childrens bedroom with painted mountain range

11 creative ideas to add fun and style to children's rooms using paint

We've recently published a blog post all about different ways to transform your home with paint, but we felt that paint ideas for children's rooms needed it's own, separate post entirely.

This is for a couple of reasons: 1 - our first blog was turning into quite the scroller and we were worried we had lost you half way. And 2 - we would argue that there are an infinite number of ways to update a children's bedroom using paint!

Obviously, we're not giving ourselves the impossible task of listing infinite possibilities, but we're sharing some of our favourite paint ideas to hopefully spark your imagination


1. Colour blocking


Image credit: Domino 

There is no end to the creativity you can have with colour blocking. It can make and define your colour scheme whilst adding WOW factor and heaps of fun. Use colour blocking to paint abstract shapes for added character and/or zone different spaces in your little one's bedroom. Such as, a colourful corner for playtime or a relaxing neutral for a reading nook. 

2. Lines & spots 


Image credit: The Bump

Section with diagonal lines and then use wall stickers to add pattern to these sections of the walls. This could paint a picture or just be completely random. 

Wall stickers are also a way to further add to the aforementioned colour blocking! 


3. A dreamy feature wall 


Image credit: Homes To Love 

Paint one wall a dark navy or black to create the look of a night sky. The wall behind the bed is perfect! This creates a sleepy, calm finish, perfect for bedtime. Go that one step further and add star wall stickers. 

Want to keep the walls light? Why not go for a pastel blue and add cloud wall stickers and colour block a yellow sunshine? A blue sky is enough to make anyone feel more content

5. A sparkly night sky 


Image credit: Little Bits of Home 

We love this look! Keep the walls light and then make the 6th wall the feature. Paint the ceiling a dark colour and add stars, either glow in the dark or regular, to give the look of a starry sky. 


6. Moving mountains 


Image credit: A Misura Di Bimbo 

Let your imagination run wild and use paint to, well, paint a picture. This could  be a mountain range, a floral garden or even a tropical jungle! Just go however far your artistic abilities can take you.

There are heaps of stencils available online if you're not feeling so confident going freehand. 

7. A pop of colour 


Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Want to add some colour but don't want to commit to painting a whole wall? That's fine, just paint half of it! Half height paint adds just enough colour to add warmth and character, without overwhelming the room. 


8. Smart zoning


Image credit: Pinterest 

Use paint to help your children focus. Painting their workspace a different colour automatically switches the brain into work mode as they start to associate colour with tasks. 

This also works for play areas, reading nooks and where their bed sits, making them ready for sleeping! 

9. A big border 


Image credit: Seven Couches 

Similar to painting half the wall, painting a border just adds a splash of colour, rather than going all out. 

This is a perfect compromise if your child is adamant that they want their entire room fuchsia. You can simply just paint a bright fuchsia around the entire room - enough colour to satisfy your child but not so much that it's an assault on the senses! 

10. Picture perfect 


Image credit: Reciclar e Decorar 

Why not paint a rainbow of pastel colours or a large sunshine behind the headboard? This is a great way to add playful fun without having to follow a theme that could end up looking a tad tacky and enhances the headboard so it looks just like a children's room out of a magazine.

11. To the drawing board 


Image credit: Just Real Moms 

Ever heard of blackboard or chalkboard paint? Nope? Well, now you have. This is ideal for playrooms or children's bedrooms. You can paint an entire wall or just a section where they can reach in blackboard paint, and suddenly, they have their own giant canvas. 

This is perfect for helping them learn and express themselves. 


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