Whether you're designing your child's first bedroom, levelling up a children's bedroom to be fit for a teenager or just redecorating an old room for your little one, there is always a lot to consider. Here we have some great, inexpensive decorating ideas for kids bedrooms along with some top tips on what you should keep in mind when looking for kids bedroom ideas.


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Colour is key

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As always, a lick of paint can make a huge difference! You can even trick the eye to make your kid's bedroom feel bigger with just a splash of paint. Use colour zones to create different spaces in your child’s bedroom. Such as a colourful corner for playtime or a relaxing neutral colour for a reading nook. This is also great if you’re splitting a room between two children as they can both have a hand in agreeing different zones of the room to obtain a sense of individuality and privacy.

Kids' bedrooms don’t need to be an assault on the senses with a million different patterns and colours, but it is important that they have a central theme. Once you have a focus you can include your kids in the decision making process by asking them to select from a smaller colour palette so they are happy with the results too. You can do this with many of the kids' room accessories too so that the bedroom represents your little one and stays consistent to what you want. It’s the best of both worlds!


Step away from the Disney themes!

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Simplicity is key, when you create a theme for your child’s bedroom make sure it is something that will stick with your children as they get older. Stay far away from Frozen or Marvel themed bedrooms as once that phase is over you’ll have to start from scratch again! We suggest creating a timeless space with a more grown up feel that your kids will thank you for in the long run!

If you want to add some childlike wonder into the room then wall stickers and wacky wall art will work for you. They're so affordable, can transform a room and simply peel off when your daughter has had enough of zoo animals, or your son has decided that dinosaurs were so 70 million years ago.



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As your child develops their interests, likes and dislikes, they’re going to want to have a space of their own that represents them. Their bedroom’s are the perfect place to express their little personalities as they grow.

We know these interests will be constantly changing, so it’s best to go with less permanent ideas. We suggest adding a pin board or magnetic board for photos to personalise the room or even metal locker style furniture is a cool way to hang for magnetic photos.

The possibilities for expression are endless, even through some quick and easy updates for example wall decals, new prints in frames, gallery walls and photos refreshed using picture ledges or command strips. You can even change the whole dynamic of a room by changing the bedding and using different cushions to help transform a kids room, which is especially ingenious if you’re on a  budget and want a big change. 


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Work hard, play hard!

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Children's bedrooms need to be extremely multifunctional. They need to be a safe space for them to relax and sleep, a place full of excitement and adventure for when they play and it can also be used as a space for focus, where they can complete their homework and school projects without the distraction of family life.

To meet all of this criteria, it is a good idea to consider each purpose with a different zone of the room. Just because this is where they sleep it doesn't mean their bed should be the only place they can relax and be comfortable. 

Create a nice little chill out zone or reading nook with soft furnishings. By using an armchair, floor cushions, or bean bags you can provide them with all the comfort they need to relax after a long school day. And if you really want to add some magical flair, add some fairy lights or a plug in wall light to create a warm inviting lighting scheme. We promise, you’re little ones will thank you for it!

Building a space that encourages focus can help encourage your child to be more productive and open minded when it comes to homework. Providing an organised, well thought out section of their bedroom for work that is separate from the distractions around the house can help them get in the head space they need to get their projects done with much less procrastination! The power of a clear desk space, comfortable desk chair and bright desk lamp will ensure they have no excuse to get their homework done on time! 

We don’t want it all work and no play though! It is so important to let kids be kids, so why not encourage and stimulate their creativity with furniture made especially for young minds? Invest in play tables like table tennis or foosball tables to channel their excitable energy, or maybe even just a play table for them to do some arts and crafts to bring out their creative side. Indoor children's tipi's are also a simple and easy way to create a play space where your children's imagination to run wild!

We also suggest, a dress up section, made up of a simple clothing rail with costumes and a mirror. Whether they want to be a pirate, princess or penguin they can explore and play however they please, as let's face it, even as adults we love to express ourselves through clothes and accessories so why would it be different for kids?!


Creative storage solutions (make it fun!)

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Finding storage for kids toys can be a nightmare, but now many different types of children’s bedroom furniture comes with storage solutions at the forefront of the design! One of the best ways to solve your storage problem is with kids' bedroom sets, that create storage availability around the bed.

Kid's beds with built in storage are not only useful but they look seriously cool, check out Ikea kids bedroom sets, as they are incredible! Your child could have a bed with built in shelves or even a raised bed with a ladder, leaving tons of room underneath to solve all your child’s toy hoarding needs.

However these can take up quite a lot of space, so if you’re dealing with a room with lots of nooks and crannies, or awkward corners, then you may benefit more from storage bins or even a kids desk with storage built-in around it. Not only is this a great organisation solution but it also creates a separate area where your child can focus on school projects or creative activities.

It's also crucial to keep in mind that if the storage is pleasing to the eye then children are more likely to be encouraged to clean up their toys. So why not include some storage boxes with lots of different colours and patterns that can be put away in a cupboard out of sight. This encourages clean up while also meaning the room is cutter free with a lot of maximalist prints and colours. 


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