The best bedroom colour schemes to help you unwind

Chances are that your bedroom is the room in which you spend the most concentrated amount of time. Admittedly, you’re asleep for most of it, but it’s the space in which you round off each day and begin a new one, so it deserves to look its best to help you feel on top of your game.

So, to follow on from their recent article on the best colour schemes for a productive home office, Lick are back to give us their two cents on which bedroom paint colours to invite into your inner sanctum.

And they’re not all as lullaby soft as you might expect…

Colour idea: white and grey bedroom

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Image credit:@elleyhome using Lick White 05 & Beige 01

Starting with the most neutral and the most classic colour palette, white and grey bedrooms are the sort that’ll make your shoulders drop an inch as soon as your toes are over the threshold.

Fresh and clean, just like the bedsheets you cocoon yourself in night after night, these are colours to help your mind empty and to find your zen – just what we all need after a run-ragged day.

If you’re gravitating towards whites, you could choose a warm white that’ll still feel fresh, yet comforting. Cool whites can feel a little stark in a bedroom, whereas a soft hue like White 03 or our oaty White 05 will be much more soothing. Or, if you’d prefer a more contemporary white, try White 04 that we describe as being a linen white – it’s gentle but a little crisper than a yellow-based white.

The bedroom is the place to unwind and relax. As for the greys, pick out those with a lilac or lavender undertone like Grey 02 or Grey 03, because lavender doesn’t have to be the fragrant sort to ease you into a deep sleep.

In colour psychology terms, greys are psychologically neutral making them a very restful colour choice for bedrooms. Grey is also a colour that recedes, making it a great choice if you want to maximise space in your bedroom.


Colour idea: pink bedroom

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Image credit: @Home_at_seventythree using Pink 03

Pinks are some of the best colours for bedrooms because they’re innately warm and nurturing – exactly what you want from the room destined to restore you the most.

Lick’s lead colour specialist, Tash Bradley, calls pink “the colour of cuddles”, and she’s not wrong. Providing you’re not painting your space in flamboyant neon pink, it’ll feel as though your room’s wrapping its arms around you into an embrace that leaves you feeling safe, secure and totally rested.

There’s plenty of pinks from our paint range to take to bed with you. Pink 01 and Pink 02 are the lightest of the bunch but will make your boudoir mega cosy, especially because these colours coax you into using lots of cosseting textures too – sheepskin rugs, tasselled blankets and Berber-style rugs.

Fancy going a bit more playful with your pink? Bubblegum Pink 03 is the cheekiest but still 100% comforting or try uplifting Pink 04 that’s got a grey base to still keep things hushed and dusky.


Colour idea: green bedroom

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Image credit: @Renovating_the_broadway - Green 05

We're great fans of green bedroom ideas, because it’s the most restful colour on your eyes out of the entire colour spectrum.

Green is calming, green is a breath of fresh air, and green is grounding, because your mind immediately links it with nature so will help your room feel airy even in the depths of winter. It also teams to perfection with wooden accents and strengthens that link with the great outdoors – welcome news for bedrooms with wooden floors or furniture. Green can be great for children's bedrooms too, as Lick’s colour specialist Sam reveals in her children’s bedroom colour palette article.

Soft greens are super harmonising - like our just-launched Green 09 or it’s meadow-fresh Green 01 tone - but deeper, darker greens are just as welcome in the bedroom. Try our Green 05 that’s earthy and olive-y in character, or for a cool-toned and contemporary green look to Green 06 which works wonders with jute rugs, velvet throws over the bed. 

Psst… for more of Lick’s green decorating tips, read on to get all your green living room and bedroom questions answered here.


Colour idea: blue bedroom

Landscape blog image (66)Image credit: @georgianalouisa using Blue 02 & Teal 01

Further proof that bedroom colour schemes don’t have to stay on the pale and neutral side of the spectrum, we are also great advocates of blue bedroom ideas.

Remember that while green is restful, in colour psychology, the colour blue is synonymous with positivity and peace. Think about the term ‘blue sky thinking’ or the calming effect of the deep blue sea. Blue is a feel-good, steadying colour and fits like a glove in the room that should be the most relaxing one under your roof.

Take note of Lick’s Blue 01 and minty Blue 02 – its lightest blues yes, but that will also help your walls to recede so are spot on if you’re hoping to help a box bedroom feel larger. Slide down the scale to Blue 06 and Blue 07, and you’ll find two inky blues that will give you dramatic cosiness in droves (combine them with our 5 tips on how to make your living room and bedroom cosier). Go for these deep blues if you want to set the mood to ‘snuggle up’ – that's what bedrooms are all about after all.


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