A common question that our designers are asked is: what can I do with my awkward fireplace alcove space?! (We're looking at you Victorian homeowners). 

Over our time,  we've developed numerous creative solutions for those perplexing nooks and crannies in your living space. Rest assured, there's no alcove we can't transform with our space-saving solutions.

So, lets dive on in to see some of our designer's best fireplace alcove ideas...


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1. Alcove shelving ideas

Alcove shelving ideas | Online interior design

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

It wouldn't be us without speaking about bespoke fittings, and we do love fitted shelving in a fireplace alcove. By installing shelving, you will have space for everything from your favourite novels to sentimental photos. 

These floating shelves are perfect for the minimalists out there and by painting the alcove shelving the same colour as the wall, you continue this seamless and clean look.

By placing shelves in the alcoves you save space from clutter and also create a feature wall of interest in the room. Looking for tips on how to beautifully style your shelves? Read our blog on top tips on how to style your shelves.


2. Where to put your TV in a fireplace alcove

tv in alcove next to fireplace | Green living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Incorporating a TV into a living room with a fireplace can often cause a design dilemma. TV's can create a visual clash or compromise your room's layout and with the fireplace alcoves creating an uneven wall space, it can be a nightmare trying to figure out where to place it. 

And so in comes the fireplace alcove storage! Place your TV either on a shelf or on top of a unit in the alcove to optimise space in the room. Not only will this maximise space, but it makes your TV less of a focal point as it perfectly blends into the rest of the room.

As a further added benefit, by placing your TV in an alcove next to the fireplace, you can say goodbye to messy cables! Place your TV on top of a built-in alcove cabinet and you can discreetly hide the cables beneath to create a clutter-free appearance. 


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3. Create a cosy reading nook

living room alcove ideas | Reading nook in lounge

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Looking for living room alcove ideas? Having a fireplace in your living room already creates a cosy atmosphere, so why not top it off with a snug reading corner?

By placing a warm floor lamp in your fireplace alcove, you create a hearty soft glow in the corner of the room which not only adds charm and character but also highlights the architectural details of the alcove, fashioning a beautiful focal point. Warm and ambient lighting is crucial for making your living room feel homely, you can achieve this by layering your lighting, such as this beautiful floor lamp and combining it with ceiling fixtures and table lamps.

This warm light is also easy on the eyes, making it the ideal choice for reading; so find your comfiest armchair and plumpest cushion and get it in that alcove! 

Turning your fireplace alcove into a book nook also has the added benefit of being inexpensive and it adds another seat into your living room for those social occasions. 

Is your home often host to guests? Why not enhance your entertaining experience and check out our blog on 10 ways to design the ultimate entertaining home.


4. Bedroom alcove storage ideas

fireplace alcove cupboards | Bespoke fitted wardrobes in bedroom

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

If you're lucky enough to have a charming fireplace in your bedroom, then some bespoke fitted wardrobes could be the perfect pairing to pull off the luxury look. 

For those who need plenty of clothes storage, there is no better solution for what to do with your bedroom alcoves.

These generously sized wardrobes blend perfectly into the room without being an eyesore; to create this harmonious look, we recommend painting your wardrobes or cabinets the same colour as the backing wall for a seamless and clean appearance in your bedroom.

For other fireplace alcove ideas in the bedroom, we suggest fitting a dressing table to get ready with or a comfy chair to retreat to.


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5. The perfect mini home office

Alcove ideas | Home office interior design

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

That little nook beside the fireplace is the ideal place to create a mini home office space. Squeeze in a small desk to work on and fit shelves above for ample filing and stationary storage. 

If you're looking for a larger workspace, you can fit a corner desk into the alcove and alongside the adjacent wall, for extra storage, slip a cabinet underneath the corner of the desk in the alcove. 

It's also great news if your home office doubles up as a guest bedroom, as it means when you have visitors they can use the alcove desk as a dressing table. Oh, we do love multifunctional furniture! 

Looking for more spare room ideas? Check out our blog here.


6. Modern chimney breast alcove ideas

chimney breast modern alcove ideas | Bright open plan space

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Do you have a bright, open plan space and looking for some chimney breast modern alcove ideas? Well, these floating half cabinets could be the perfect solution. 

When trying to keep the space clutter free and bright, you don't really want floor to ceiling storage or furniture which loses you space and light. These fitted cabinets still allow for ample storage while not compromising on the airiness of the room. 

Keep the cabinets the same colour as the wall so they don't stand out or appear as if they are poking out from the wall, this way the wall feels as if it extends further back and creates the feel of more space.


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7. Build a log store

Log store in alcove | Living room alcove ideas

Having a log store right next to your fireplace is so easy and convenient, and so it makes sense to build the store into your fireplace alcove. The exposed logs can also add to the design and feel of the room, giving off a rustic, cosy-cottage feel. 

If you are planning to build a log store in your fireplace alcove, we do have a few tips to keep it functional and safe: If you can, place a platform beneath the logs so they are not in direct contact with the floor, you could do this with bricks or pallets to make sure moisture absorption is prevented. For further safety, make sure the logs are a good distance away from the fireplace and that they are monitored regularly for any debris or signs of damage.


Pulling it all together 

Living room alcove ideas | white victorian living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

If you are overwhelmed wondering which alcove ideas are the best, just remember there is no right or wrong option as long as the solution fits you and your home's needs. 

Blend together fitted shelves, half cabinets and squeeze your TV in there too! The options of layouts are enormous. 


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