With all the fun distractions of paint and soft furnishings, home lighting often becomes an afterthought. But heed our warning! A carefully considered light scheme is crucial to the success of your new space. It can completely alter how usable it is and also how you feel in it. 

It's not surprising that it's also one of the areas that our customers feel most confused about. To shed some light on the topic (not sorry) we have talked to the absolute home lighting pros to help us answer some of the most frequently asked questions we hear and give you some of the best home lighting ideas.


Frequently asked lighting questions:

1. What's the best colour temperature?

2. How do I create a cosy atmosphere?

3. How can home lighting affect my mood?

4. How to light an open plan space?

5. How do I choose the right bulb?

6. How to determine bulb brightness?


Types of lighting:

1. Ceiling lights

2. Wall lighting

3. Bedside lighting

4. Layered and support lighting

5. Statement lighting


What's the difference between task and ambient lighting?

Ambient vs task lighting | kitchen inspiration

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

It’s so important to think about what mood you want to create in each room and how you want to feel in them. With so many decisions to make when decorating a home, this is something that often gets forgotten until the last minute but it really can make or break a scheme. 

Ambient home lighting provides an even blanket of light across a room and should be used in areas you want to relax in rather than carry out specific tasks, like your living room or bedroom. Use a mixture of ceiling, table and floor lamps to create different levels of light.

Task lighting on the other hand is for when you need to have a clean crisp light that allows you to see clearly. Spotlights are ideal for this in kitchens and bathrooms and installing them under cabinets can be very effective.


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What's the best colour temperature?

Warm pendant lighting for the bedroom

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A lot of people won’t realise this but the bulb you choose is critical to creating the correct environment. The last thing you want when you plug in your beautiful new light is to be hit with a sharp blue light that’s less like a spa trip and more like a trip to an A&E waiting room! 

It's crucial to make sure to pick the right light temperature for the specific environment, and this will completely depend on what you’re planning to do in that room and how you want to feel. 

The colour of light is measured on the Kelvin scale (K). Choose cool white light (3300 - 5300K) for task based rooms like your kitchen and bathroom, this will help you see the task at hand clearly. For rooms that need an even greater level of concentration like garages and workshops, go for daylight (>5300K)

Conversely, opt for warm white (<2700K) for areas you relax in like bedrooms and living rooms. This will replicate the soft calming atmosphere, similar to candlelight. 


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How do I create a cosy atmosphere?

cosy lighting inspiration

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One way to create a cosy and quiet area in your home is by creating a reading nook. We think it's really important that you have a little sanctuary in your room where you can hide away with a book. 

Take a floor lamp for example, which is the perfect height for reading. You don't want something that's really tall and overlooks you and makes you feel like you're under a spotlight. Multiple levels of light mean that you can slouch in the chair or sit up straight and you can still see.

During the winter, it is important to remember that your lights get used a lot throughout the day and you need light that is clear without providing shadows, often wall lights are the perfect solution to this. 

Obscuring the glare of a light bulb is also a handy tip when creating a warming environment. Using lights which have a diffused effect and no direct bulb can be seen (such as concealed lighting), will give you eyes a chance to rest and reset. Soften the glare of a light bulb behind a fabric shade or choose lights which include a bulb cover. An opal glass bulb, for example, is a great choose as they make sure the light bulb is hidden., this softens the light immediately and helps to create a calming feel.

Finally, when you are trying to create warmth and atmosphere try to avoid switching the ceiling light on and lighting the whole room. Lighting the whole room will make it feel big and cold and not create the desired effect. Instead opt for lower level lighting and position table lamps and floor in the corners of your room, lighting smaller spaces and creating shadowy textures.


How to light an open plan space?

126mbr-tracey-6511b28c373c3Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Lighting an open plan space can become a juggling act between functionality and aesthetics, where getting the right layout can completely transform your home. Start by understanding the room's different zones and their intended purposes. Incorporate layers of light – ambient, task, and accent – to create depth and interest.

If your open plan space incorporates the kitchen, try fitting task lighting underneath your cabinets, or perhaps in your living room use reading lamps to create cosy nooks.

Try experimenting with dimmer switches so you can adjust the lighting throughout the day or too fit the current mood.


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How can home lighting affect my mood?


Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Lighting is a powerful tool that can greatly impact our mood at home. The warmth and softness of ambient lighting makes it perfect for living rooms and bedrooms; the cosy lighting reminiscent of the sunset can make you feel relaxed and calm. 

On the opposite end of the scale, bright and cool light, with its daylight qualities, can boost your alertness and productivity, making it ideal for home offices and kitchens.

Lighting that faces the wall and accent lighting can create a dramatic effect but also when directed at cherished items and photos can make you feel sentimental and warm. 


How do I choose the right bulb?


Image credit: My Bespoke Room

When choosing a bulb, always start with the cap type. Is it a large screw (ES), a small screw (SES) or a bayonet cap (BC).

The next step is to pick the right shape for your light bulb: a small globe is perfect for lights with shallow shades (you do not want the bulb sticking out of the shade!) A candle bulb is perfect for a tradition chandelier, and a GLS bulb (what you'd recognise as a traditional shaped bulb) is what you need for any shaded table or floor lamps as it casts the most light.

It's common that get confused when the words 'LED' and 'incandescent' get thrown about! We always suggest LED, they are energy efficient, come in different colour temperatures & produce very little heat, so won’t burn your hands!

Finally, consider the colour of light you want in the space. If you want a crisp, clean light then use a clear bulb.  For a clean, but diffused light, use a coated bulb then for a warm, cosy vibe use a vintage effect bulb.


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How to determine bulb brightness?

Lighting inspiration for grey bedroom

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

It is a myth that the brightness of the bulb is measured in watts, this actually just refers to the amount of energy a bulb uses. Although it is a good measure you need to look at the lumens of your bulb to determine how bright it will be. Choose a high lumen bulb or a fitting with multiple bulbs to ensure that your space is well lit. Lumens will help you easily compare each bulb before buying and make sure that you have the light you need for the space.


Ceiling Lights

Kitchen lighting for islands and bars

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

When picking the right size of light think about what height you need the light to be at for practical reasons. If you have low ceilings then make sure there is going to be enough headroom for taller friends to move under it! If you want a statement light, but have a low ceiling then hanging a big pendant light low, but above a table, is a great idea as it gives the impact but without the hazard of running into it!

When choosing lighting for a kitchen island or breakfast bars - we always work on the rule of three, as it’s the most aesthetically pleasing; one light in the middle and one on either side. A lot of bars have just one point into the ceiling, so instead of getting an electrician to rewire everything, hang three pendants off of the one bar.


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Wall lighting

wall lamps for bedrooms

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Wall lights are having a resurgence in popularity at the moment and they are great for creating a cosy atmosphere. They are also great for smaller interiors as they don’t take up precious space in the room. When looking for wall lights choose shaded wall lights where the bulb is obscured or lights which reflect onto the wall and back into the room as this will soften the light and create a warmer glow. The round diffused wall lights are a perfect example of this.


Learn more about how to make the most out of the lights in your home. Check out our guide in collaboration with Houseof!



Bedside lighting

Warm bedside lighting

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

The old faithful bedside lamp has brought light and the perfect finishing touch to our bedrooms for years. These come in every shape, style and size under the sun... however, have your thought about the alternatives?

Table lamps are no longer the only option for bedside lighting, sometimes they might not actually be feasible if you have limited space on your bedside table. 

Branch out by using a wall light instead or two single hanging pendants which can make a stand out feature in your design. The great news is that plug in versions are available too so you don’t have to get an electrician in!


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Layered and support lighting

Shelf lighting inspiration

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Whether it's small fixtures placed on a shelf or tall, stand-up lamps, creating height and layers throughout a room develops depth and warmth. Having different lighting options throughout the living room, for example, means you can have overhead lighting during conversation and family games, but lower-level lighting during movie night! 

Position functional lighting where you need it most - otherwise you may end up with an expensive decorative feature. Before installing home lighting or plug sockets plan your room layout and understand how you will be using the space. If you know where your sofa will go, plug sockets might need to be installed for cosy lower-level lighting. 

If you have a home office, make sure you have access to overhead lighting or wall lights which shine over your desk space. The cone shade wall lights are good for angling the light over your whole desk space - exactly where you need it. 


Statement lighting

Statement lighting for the hallway

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Selecting the perfect statement light for your home can transform its ambience and reflect your unique style. Begin by considering the room's purpose and size. In a spacious living area, a grand chandelier can create a striking focal point, while smaller rooms may benefit from pendant lights or wall sconces to maximise space.

The style of your home plays a crucial role as well; contemporary spaces often pair well with sleek, minimalist fixtures, while traditional settings call for ornate chandeliers or vintage-inspired pieces. Don't forget to factor in the light's functionality, ensuring it complements your daily activities, whether that's bright task lighting in the kitchen or soft, ambient glow in the bedroom.


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