As the dazzling festival of lights, Diwali, approaches, the anticipation in the air is building. To celebrate at My Bespoke Room, one of our talented Interior Designers, Ruchi, has unveiled her Diwali décor ideas that will illuminate your home ready for the festive period.

Take it away Ruchi...

Diwali is a widely celebrated Hindu festival often referred to as the "Festival of Lights". It usually falls in October or November, symbolising the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. During this radiant occasion, homes burst into light with lamps and candles, colourful Rangoli, fireworks, delicious food and big family gatherings. It's a time to seek the blessings of the deities and bring prosperity into one's life. 


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Preparing your home for Diwali

diwali living room decor

Integral to Diwali is the ritual of cleaning and redecorating the house ushering in the festival's spirit of renewal and positivity. In fact, Diwali also represents the welcoming of the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, into homes, signifying prosperity and abundance. So, decorations hold special significance as all family members together ready their homes for the Goddess to visit. The involvement of every family member in the festivities and preparation fosters a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility.


Diwali hallway ideas

diwali hanging decorations

Adorning your entry foyer for Diwali is a wonderful way to welcome guests and sets the tone for the entire house, creating a festive and auspicious atmosphere. Decorate the doorstep with an intricate Rangoli, a traditional art form that signifies good luck.

Hang a toran, made from marigold flowers and mango leaves, on the door to invite blessings into your home. Create a mesmerising oil lamp display on a decorative tray, symbolising the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Drape fresh flower garlands around the entryway for a fragrant and auspicious touch. Illuminate the space with candles, lamps, and fairy lights to create a warm and enchanting atmosphere.


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Diwali decoration ideas for living rooms

Diwali decorating ideas for living room

The living room is the heart of the house, a place to meet and entertain friends and family. Infuse your living room with the radiant spirit of Diwali by creating a captivating and meaningful ambience. Begin by adorning your living room table with a stunning centrepiece, featuring a cluster of diyas and fresh flowers, symbolising the triumph of light and knowledge.

Illuminate the space with an array of decorative candles and lamps, casting a warm and inviting glow. In the spirit of Diwali, embrace vibrant colours, fragrant incense, and the exchange of sweets and gifts with loved ones. Your living room, adorned with these elements, becomes a place of joy, togetherness, and spiritual enrichment during this auspicious celebration. 



Introduce trays for Diwali decorations to add elegance and organisation to your living room and home. Simple or elaborate, trays provide a defined space for arranging vibrant flowers, diyas, and candles, creating a visually appealing focal point. These portable displays can be effortlessly moved around, allowing you to experiment with various layouts. Plus, trays are ideal for presenting delectable finger foods during Diwali gatherings. Incorporating trays into your décor, adds a touch of freshness and colour to different areas, while being flexible. 


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Diwali lighting décor

Diwali home diyas

Lights have a special significance on Diwali. Traditionally diyas, a small type of lamp made out of clay and filled with oil, are lit. They come in a variety of options: plain, colourful, simple, fancy, big or small.

Over a period of time, people have realised that the traditional clay diyas are the most eco-friendly and sustainable. To add some more colour and variety one could get kids to colour these traditional diyas. Other ways to enhance the lighting is adding string lights, extra lamps, tea light holders, lanterns and candles.

String lights can be magical and versatile. Hang string light garlands along walls, ceilings, or drapery to create a whimsical and radiant effect. These garlands can be used to frame doorways, windows, and mirrors, making your living space come alive with light.

Coil string lights into decorative glass jars or vases to create mesmerising table centrepieces. If you have an outdoor space, drape string lights in trees, along fences, or around the perimeter of your outdoor area. This creates a beautiful and festive atmosphere for your celebrations. 


Diwali tablescapes

Diwali table decorations

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without the delectable array of savoury snacks and sweets that fill every home. These sweet treats, ranging from luscious mithai to homemade delicacies, form a significant part of the festive memories. They not only tantalise the taste buds but also provide an opportunity for creative and beautiful presentations, elevating the Diwali spirit. Plating these delightful desserts in stunning patterns and arrangements adds an extra layer of visual and culinary delight, making the festival truly unforgettable. Diwali, after all, is about savouring the sweetness of life with loved ones.


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Celebrating Diwali in the home

Diwali decorations at home

Diwali is a celebration of life and its joyful spirit, and the more light and colour you add to your home, the more it resonates with the festival's essence. The act of decluttering and decorating with your family not only creates positive vibes but also fosters a strong sense of togetherness.

Key elements like vibrant Rangoli designs, colourful paper lanterns, and the warm glow of diyas create a captivating ambience. The ease and pleasure of preparing these decorations make the experience memorable. As each piece is placed, it adds to the festive atmosphere, creating a visually stunning and spiritually uplifting space for family and guests to enjoy and create happy memories for life…


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