If you're buzzing with excitement to team up with an Interior Designer and give your home a stunning makeover, you might be pondering the perfect moment to reach out to the pros.

Amidst the lengthy processes of moving and renovating, we know how tricky it can be to juggle project timelines. But fear not! We're here to lend a hand.

We've carefully mapped out the ideal moments to bring in an Interior Designer, ensuring your home project runs as smoothly as possible!

When to hire an Interior Designer whilst moving

When to hire an Interior Designer whilst renovating

Traditional vs online Interior Designers


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When to hire an Interior Designer whilst moving

when to hire an interior designer whilst moving

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The exchange of contracts

So, you've found a property you love and you're sending in the offer - amazing! But, you may want to hold your design horses.

Before you dive into hiring an Interior Designer, we recommend waiting until the exchange of contracts is locked in. This way, you'll avoid any last-minute surprises that could throw your design timeline and create disappointment.


Property access

Once the exchange is finalised, you can start to get in touch with a designer whenever you feel ready - just remember to keep in mind that you'll need some access to the property to kick-start the transformation process!

This is because your designer will need accurate measurements to start mapping out the foundation of your design - the layout.

And though estate agent floor plans are a great starting point, they won't show the finer details your designer will need to work their magic, like the direction of door swings, socket locations or window dimensions.


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Spending time in your new property

hire online designer when moving

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This is completely up to preference, but some people prefer to spend time in the space before diving into the design process, so they can get a better idea of what they need and gather style inspiration. 

Whereas, others are eager to start immediately. With an online Interior Designer, both approaches are completely valid as they do not need to visit the space to get started.

However, if you're working with a traditional designer, you'll most likely need to be staying in the property so you're available whenever your designer needs to pop round for a visit. 


Managing delays and budgets

At My Bespoke Room, we offer total flexibility to work around you. So if you need to wait a while before making any important decisions, we can always put your project on hold until you're ready again. On the other hand, if you're in a rush, our express service may be for you where you can receive your dream room design in just 7 working days!

After receiving your design, if any unexpected delays occur during the moving process, our friendly shopping support team will be on hand to manage your orders until you're ready to receive them, making sure you're not overwhelmed by parcels and packages.

Plus, we understand that most budgets (especially when moving) won't allow for an all-in-one big spending spree, that's why we give you the freedom to shop from your room design periodically whenever your budget allows. Plus, you can still receive your £100 shopping voucher as long as your total spend reaches the £2000 requirement.


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When to hire an Interior Designer whilst renovating

when to hire an interior designer whilst renovating

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First off, confirm those plans!

Renovations in themselves are hefty projects to manage, so it's no wonder you may feel a little lost when it comes to finding the right time to hire an Interior Designer.

Once your initial renovation plans are confirmed and any necessary planning permissions are obtained we suggest it's the perfect time to get in touch with a designer.

It's really important to get your designer involved in the early stages of extensions and renovations as their keen eye will comb through your architect's plans, catching any potential hiccups and offering adjustments that could prevent pricey errors later on.

Our consultancy package is tailored for clients going through renovations or extensions. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible. This way, any problems affecting planning permission, like insufficient windows for light, can be addressed before construction begins.


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Should you hire an interior designer for an extension?

An Interior Designer will optimise every inch of your sparkly new space with innovative layouts and smart storage solutions, making sure you get the most out of your money and avoid expensive mistakes.

Plus, their trained eye can spot any problems in the architectural plans and suggest modifications to ensure your new space is perfect for your needs.

how interior designers can help during an extension

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

For example, in this kitchen extension our Interior Designer, Milena noticed a flaw in the plans where there wasn't enough space left for a dining table that would fit the whole family. She suggested bringing one side out an extra metre so there was enough space for family and friends to dine together!

Curious about how else Milena assisted with this stunning renovation? Click here to see the house tour.


how designers can help you during a renovation

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Or in the extraordinary open plan space above, at our client Tracy's home, our designers suggested the addition of a half wall, which would not only become a stunning feature but also help to break up the space, creating a cosy sitting area whilst maintaining that airy feel.


Interior Design client, Tracy"I loved when I got the designs because I was always wowed by the options that were there, and it just gave me something exciting to look forward to in the midst of an otherwise chaotic, messy build project that I was going through.

Having the designs online meant I had everything in one place and actually my builder complimented me a couple of times by how organised I always seemed to be whenever I needed to refer back to something because it's all sort of nicely organised into little boxes!" - Tracy


Want to hear about Tracy's whole home transformation and how our designers helped her through the process? Listen to her story, here:


A guiding light throughout your project

During renovations, there's often chaos aplenty. Interior designers act as a guiding beacon amidst this chaos, providing clear direction to tradespeople and helping to maintain your sanity.

From the placement of fixtures to maintaining the overall vision, their input ensures a cohesive and well-executed design that will give your home the wow factor!

One of the most rewarding aspects of partnering with a designer during a renovation is having something to always look forward to. As amidst the chaos of your home resembling a construction site, it's natural to lose sight of the end goal. However, envisioning your new space alongside a designer? That's guaranteed to rekindle your excitement and keep your eyes fixed on crafting your dream abode.


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Traditional vs online Interior Designers

Traditional vs online interior designers waiting timeImage Credit: My Bespoke Room

When it comes to waiting times, you'll often want to get in contact with traditional Interior Designers earlier as they may get busy with other clients and have a waiting list. Plus the process of home visits, consultations, building a quotation and leasing with contractors is likely to increase the length of the process.

Unlike traditional designers, online designers are much more likely to get going with your project as soon as you're ready. At My Bespoke Room, we have over 60 qualified and friendly designers who are ready and raring to get going with your project.

With our inclusive room packages, there is no need for a quotation process and as soon as you fill out our easy brief you can be matched with your designer who has been specifically chosen based on your needs, style and budget. And just like magic, you can receive your dream room in just 3 weeks!


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