Are you keen to get your place in order? Us too, and we're making good progress. We're sharing our top tips for complete home organisation that will make your home life so much easier! 

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1. Have a place for everything

Bright white marble kitchen with blue cupboardsImage Credit: My Bespoke Room

Do you have a drawer that's overflowing with wires, batteries, old keys, stationary, receipts and other miscellaneous items, lesser known as Michael McIntyre's named 'man drawer'? Or kitchen cupboards with lunch boxes with lids that don't match next to pans and crockery? Maybe a book shelf that is less styled and more 'plonked' with odds and ends and bits and bobs? Either way, now is the time to  find these lost souls a proper home! 

The most effective starting point is to clear out your cupboards/drawers/shelves. Decide what you want or need to keep and then evaluate the newly created free space. Once this is done, you can start rehoming your knickknacks.


2. Don't double up 

Beautiful green and oak kitchen

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Sliva Design

We're mostly subtracting rather than adding. Don't get us wrong, a home update will always need some kind of new material or furniture. And don't worry, we're not asking you to only have one set of bedding or one towel. We're talking about the every-day appliances, cleaning materials and general decor. If you only need one of the items, then only have one of the items. 

This way you will declutter your home and make more space. Plus, some of those appliance doppelgänger's could be resold and you could make a bit of extra £££. 

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3. Organise your filing

Neutral home office in spare room

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room


Let's get organised! We know, this is a tedious task, especially if you're still hoarding payslips from your first job as a 16 y/o waiter. Nevertheless, once it's done its done.  With all your admin in order, all you need to do is keep it that way. It will save you heaps of time in the future and really put your mind at rest knowing where anything you may need is and is easily accessible. 


4. A new cleaning routine

large, bright bathroom with black and blue accents

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Strange question incoming: have you ever rethought how you go about your cleaning chores in the home? Sometimes, you may not need all the products and chemicals that you spend lots of money on. You may be using the wrong kind of product for the material. Let's all nail our cleaning routines, this way you never have products you don't need, you can clear out those almost empty bottles from under the sink and perhaps even make the cleaning products and clothes more eco-friendly as you go. 

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5. Little cleans and big cleans 

open plan kitchen with island and wood accentsImage Credit: My Bespoke Room

Have you ever heard the phrase: tidy home = tidy mind? 

Cleaning can be a right chore, but deep cleans - they're something else. If you stay on top of your cleaning regime, neither need to be quite so gruelling. Lots of little cleans but not many deep cleans mean that soon, the little cleans don't really do the job. Schedule in once a month deep cleans and once a week general cleans (or whatever suits you). This way, your home remains clean and tidy and the bit behind your sofa gets cleaned more than twice a year - less mucky dust, dropped sweets and the occasional spider to be greeted with! 


6. Clean the pantry 

clean pantry with multiple jars

Do you have a specific shelf for cans, a basket for pasta and rice, an organised spice rack and neatly lined up jars? Yes? Well, you're doing better than us and may as well skip this step. If, like us, your baked beans are best pals with the chive and tinned tomatoes are hiding somewhere behind the biscuit tin maybe it's time for a pantry/cupboard reshuffle

Try taking everything out and establishing what you need to keep (and what passed it's sell-by date in 2009 - goodbye John West tuna) and categorise these in categories that make sense to you. I.e. tins & cans, jars, spices, pasta, rices and grains etc. Then, decide where you're going to house these items in your pantry and cupboards. Voila, a perfectly organised pantry - this might even give you some new recipe ideas using food you'd forgotten about! 

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7. Refresh your upholstery 

Small blue living room with gallery wall

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Ok, now's time to come clean. Did you buy your curtains 5+ years ago, hang them up and then left them to do their job? It's nothing to be ashamed of, but they might be screaming out for a bit of TLC. You won't believe the difference a quick wash (and a steam if you're feeling fruity) will make on your upholstery. 

If you cushion covers on the sofa are removable, shove them in the machine too. Plan to do these refreshes routinely throughout the year and everything will not only look 10x brighter than before, but stay fresh too. 


8. Clear out the loft 

Loft converstion | Childrens bedroom

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Ok, we're not saying you need to do a complete loft conversion such as the beautiful master bedroom above. But if the countless boxes, forgotten childhood toys, old school reports and the 'out of sight, out of mind' loft storage solution is starting to be less out of mind and more a 'job for the future' hanging over your head (literally), then this year is the year to truly sort out the attic.

It may take hours, it may take an entire day it may take an entire weekend, but it will feel so much better when it's done. You will instantly feel decluttered, accomplished and comforted knowing that there is now a place for everything up there. 

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9. Tackle the toys

Pink and blue kids bedroom with feature wall

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

We don't know how they do it, but children manage to collect an unprecedented amount of toys, and they end up EVERYWHERE. If this is something that winds you up daily, it might be worth considering making a change. 

Reconsider toy storage in your home and then sift through the toys. Recycle or give to charity any toys that aren't sentimental or are no longer played with and then (just like the herbs and spices) categorise the toys. I.e. action figures, lego, cuddly toys, board games. Then, the fun part (if you're an adult who gets kick out of organisation and order), you can sort these into labelled storage units. Boxes, baskets, ottomans and closed shelving units are perfect to tidy away the toys. 


10. Wardrobe workout 

Calming blue and pink bedroom with fireplace

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

We've called it a workout because often, for us, it does require quite a lot of strength and agility to manoeuvre through the amalgamation of clothes we've seemed to collect over the years. Plus, we'd like to pass it off as our daily workout - a resolution to get fit: consider it done. 

Let's make a rule, anything you haven't worn in the last year and can't put into an outfit to wear over the next month, get rid. It's time has gone in your care. Sell on Depop or Ebay or donate to a charity shop - someone else might love the items of clothing that are currently gathering dust in your wardrobe. 

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