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Inspiration & trends

From dull to dazzling: Our best room transformations

If you've ever watched a home renovation show and wished you could magically transform your own...

how to

Dopamine decor: 10 ways you can create a happy home

You may have heard of dopamine as the feel-good chemical in your brain, but did you know that it...

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Top tips for updating your children's bedrooms

Whether you're designing your child's first bedroom, levelling up a children's bedroom to be fit...

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From eyesore to eye-catching: transforming your home's heating system

Stunning interiors make a gigantic contribution towards transforming a house into a home. But a...

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How to create more room without extending

meet the experts

Illuminate Your Garden this Summer: How to choose the perfect outdoor lighting

house tour

House Tour: A Victorian Semi is Revived

Come and take a peek inside this stunning Victorian semi! You'll be blown away by how seamlessly...

Inspiration & trends

The latest interior design trends

We have a love-hate relationship with design trends! On the one hand they're great to keep an eye...

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Behind the scenes filming our new TV Advert

Have you heard the news? We are ecstatic and exceptionally proud to be launching our first national...

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