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Your one stop guide to creating the perfect gallery wall

Do you have a wall in your home where you occasionally stop, look, and think to yourself: 'I've got a blank space, baby.' Yes, we did just quote Taylor Swift. Fear not, after reading this post you will no longer have break-up pop lyrics in your head every time you pass that empty wall.

We've reduced all the gallery walls in the entire world of interiors down to 4 types: flexible, sleek and neat, asymmetrical and eclectic. So take a seat, and let us show you our 4 walls of frames.


1. Flexible: the picture ledge


Image credit: Salty Spaces 

The picture ledge is the gymnast of gallery walls because of it's flexibility; it allows you to layer up, stack, rearrange and replace your artwork as much as you like. In terms of style, the picture ledge is, guess what, flexible! You could stick with a sleek monochrome design, add pops of colour, incorporate different shapes or go bold with a feature wall colour behind.

Top tip: Layer up your artwork and images with different heights for a perfectly styled finish that makes your eye dance across the ledge! 


2. Sleek and neat: styling in symmetry


Image credit: The DIY Playbook

Do you remember at school when you would wear uniform so you all looked, well, uniform? Well, if your gallery wall is sleek and neat then make sure it's tie knot is tightened and its skirt is the correct length. To execute this look, ensure that all the frames are the same size and style and mounted in equal proportions away from each other (we suggest to leave 7-10cm between each frame). Remember your times tables (yes, we are still pushing that school analogy) and make sure that the length of the rows are a factor of your total amount of frames so that it all lines up!



Image credit: Kanto Korniza 

There can be some exceptions to the rule, because when is life ever that simple? You could incorporate 3-5 or even more differently sized frames to create a more playful look but to ensure you're still looking slick and orderly, keep the look symmetrical.


3. Asymmetrical: the in-between

TDC_Living Room_Carmo_8554.6

Image credit: The Design Chaser 

This style is for those searching for the middle ground. Asymmetrical gallery walls can be very simple and effective if you want that something in between the sleek and neat look and that eclectic WOW factor. A small number of frames (5-8) can create a balanced, elegant layout. For a less rigid look use a larger number of frames and a wide variety of sizes or styles.

Top tip: when putting together an asymmetrical gallery wall, always arrange around a mid-line, whether it be vertical or horizontal.


4. Eclectic: be daring


Image credit: The Every Girl 

You won't find two eclectic gallery walls the same. You just won't. Ok, you might. However, there is a very slim chance to see an eclectic replica as there are so many different ways these can be arranged; the layout and styles depend on how daring you're feeling.

We don't want to scare you off, as they can look very elegant and understated as well as being quite flamboyant and 'out there.' Both are eye-catching and both are a statement.

You could have a play with different frames of different sizes in different styles; with all that 'difference' it may be best to keep a cohesive colour palette throughout.

Another option is to let one key piece be the centre of attention and arrange smaller frames around that spotlight fiend. The focal piece connects all the other pieces of art on the wall.

Finally, you could create your masterpiece within a contained space, as everyone needs some boundaries, right? Giving your eclectic gallery wall some structure ensures that it won't look messy.

So, there you have it: 1 gallery wall, 4 ways to do it.


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