I hope I’m not the only one to admit this but my dining table quickly becomes limbo for neglected paperwork and shopping....far from the decadent space fit for merrymaking that it deserves to be this Christmas!

Going that extra mile with the décor can be what turns your average Sunday roast into a Christmas day feast!


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Pile on the layers this Christmas

christmas table with layered plates and placemats

Layering is key to a successful tablescape. It adds texture, visual interest and gives the eye plenty to play with. Think of it like the layers on a Christmas cake - you wouldn't simply serve up a plain wedge if fruit cake would you? The icing comes next and then the intricate decorations take it to the next level. 

But back to dining tables! Start with your tablecloth or runner as the foundation then layer your place setting with stacks of plates and crockery. Next bring in napkins and tablecloths to add pattern and texture.

Add in height through your centrepiece using tall candlesticks or opting for a vase with lofty foliage. Just make sure the centrepiece is easy to see through or move so it’s not a complete conversation killer! 

Finally, it's the intricate decorations you scatter that will take your tablescape from your average Monday night meal to a Christmas day banquet.


Warming winter neutrals

Neutral coloured plates and table cloth with green plants

There’s no rule book to say you're in league with the Grinch if your dining room décor isn't decked with bright baubles and trinkets worthy of a Whobilation. 

Don’t forget the wise counsel - ‘less is more’! The real star of the show is the meal you’ve been slaving over so there's no need to crowd or overcomplicate your tablescape leaving no room for the turkey.

For a pared back Christmas without sacrificing any of the festive feels - look to a winter woodland for inspiration. Make use of natural elements for a more rustic feel. 

Layer in wooden boards for serving, hessian table runners and crisp white linen napkins tied in twine to perfect the look. 

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Make use of your leftovers

Spare sprig of rosemary?! Incorporating herbs to a table setting might be a big wedding trend but there’s no reason you can’t bring them into your home this Christmas too as a frugal decoration choice! 

Not only do they look great but they’ll also get your guests appetites going with the scent of fresh rosemary or mint while they wait. Not to mention that it's an incredibly cost effective way to bring an elegant touch of Christmas to your table. 

Winter fruits like pomegranates, oranges and cranberries will also bring a pop of natural colour to your tablescape. Add to the rustic winter garden look by layering in white pumpkins, apples and pears.  


Tray bien

Table set up with oranges and  herbs on a tray

Trays work brilliantly to style your dining table when it’s not regularly in use. It means you can add a beautiful display of decorations which can then be lifted away easily when it’s time to serve.

This is a tip that’s not limited to just your dining table. Trays can be added to any other surface to purposefully gather ornaments achieving a styled rather than cluttered look!

Keep this tip in the back pocket all year round to keep a stylish and tidy table.


Create a warm glow

christmas table with candles and string lights in the middle

To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, pay attention to the lighting that will add a glow to your Christmas tablescape. In our recent guide on lighting your home we discuss the importance of colour temperature and how levels of lighting creating ambiance in a room.

In open plan kitchen diners - ideally have the lighting above your dining table on a separate circuit and dimmable so that you can focus attention on the dining experience rather than the mess of pots and pans in the kitchen!

You could also make a feature of your dining table pendant by adding a wreath and twinkly strings of lights:


However there's something about the warm glow of a flickering candle that even the most stylish of pendants can't compete with. Turn old jam jars into mini lanterns to avoid catastrophe with your floral centrepiece! Safety first people....Safety first. 

it's also important to keep the mood consistent with lower, softer lighting across your whole home. Lower the dimmer on your bathroom lights and add in wintery scented candles so the festive spell isn't broken as soon as your guests pop to the privy! 

For more tips on how to be the ‘host or hostess with the mostest’, then visit our guide on creating the perfect home for entertaining.


We want to wish you the merriest of Christmases' from the whole team at MBR and hope that however you spend Christmas day this year you can add a little festive sparkle ✨🌟


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