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Styling: 13 affordable ideas to design a children's bedroom on a budget

So you want to give your child the room of their dreams, but don't want to spend a fortune because their dreams change every 5 minutes? We get it, trust us, we do. That's why we want to share with you some fun but affordable ideas for creating a stylish and creative children's bedroom without breaking the bank.

1 - Be bold with paint

18my-bespoke-room-high-res Image credit: My Bespoke Room

One of the cheapest ways to create a statement is paint. Yes, that magical formula that creates the perfectly pigmented shade to add colour and character to a room. A bit colour-phobic? You don't have to paint every wall a fuchsia pink, or a lime green (and, actually, we really recommend you don't) so paint just one feature in the room - here we painted the fireplace and added touches of green around the room to tie it in.

Top Tip: For smaller areas, you can get away with just using a tester pot size, so no need to invest in a whole tin of paint! 


 2 - Let there be light

023Pokesdown-High-Res Image credit:  My Bespoke Room

 Fairy lights and decorative lighting will be your best friend because they're dual function. Who knew 'two birds, one stone' could look so good? Your child now has a reading light and an accessory that's cohesive in your perfectly put together scheme. Enchanted, 'secret garden' bedroom? Floral fairy lights. Space themed nursery? Moon side light. You're welcome. 

3 - Keep it on the shelf

31Sophie-Carroz-High-Res Image credit:  My Bespoke Room

 We love decorative shelves, especially this one from Maison Du Monde. They're a great way of displaying favourite small toys, little plants and other keepsakes. Top tip: a painted shelf can add a POP of colour to the room.


4 - Paint in pattern


Masking tape: used more than you would think in interiors. There's the obvious like placing above skirting when painting (to ensure you paint within the lines), but you can use it for so much more. For example, creating a fun paint feature such as the diagonal line above. Start simple with stripes or, if you're feeling daring, masking tape can be used to paint a whole mountain range on the wall of your little one's room - or your room, we're not judging.

Masking tape top tip: if you're trying to work out the spacial planning of the room, mark out the dimensions of furniture with masking tape to get a feel for the space and see if it all fits. This saves some expensive mistakes!


5 - Upcycle it

37Sophie-Carroz-High-Res Image credit: My Bespoke Room

 Upcycling old furniture is not only super cost efficient, but can also be lots of fun and really rewarding when you see the finished result. These beds and the yellow stool were old pieces of bland furniture before our customer got involved. Don't be afraid of colour! Children's rooms are you opportunity to not hold back.


6 - Wacky wall art

43Sophie-Carroz-High-Res Image credit: My Bespoke Room

 We recommend artwork for every room, not just children's bedrooms. It's a great way to pull together a scheme and add colour and character. Love artwork as much as us? Create a gallery wall or use a picture shelf to chop and change wall art to your heart's content. Picture ledges are also super useful for displaying your children's certificates and drawings.

Top Tip: Buy some large frames to display your child's favourite themed poster - this looks far more polished than a magazine ripping blue tacked onto the wall, and can easily be swapped as their tastes change!


7 - Wall stickers 

016Pokesdown-High-Res Image credit: My Bespoke Room

 That's right. Wall stickers. They're so affordable, can transform a room and simply peel off when your daughter has had enough of zoo animals, or your son has decided that dinosaurs were so 70 million years ago. Get your own creative juices flowing and make a special spot for your little one, like the pixie door in the fireplace above!


8 - Soft play 

39Sophie-Carroz-High-Res Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Soft furnishings and finishing touches shouldn't be underestimated when designing a cohesive scheme in any part of the home, and a children's bedroom is no exception! Your kids could enjoy collapsing into a beanbag to read, an interactive rug for playing, or to be cuddled up with cosy cushions. 

Not only are soft furnishings especially fun AND functional for your little ones, they're perfect for adding colour and pattern to the room, without making the room feel like an assault on the senses. 

They're also the perfect solution for incorporating a 'theme.' Does your child dream of being an astronaut? Get some solar system printed cushions, instead of investing in a spaceship shaped bed. 


9 - Keep the furniture timeless

21my-bespoke-home-high-res Image credit:  My Bespoke Room

 Ok, so we don't quite mean 'timeless' in the classic or vintage sense, more like, if you get all plain white furniture for your little one's room, you haven't wholeheartedly committed to a Frozen or Spiderman theme. Leave the wardrobe with the unicorn motif in the store, and pick up a piece of unicorn wall art instead, your purse will be happier in the long run!


10 - To teepee, or not to teepee

015Pokesdown-High-Res Image credit: My Bespoke Room

 We say 'to teepee.' You do need a bit of floor space for this, but they're a great (and contained) play area and a fantastic way to add pattern and colour. You can purchase these as an off the shelf design, or if you fancy a bit of DIY, choose your own fabric and make it yourself.


11 - Garlands

126Pokesdown-High-Res Image credit: My Bespoke Room

 Whether the garland be bunting or fairy lights, it's a great decorative accessory. It's low cost and low effort as it can be hung along a bed frame, like above, or mounted on the wall/chest of drawers/wardrobe - the garland is your oyster.


12 - Colour your storage

123Pokesdown-High-Res Image credit: My Bespoke Room

It's a children's room, so there's going to need to be somewhere to put all their toys, and bits and bobs. Why not add some colour via the storage boxes? At least this makes the tedious job of clearing away action men and barbies a bit more colourful.


13 - Dress up the room

021Pokesdown-High-Res Image credit:  My Bespoke Room

Is your little girl princess obsessed? Has fancy dress outfits become a huge storage inconvenience? If you can't beat them, join them. Instead of trying to push those puffy dresses into a box under the bed, make them a feature. A dress rail is a great way to make your child happy, and your house happy. If your little one's hobby is finger play dough, we can't help (apart from maybe recommending a closed storage solution).


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