wall mural master bedroom with statement cane rattan headboard and wall lighting

Step by step guide to turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel room

There are few things in life quite like the feeling of staying in a first-class hotel room: the bed; the crisp white sheets; the style; the lights; the opulence! This euphoric feeling is one like no other, something that can't be recreated at home, right? Wrong! You totally can, and we're going to tell you how.  

Now you don't need to be weighing suitcases, flying hundreds of miles or paying £100+ a night for this luxury, you can enjoy the extravagance every night from the comfort of your own home. Find a comfy seat (like the one you may find in a 5* hotel room) and put your feet up, because we're going to give you a whirlwind course on how to make a boutique bedroom of your own...


Let's start with the bed

In a bedroom, the bed is kind of an imperative, so we thought this would be a great place to start. This will most likely be the biggest investment in the room, so it's important you get it right. You will need to consider comfort, size, style and quality - try and get the best bed you can within your budget. To feel like the ultimate royal we recommend a four-poster bed and/or a large statement headboard.

Four-poster bed

Image credit: Rockett St George

Four-poster beds have a long history and have always related to style and wealth. They're traditional, sumptuous and utterly British in roots. Royalty would have four-poster beds as ritual and you know what they say: 'fake it until you make it.' Why shouldn't we act like the kings and queens that we are?

Nervous about making big purchases online? You're in safe hands with our Personal Shopping Team who are on hand to help with all of your orders, from cushion covers to super king-size beds.


Statement headboard

Image credit:  Coco Kelley

Not only are large headboards extremely functional as they insulate the room, add comfort and stop drafts, but they can act as a real statement piece. The more ornate, the more likely it will be the centre of attention.

The headboard originated in ancient Egypt; the pharaohs' beds would look like a work of art with huge headboards carved in ebony, silver and gold. They were a bit showy back then, and over the years the headboard is widely used as something of practicality and necessity rather than an expression of affluence. However, interior design can't quite let go of the ostentatious aura that a statement headboard brings to a room, and rightly so!

Due to the now widespread popularity of headboards, they can also be super affordable these days, and the majority are already attached to bed frames, so you can now sleep like aristocrat on a budget!

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Something to sleep on

If the mattress is lumpy and the sheets are scratchy, we guarantee the trip advisor rating won't be a perfect 5. Until you go to buy a mattress, a mattress topper or just some sheets, you don't realise how much of a minefield the bedding department really is. We're here to help; we even have a mattress guide coming soon! 

Mattress toppers

Closeup of white topper on the bed in the bedroom

If you already have a mattress, but you want it to be extra plush, a mattress topper will be your best friend. They're as versatile as your favourite pair of jeans; a mattress topper can make your bed warmer, cooler, softer or firmer and they can protect your bed, increasing the longevity of the mattress.


Elegant neutral luxurious master bedroom with blush accents

Image credit: Style Me Pretty

When it comes to choosing your bed linen, we recommend on keeping it white and bright. Hotel bedrooms rarely have coloured bedding so your bed will definitely look the part with some crisp white sheets. They're super versatile in terms of style and you can jazz them up with cushions, bedspreads and throws.


Thread count

Ultimately, you need to be able to get some zzz's so the bedding has to be as comfy as possible, so let's talk thread count. What even is thread count? Thread count is the number for horizontal and vertical threads per square inch.

The general rule is the higher the thread count, the better the quality. However, this isn't always the case. Extra threads called 'picks' can be woven into the weft threads which increases the thread count but doesn't necessarily increase the quality, so be wary of cheap sheets with an extremely high thread count. Aiming for a thread count between 300 - 800 should ensure good nights sleep.



beautiful calming bedroom with textures and neutral colours for a scandinavian look
Image credit:  Adore 

Just like diamonds are a girl's best friend, cushions are the home's best friend. They pull a scheme together, add colour, texture and comfort, complement the design and finish the room. So don't be scared to capitalise on cushions and pillows to make the bed look super cosy and completely sumptuous! 


Make a statement

Whether it's an understated solid colour, a luxurious upholstered wall covering or a patterned wallpaper, a feature wall will always make a statement.


bedroom with floral feature wall paper exposed brick wall and decorative cushions and wall lights
Image credit: Living Etc

Feature wallpaper is a fantastic way to add personality to a room and also makes it an unique abode - no more grey box show homes! Also, wallpapers with heaps of character definitely gives that extravagant, eclectic hotel look, so the end result will be a bedroom that people would spend £300 a night, just so they can get a photo for Instagram!

Want an extra dose of WOW factor?! Go for a wall mural, your wall will look like a piece of art or transform you to a completely different place entirely. 


yellow orange blush and red bedroom design with indoor greenery and paint feature
Image credit: Dazey LA 

Alternatively, you could get creative with paint. Painting large circles in the place of a bed headboard, painting half a wall or creating a geometric pattern are all ways to add some extra oomph to your room. 

We're here to help you make a design statement that's best for you and your personal style. 


Something at the end of the bed

End of the bed ottomans can provide you with extra seating and storage (for all those beautiful white sheets). They're also a great piece of furniture for adding style and completing a scheme.


master bedroom with feature headboard statement mirror and wall panelling Image credit:  AD

Should your space allow, you could include a small sofa or a couple of accent chairs at the end of your bed for a super luxurious finish. 


Don't forget about the lights

In general hotel lighting tends to be slightly warmer to give that divine 'the sun is just about to set' look constantly. Getting the lighting right is extremely important in any bedroom, you need to think about practicality. Do you read in bed? Need perfect lighting for blending make up at dressing table? Your house has spotlights but you love chandeliers? It's all important stuff.

Bedside lamps

moroccan mirror style with bedside dresser and patterned cushions bedroom
Image credit:  Traditional Home

Think BIG! When it comes to bedside table lamps, the bigger the better (within reason - make sure they actually fit on the bedside tables and aren't throwing out the scale of the rest of the room). Honestly, don't be afraid to go as big as you can as it will give you an extraordinarily grand finish. Bear in mind the overall size of the room as you don't want them to look out of proportion. Additionally, remember to check the size of your bedside tables before ordering some enormous lamps to ensure they're not going to just topple off the surface. That would put a slight downer on the redecorating process.

Pendant & wall lighting

chelsea townhouse white fresh bedroom with pendant wall lighting and statement upholstered headboard
Image credit: Home Adore

If you have the budget to get an electrician in, then pendant or wall lighting are ideal for a hotel style bedroom. They're great reading lights, super space savers and certainly look the part. They're also available in an abundance of styles and sizes so they can work in any interior.


dark statement wall in bedroom with brass accents and traditional elements

Not all wall lighting needs an electrician to start drilling into plaster either! Wall lights can simply be attached to the surface of the wall and plugged in at a socket. No dramas. 

Take a seat

patterned accent occasional chair with rustic side table and brass floor lamp
Image credit:  My Domaine 
Not only does an extra seat give you another place to park your bottom and relax, it gives you that all important spot to leave clothes that are too clean for the wash but not quite clean enough to hang back up in the wardrobe - or is it only us that has a clothes chair?


A dressing table

bedroom dining table with brass mirror and faux sheepskin white shutters Image credit:  My Bespoke Room

Have you ever seen a beautiful hotel room without a dedicated area to make yourself look beautiful too? Didn't think so. If you can fit one in, a dressing table really finishes off the deluxe hotel look. Also, who doesn't want their own dressing area? Maybe a walk in wardrobe too...


Bath time

bath in bedroom with rustic finishes and exposed brick
Image credit:  Trendir

Ok, so this may not be the most practical or accessible of all the steps we've mentioned, but gosh isn't it gorgeous? If budget allows, and you have the space, why don't you have a statement bath tub in your bedroom? We say do it for the WOW factor!


Putting it all together

This might seem like a bit of effort in our ridiculously busy lives, but really, it can be as easy as 1,2,3...45678 and is totally worth it. But really, you don't have get an electrician in for some pendant lights, nor do you need to get a plumber in to fit a bath. It can just be about getting some great bedding and the perfect pieces of furniture for your style and budget. If you want any help pulling it all together, give us a message at hello@mybespokeroom.com. Alternatively, just click the button below to book a free consultation call. 



Sometimes it's hard to visualise how a bedroom design all comes together, but don't worry, we do our best to show evidence of how great it will look, just to avoid any expensive slip ups further down the line! Check out some of our previous designs below. 



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