet

velvet design trend


Never did we think we'd see the day when velvet falls from grace! There will always be a place in our hearts and homes for luxurious velvet sofas but its heyday certainly does seem to be behind us now. 


"Dare I say it but velvet is on its way out and being replaced with easier to care for and more natural fabrics like linen." - Nardus

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4. Grey colour schemes

grey colour scheme design trend


Thank goodness that the age of fifty shades of grey is behind us! So often seen as a 'safe' option in interiors, grey colour schemes lack life and energy. Who really wants to live in a black-and-white photo after all?! 


5. Navy blue feature walls

Navy blue feature walls trend


So clearly you can have too much of a good thing according to our designers! The trusty navy blue feature wall has become so overused that it's now lost its magic it would seem. Here's hoping that this doesn't happen to green!


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