Creating a warm and atmospheric lighting scheme can completely change how you feel in the space. No one knows this better than the team over at houseof.  That's why we sent our Head of Design, Lucy Henderson to catch up with houseof Co-Founder Helen White, to shine a light on the biggest lighting conundrums and see how to be more innovative with lighting schemes!

In the latest instalment of our #MeetTheExpert video series, we highlight all the enlightening knowledge that Helen shared with us and she has even written the following blog to help share even more top tips exclusively for lighting your home as the winter nights draw in. Enjoy! 

Lighting your home in the winter can be tricky. We sometimes need a lot of light because of the grey days but also crave cosy and warm interiors. Lighting is really put to its test during the gloomy months.

Firstly, we will explore how to create a cosy interior. This is all about using low level lighting like wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Read on for our tips in creating a cosy interior.

Low level lighting

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Image credit: My Bespoke Room featuring houseof's Charcoal grey curve table lamp

When you are trying to create warmth and atmosphere try to avoid switching the ceiling light on and lighting the whole room. Lighting the whole room will make it feel big and cold and not create the desired effect. Instead opt for lower level lighting and position table lamps and floor in the corners of your room, lighting smaller spaces and creating shadowy textures.


Colour temperature

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Image credit: My Bespoke Room featuring  houseof's Grey concrete ribbed table lamp

A lot of people won’t realise this but the bulb you choose is crucial to creating a cosy environment. Using a cool white bulb in your table lamp will wake you up and stimulate your senses as it recreates a natural daylight hue.

Warm white bulbs can be used towards the end of the day or on a gloomy rainy day to create a sunset feel and omit a yellow glow into your room. Our bulbs are all a warm white colour temperature and so are perfect for creating this type of scheme.


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Hide the bulb

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Image credit: My Bespoke Room featuring houseof's Olive green marble column table lamp and Lilac diffuser floor lamp

Obscuring the glare of a light bulb is also a handy tip when creating a warming environment. Using lights which have a diffused effect and no direct bulb can be seen (such as concealed lighting), will give you eyes a chance to rest and reset. Soften the glare of a light bulb behind a fabric shade or choose lights which include a bulb cover. Most of our table lamps come with an opal glass bulb cover which means the light bulb is hidden. This softens the light immediately and helps to create a calming feel.


Wall lights

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Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Wall lights are having a resurgence in popularity at the moment and they are great for creating a cosy atmosphere. They are also great for smaller interiors as they don’t take up precious space in the room. When looking for wall lights choose shaded wall lights where the bulb is obscured or lights which reflect onto the wall and back into the room as this will soften the light and create a warmer glow. The round diffused wall lights are a perfect example of this.

It is important to remember in the winter that our lights get used a lot more and throughout the day. We don’t always want a space which is cosy and warm, we just need a space which provides clear lighting without shadows. Read part two to understand how to light your home effectively in the winter.


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“The big light”

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Our lighting isn’t just used in the dark hours, we use our lighting throughout the day in the winter. We often find ourselves walking into a gloomy room to find something or to sit working. Make sure at these times you have good access to clean overhead lighting. We need an uninterrupted light flow and ceiling lights are our go to for this. Make sure the ceiling light is hanging overhead and not too low, this will mean you won’t be working or digging around in the cupboard in your own shadow. Choose a light with multiple bulbs, like a multi arm light, to give you maximum access to light at all times.


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Supporting lights

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Image credit: My Bespoke Room featuring houseof's Olive green marble column table lamp

Position functional lighting where you need it most - otherwise you may end up with an expensive decorative feature. Before installing lighting or plug sockets plan your room layout and understand how you will be using the space. If you know where your sofa will go, plug sockets might need to be installed for cosy lower level lighting. 

If you have a home office, make sure you have access to overhead lighting or wall lights which shine over your desk space.  The cone shade wall lights are good for angling the light over your whole desk space - exactly where you need it. 


The bright scale

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Image credit: My Bespoke Room featuring houseof's Brass ellipse floor lamp

It is a myth that the brightness of the bulb is measured in watts, this actually just refers to the amount of energy a bulb uses. Although it is a good measure you need to look at the lumens of your bulb to determine how bright it will be. Choose a high lumen bulb or a fitting with multiple bulbs to ensure that your space is well lit. Lumens will help you easily compare each bulb before buying and make sure that you have the light you need for the space.


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