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14 reasons why you should hire a professional Interior Designer

Do you think interior design is expensive and only reserved for the elite? Well, the landscape is changing and hiring a professional Interior Designer is more accessible than ever, thanks to the development of Online Interior Design services. So, prices of hiring a designer more affordable than they've ever been, but why else should you consider hiring a designer?


1. Save money


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So, you're paying for an additional service, yet you're saving money? How does that work? Well, we'll tell you! By hiring a designer you gain access to not only their expertise but their wide knowledge of retailers. Therefore, they are more likely to find you appropriate products at a wide range of prices so that you don't buy a beautiful piece of furniture and then come across a very similar item for £100 less the next week. 

Plus, their expertise means that you're going to get the room design right the first time around. No returns because the furniture doesn't fit, no extra purchases of paints because you decided it was the wrong colour after all and no suddenly realising the furniture you've chosen doesn't complement each other. 

If you chose an Online Interior Design company like us (specifically us, we might be bias but we're the best), you would absolutely make back the money you spent on the service. 

2. Save time

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Does your dream home feel like just that? Your dream home: a faraway figment of your imagination. The idea of updating your interiors always comes with good intentions but it nothing ever gets done because it's always pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. Does this sound familiar? If so, a designer might be the answer to making your dreams come true.

If there is no time in the day to even work out in your mind exactly what you would like to do in terms of home updates, let alone start planning and shopping, then it might be worth thinking about delegating this task. Don't worry! Delegating doesn't mean losing control and ending up with a house that doesn't feel like home. You can work collaboratively with your designer, but they do all the heavy lifting.

Everything has moved or is transitioning online and Interior Design is well into move into the 21st century. Online Interior Design services mean that using a professional Interior Designer is even more efficient and streamlined, plus, you can liaise with them from the comfort of your home, on your iPad! 


3. Define your style 


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If you're not 100% sure on your personal style, how you want your home to look or you only know what you like (or don't like) when you see it, then it might be worth hiring a designer. 

Interior Designer's should work closely with you to firstly define your personal style and then communicate effectively with heaps of inspiration to decide the design direction for a room before anything else. Designer's are skilled at harnessing what's going on into your head and turning it into a beautiful and cohesive room design that you not only love the look of, but feels like you


4. Retain sanity 


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Updating your interior can be stressful, there is no denying this. Deciding on a direction, choosing colours, planning a layout and then sourcing all the items for the room can be a massive headache. In hiring an Interior Designer you can lift that big weight off your shoulders and pass it over to capable hands. Just make sure you have an interior designer that takes your personal style, wishes and needs into account and, if you've done this, you really can't lose! 


5. Budgeting and planning made easier


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Ok. Design direction planned. Budget decided. Ok. So how do you fit the design direction into the budget? Deciding where to splurge and where to save is a job in itself, with the expertise of a designer they can help ensure that you complete your design within the budget and make sure you don't run out of money before it's complete. 


6. Professional insight at your service


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When you hire a designer, you don't just hire that person, you hire their training,  experience and  knowledge within the industry. They'll be able to professionally advise you and add their expertise to your vision. Being in-the-know can only enhance your room design. 


7. A trained eye 


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The trained eye of a designer can see the bigger picture whilst still focussing in on the smallest detail. Therefore, your entire design will be cohesive throughout. 


8. Collaboration


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A good interior designer won't just take a 'brief' brief and then go on their way and design what they think you will like. They should work with you to dig a little deeper into exactly what you want and need from your home update. As a result of the collaborative process, they will be 100% sure that they have hit the nail on the head and created a design that you will adore. 

If you would like to learn a bit more about our design process and the collaboration elements, just click the button below for a free, no obligation call. 



9. Clever and unique ideas


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Similar to added professional insight, your designer also has loads of tricks of the trade up their sleeve which means they can offer unique and super smart suggestions. Want a wall feature but don't fancy a gallery wall or statement canvas? How about a 3D juju hat? 

Got a difficult space that makes planning a layout an absolute nightmare? I bet your designer will have some bespoke furniture ideas that will not only solve the problem but also look fantastic whilst being incredibly functional. 


10. WOW factor & stunning results 


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There's no doubt about it, if you hire a designer, you'll get a designer finish. You have a gorgeous room design, throw in a designer and suddenly you've got a gorgeous room design with extra WOW. It's hard to know how they do it, but somehow they do it. If you opt for using an Interior Designer, brace yourself for the designer magic that comes with.


11. Value added 


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All of this expertise and extra pizzazz doesn't just add aesthetics, it adds value too. All of their beautiful ideas are also incredibly smart, practical and making the most out of the space that you have. This means that hiring an Interior Designer will inevitably add value to your property. Whether this is adjusting layouts, aiding a complete renovation or modernising a dated interior. 


12. Resources


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Once you have access to your Interior Designer, you have access to their resources too, such as floor plan and layout tools and the visuals they create to help you envisage what your room will look like once complete. Additionally, you have access to their long list of retailers. For example, our designers work on the online My Bespoke Room database which is packed full with an abundance of retailers AND trade only suppliers. 

Learn more about how our designers and personal shopping service works by clicking the button below. 



13. Contacts


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Much like a designer's access to resources, they also have access to other professional people that can help you out. I.e. architects and trades people. Failing that, they'll definitely have advice to send you in the right direction towards who can help you out, specific to your needs and project. 


14. A finished project 


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How many times have you completed the big tasks of a project, yet the final touches have always been pushed to the bottom of your to-do list? With a designer, you get the entire room design presented to you from the large key items right down to the photo frames and soft furnishings.

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