It is that time of year again when all of us at My Bespoke Room are getting excited to see what a year of interior design will look like in 2024.

While we're always encouraging our fabulous clients to infuse their homes with styles they simply love, instead of what's trendy, there is just something undeniably thrilling about watching the ever-evolving world of interior design transform year by year. 

We may not be able to tell the future at My Bespoke Room, but our designers definitely have a knack for spotting what's brewing in the world of design and what our clients are yearning for. So, we've asked them what they predict will be all the rage in 2024 and have also accumulated their tips on how to pull off some of these stunning and ingenious trends.

Whether you're a fad follower or an interior maverick, it is undeniable that these design ideas are just a little dreamy, and there is no harm in following a trend once in a while if it is something you adore!


Top colour of 2024

The biggest interior trends of 2024

Interior trends taking a decline in 2024

How to incorporate trends in your home


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The top colour of 2024

 Rich and earthy tones

Burnt orange living space

Tones such as burnt amber and deeper browns are bound to continue in 2024, these rich colours ooze warmth and comfort into a room and instantly make anyone feel at home.

These colours are reminiscent of natural elements like autumn leaves, earth and wood and are a great way to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home. 

In recent years, neutral colour schemes have been taking the interior design world by storm, with the modern and sleek aesthetic gaining great appeal. The bright and airy atmosphere that neutral colours create, paired alongside their timeless elegance, means that we will probably never see them go fully out of fashion. However, warm neutrals, such as burnt oranges, are starting to appear in our designs more often.

These deep, earthy tones are the ideal colour palette to pair with neutral and lighter colours to create a balanced contrast in your home; this contrast adds depth and visual interest into your space, preventing it from feeling too monotonous. 

So, if you're looking to continue the minimalistic and neutral aesthetic in your space while trying to add a few more pops of colour, why not try giving this trend a go in 2024?!


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The biggest interior trends of 2024

1. Quiet luxury

timeless white living room with fireplace

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Making a significant impact on the fashion scene in 2023, the term 'quiet luxury' is starting to appear in the world of interior design and is going to make a big appearance in 2024. 

Quiet luxury is all about being 'anti-bling' and understated in your décor choices while focusing on investing in high-quality and minimalist pieces that have a timeless appeal.  The idea is to create a sophisticated look without shouting about it!

As Colin King, interior stylist and author of Arranging Things, states: 'Quiet luxury is an approach that focuses on building a collection with intention—collecting things you love, rather than things that fit perfectly together. It flies under the radar, meaning the source shouldn’t be immediately obvious—only when you look closer do the quality, form, and craftsmanship reveal its designer pedigree.'

Although the idea of having every item in your home being from a designer brand is probably out of most of our budgets, it still doesn't mean we can't get an in on the trend. The principal is to simply choose décor and furnishings that you love and make you feel good; build a collection of high-quality items over time and try not to buy on impulse and focus on purchasing from sustainable brands.

designer-image-2-656dcf0250c38"Quiet luxury is all about making your home more like a getaway from everyday life. It could include elements like integrated lighting, fancy wallpapers and murals or fine quality linens" - Ruchi



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2. Japandi design

Japandi open plan space with panelling

Emerging in the mid-2010s, this style has been on the rise ever since. The harmonious fusion of Japenese and Scandanivan styles combine to create a minimal and functional home aesthetic.

The hybrid style emphasises the simplicity of natural materials, balanced colour palettes, functional and clutter-free spaces, as well as a focus on sustainability. This design style offers warmth and tranquillity

With more of us becoming more conscious of both how we spend our money and also how it impacts the environment, it's not a surprise that the sustainable aspect is what is helping Japandi come into the spotlight for 2024. To make your home's décor more sustainable, focus on purchasing high-quality furniture pieces that will stand the test of time, both functionally and aesthetically.


living room with acoustic wall panellingImage Credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Silva Design

When trying to create a similar feel in your home, look for pieces made of natural materials, like wood or bamboo, or textiles like linen and cotton. Other features include acoustic wall panelling, Scandinavian-style lighting, such as pendant lights, neutral colour schemes, ceramics and pottery and touches of greenery like potted plants or bonsai trees.

Quote image (4)

"People are becoming more conscious of sustainability in their homes and by incorporating natural materials into your home you can add texture, warmth and pattern in a timeless way." - Lucy



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3. Retro comfort

retro interior design in living room

Bring back the tassels and frills! All trends, whether they're in fashion, music, art or interior design, will repeat and take influence from the past. Vintage styles have grown in popularity in all elements in life, and it's about time that it's coming to interior design.

In 2024, expect to see more relaxing interiors and nostalgic atmospheres, with an appearance of bold and abstract wall art, mixed textured cushions, throws and rugs, and bright and fun patterns like geometric shapes and bold stripes.

designer-image-656db30cada15"We’ve been slowly dipping back to times of comfort, and we’re heading back to the 70s a bit more with laidback designs. I'm seeing more custom elements in our homes, from headboards with texture and cosy fabrics, to fringe on our dressing table stool. It’s about more texture and giving us comfort in our homes." - Laura C


Quote image (1)"There’s something comforting in reminiscing. The 70s was a time of hedonism, a want for fun and carefree living reflected in lush surroundings, with rounded comfy sofas, warm earthy neutral tones and plush fabrics. With these uncertain times of austerity upon us, who wouldn’t want to escape to those times." - Tracey



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4. No more technological compromises

samsung frame tv in kitchen

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Our modern-day homes are full of tech and appliances that make our lives either more efficient or more enjoyable, but often these pieces of technology can be visibly unappealing and don't blend in with the rest of the space.

With advancements such as Samsung's Frame Tv, making their way into our homes and changing the game when it comes to finding the balance between usability and aesthetics, we're expecting that in 2024 many more tech companies are going to be following suit on this trend and making our homes more beautiful than ever.

3"Technological advancements are definitely making it easier to make our homes more beautiful. For instance, portable and chargeable lamps are great to add to your coffee table and shelving where a socket may not be close by!" - Lucy



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5. Dark and gothic interiors

dramatic living room with green sofa

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Seeing as we're predicting deep blues to be in, it's no shock that gothic interiors would be making an entrance too!

Stunning neutral homes have been taking over our Instagram feeds over the past few years, and we're all looking for a refreshing change in our home's décor.

This dark style of interior features deep and rich colours, ornate details and low level lighting to successfully create a dramatic atmosphere. Plus, this style is also great for making a room feel more cosy and intimate.

designer-image-656f47617eb2d"For the past few years, we've been drawn to the soft organic tones of neutrals and sculptural monolithic shapes; I sense we're craving something of a romanticised throwback to a more a gilded era but with a natural woodland twist." - Sarbira



6. Panelling on bespoke storage

bespoke panelled wardrobe

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Bespoke storage creates a clean and clutter-free look in your home that will make any guest jealous, however, a whole wall dedicated to storage can often look a little dull.

That's why lots more of our clients are looking to make their storage a little more fun and incorporate panelling into their bespoke solutions. Timeless looks such as the ever-growing shaker style panelling, like in our design above, or wainscoting panelling are always great choices.

By incorporating panelling, your storage transforms into a captivating feature wall, turning it into a focal point that adds visual interest to the room, instead of being the part of the room that no one wants to look at!


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Interior trends taking a decline in 2024

1. Whites and greys

grey and white open plan space

Once upon a time, white and grey were the neutral colour scheme of dreams, but over the past few years, it has been slowly making its way out, being replaced by off-whites and warm neutrals.

Even though grey was seen as the safe choice as it created a cohesive and put-together look, now it seems outdated and cold. To spice up your grey interiors, try adding in some warmer shades, such as greige, introduce some natural wood furnishings and incorporate tactile and textured textiles, this way you can add warmth into the space without redecorating your whole space.


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2. Insta-worthy homes

neutral saker styled panelled bedroom

We're all about breaking the boundaries between Instagram and reality nowadays and a lot of us are realising that perfectly styled, Insta-worthy homes just aren't feasible to the majority.

Many of our clients share concerns about hiring an interior designer, fearing their home will resemble a magazine shoot, making them anxious about everyday spills and scratches. At My Bespoke Room, we prioritise creating homes that not only look amazing but also function seamlessly in daily life.

In 2024, the trend is moving away from over styled homes, recognising that a photoshoot-ready environment doesn't align with the reality of our lives. It's time for a more realistic and balanced approach to interior design!


designer-image-656db30cada15"People are craving a little more vintage and nostalgia in their homes, which is more about making a genuine connection with your home rather than styling it." - Laura C



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3. Gloss kitchens


With gloss kitchens reaching their peak interest in 2020, ever since then, they have been on a steep decline, and we think that 2024 will be the year that we say goodbye to the kitchen finish.

Again, this comes down to the fact that everyone wants a home that looks beautiful with minimum effort, and gloss finishes can be hard to maintain. Showing fingerprints and smudges, as well as scratches and scuffs, a lot of hard work has to go into looking after a kitchen like this.

Plus, gloss is hard to work into a more neutral or minimal interior design style, as the modern and contemporary kitchen is often highly contrasted by soft and cosy interiors, making the two together look a little odd!


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How to incorporate trends into your home


Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Fallen in love with a trend, but concerned about seamlessly integrating it with your existing home décor? Fret not! Our designers are here with expert tips on effortlessly blending different styles, ensuring that your newfound love enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.



"Try to find an item that you already need for your home, but in a brand new style, colour or material that aligns with the trend you love" - Alice




"To make your home more sustainable, look for bygone gems in charity shops or Nan and Grandad's garages and attics. Give them a new lease of life in your space" - Ruchi


designer-image-656db30cada15"I always say if a trend suits what you love then jump on it, but ultimately your home is a reflection of you and trends will pass quickly. You can add trends in the bits that are easy to change, accessories, cushions, throws and artwork. But keep the big things like furniture and flooring in your style and in a way that you will enjoy for years to come." - Laura C



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