In the UK, interior design used to be reserved for commercial projects or clients with limitless reno budgets. But not anymore! The industry has opened up and there's now an interior design service to suit any budget.

After all, hiring an interior designer will not only give you a beautiful space, but a space that makes daily life easier. A designer can even save you money by avoiding expensive mistakes and they can add value to your home making it a worthwhile investment for your project.

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How do interior designers charge?

How much does an online interior designer cost

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Interior Designers calculate their costs differently which is why it can be so hard to choose, as you're not always comparing apples with apples. Some designers may seem more affordable at first glance but there can hidden costs that come up later in the project.


Hourly rate

Some interior designers cost up their services by giving you an hourly rate. They calculate this themselves based on their expenses, their experience and competitor pricing in their local area. An hourly rate can therefore range between £25 and £150 an hour depending on how much experience they have and where they are based in the UK. 



Another pricing method that is growing in popularity is a fixed-fee quote for your whole project and so the amount you pay will depend on what's included in the service.

Offerings range from high end luxury design that includes project management, installation and styling, to specific packages like a colour consultancy or a single room design.

The benefit of this model for you the customer is that you know exactly what you're getting from day one. This has been something that we at My Bespoke Room see as very important - transparent pricing with no hidden costs later.

Others may use a combination of fixed and hourly if the works exceeds the initial scope. 


interior designer cost uk

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Percentage of overall project cost

Another method of costing interior design services is a percentage of total projects cost. This can be anything between 5-10%. 

The trouble with this method is that some clients worry that this fee structure could lead a designer to persuading them to spend more.


Flat-fee packages

At My Bespoke Room, we believe in clear, transparent pricing which is why we have flat fee, transparent room design packages that range from £395-£595 depending on the room type. A complete bathroom redesign for example will only ever cost you  £450.

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What is online interior design and how much does it cost?


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Online Interior Design is a relatively new concept in the UK and it's democratised the industry as now anyone and everyone can afford to hire a professional interior designer for their home transformation.

The difference between online and traditional interior design is that through the wonders of technology you can collaborate with your designer online (clue's in the name!) You still build a close working relationship and bond with your designer but they can do the job from their own home, ultimately saving you money without compromising on the quality of the design!

‘I had no idea such a service existed until a few months back and now we are two projects deep. Highly rate the service and will definitely use them again!’ - Kathryn


What do you get for your money?

Our Room Design Packages include two 40 minute video calls with your designer and access to our chat platform to stay in constant contact with them. 

You'll receive an annotated floorplan, a moodboard to illustrate your final concept and 2D visuals of your room. Your designer will also record a presentation to talk you through your final design and pass on any pro styling tips! 

On top of that you'll also receive a handpicked shopping list where you can get exclusive discounts of up to 25% on top suppliers PLUS a free dedicated shopping coordinator to handle all your orders for you. 


Is an interior designer worth the money?

Why hiring an interior designer is worth the money

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Hiring an interior designer can one of the best investments you make in your project for 14 reasons:

1. They can save you money by preventing expensive mistakes

2. They will save you time

3. They will help you define your style

4. They will help you retain sanity throughout a stressful process

5. They can help with budgeting and planning 

6. You will benefit from their years of experience and training 

7. You hire a trained eye that will see the bigger picture whilst still focussing in on the smallest detail.

8. You will have someone to swap ideas with

9. They will bring clever and unique ideas you'd never have thought of

10. WOW factor & stunning results

11. They will add value to your home

12. You'll take advantage of their tools and resources

13. You'll have access to their trusted tradesmen and suppliers

14. You'll end up with a fully finished project


“This was the best cost: benefit investment we made throughout the whole project. I wish we had used them in our other rooms and would definitely use them again." - Sara


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