It's incredible the amount of 'stuff' that we can accumulate in just a couple of months, let alone a year or even 10 years. We want to inspire you to choose now (well, maybe when you get a spare few hours, you don't need to jump up right this minute) to finally shift that clutter that you've been hoarding!  Nothing feels better than airing out the house with a fresh breeze after having a bit of a clear out purge. Post-purge you feel like you really deserve to put your feet up in the living room with a warm cuppa and a magazine!

Wait, put the cup of tea down. How do we organise the clutter that we simply can't part with? Some of the most frequent questions we receive are about storage and where to put all those bits and bobs, knick knacks and odds and ends. So here you have it - Eight clever storage ideas to help you avoid clutter...


Clever storage idea 1 - That spot under the stairs

Under the stairs storageImage Credit: My Bespoke Room

If you aren't using the space under your stairs as some kind of storage or function, then you're doing it wrong. This area on your floor plan is already in action, the stairs aren't going anywhere without big interior architecture upheaval, so why not make the most of the space? Lots of coats and outerwear and no where to hang them? Create the perfect closet space. Your man drawer is overflowing? Incorporate 8 man drawers. Hard worker but no space to work hard? Build in a desk. Partial to a glass of wine or a few? Say hello to your new bespoke wine rack.


Clever storage idea 2 - No inch is wasted!

built in bookcase

Clever storage is all about not wasting an inch of space. For example, if there's a thin gap of nothingness, add some shelving. If you have an awkward corner where off the shelf furniture simply won't fit, build some shelving in. Starting to think you don't need a shower quite so big? Dissect it, and yep, you guessed it! Shove some shelves in there. Bespoke furniture doesn't have to be expensive, especially if it's just a few shelves cut to fit an awkward space.


Clever storage idea 3 - Look up

Alcove shelves

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Slim room and high ceilings? We hear you. Make the most of the space you have, and if that space happens to be above your head, then use it! Wall mounted and high storage is a great way to get clutter off the floor and keep walkways free. Just make sure what you're storing up there doesn't need to be accessed too regularly.


Clever storage idea 4 - Slim it down

Hallway storage ideas

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

These days you can get super slim storage units which are great for hallways, entryways and landings. No more do we need to suffer the pain of stubbing our toe on jutting out furniture, hoorah!


Clever storage idea 5 - Inside an alcove

Alcove cabinets with chimney breast

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Alcoves are spaces that are quite literally waiting to be home to all your clutter. Just like the spots under the stairs, they're perfect for hosting built in shelving, cupboards or desk space. The furniture doesn't have to be bespoke either, plenty of off the shelf items will fit the area, just make sure you check the dimensions before ordering!


Clever storage idea 6 - Eaves storage solutions

Eaves are quite often the most wasted spaces in a home. Due to the sloped ceilings, eaves are often walled off or just completely left alone, leaving valuable floor space empty. If you can, incorporating some bespoke storage solutions to this space will maximise your storage and minimise the need for extra furniture. Win, win!


Clever storage idea 7 - What's hiding under the bed?

Bed with underbed storage

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Your clutter of course! Most of the time a bedroom is home to a bed, right? If it's not, perhaps rethink the naming of this 'bed-room'. Beds are built in all shapes and sizes these days, and many include innovative storage space. Whether the storage is open and display storage, or closed away in drawers or an ottoman mechanism, the space within a bed is abundant and not to be ignored. Top tip: if the bed storage is a bit tricky to get to, store seasonal clothes that you only need to get to twice a year for the winter to summer change over and vice versa!


Clever storage idea 8 - A seat by the window

Seats in a bay window curve

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Who else finds a window seat hopelessly romantic? Sat with your feet up, sun shining on your face through the glazing, a half-finished book on your lap and the view of the countryside/sea/city skyline unfolds ahead of you. They're picture perfect, but they're also highly functional. Incorporate some storage by making the window seat hollow and adding cupboard doors, drawers or a lift up seat and there you have it, the perfect blanket box!



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