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20 home updates that can be completed in a weekend

Often we dream of those huge home transformation ideas, that we would love to execute but never...

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Cut the clutter: 9 clever storage solutions to keep your home organised

It's incredible the amount of 'stuff' that we can accumulate in just a couple of months, let alone...

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9 simple wall paint ideas that will transform your interior on a budget

First rule of home updates: never underestimate the versatility and effect of a fresh lick of...

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The biggest interior design mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

Time and time again we have customers come to us saying: 'so we did a thing, well, we don't really...

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14 reasons why you should hire an Interior Designer

Are you looking to transform your home but think an interior design is too expensive and out of...

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How to organise your home: 10 top tips that will make your life easier

Are you keen to get your place in order? Us too, and we're making good progress. We're sharing our ...

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Kids bedroom paint ideas - 11 creative ideas to add fun and style

We've published a blog post all about different ways to transform your home with paint, but we felt...

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How to add value to your home - 15 little and large updates

We all want to get the most bang for our buck, right? Especially when it comes to property! Whether...

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The best blinds and curtains for sliding & bi-fold doors

You have this amazing feature in your room, letting light flood into your home, now what? It can be...

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