So you’ve bought your new house, it’s so exciting. Congratulations! Now you can’t wait to make it your own right? Only down side is the old owners idea of interior design... the magnolia walls and avocado bathroom not really doing it for you. The woodchip wallpaper is keeping you awake at night, the ill fitting curtains are making you weep, and seriously, who linos a bedroom floor? 

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Planning ahead

You’re dreaming of cosy fairy lights, Instagrammable wall art and that bedspread you saw in the window of John Lewis on your last ‘I promise to only look’ shopping spree.

Before you can put that pinterest board, so chic it would make Elle Decoration want to throw in the towel, to work, you’ll need to raise the funds. Whether you’re going for Scandi Simplicity, Art Deco Decadence or Vamping it up with Velvet, you’ll need to set a budget.

 So let’s say £1,000 will get you your dream interior. You work out that by cutting down the matcha lattes and smashed avocado on toast, you can reasonably put aside £100 a month. That’s 10 months you’ve got to wait until your World of Interiors-worthy master bedroom you’ve dreamt about. Damn. You need a good night sleep sooner than that!

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Savvy saving

But how will you stay on track with your savings - not blow your cushion budget on coffee or your paint budget on prosecco?  This is where collaboration is your friend. It turns out that saving in groups triples your success rate.   

 Just think how many other people around the country are also saving to bring their Pinterest dreams to life. What if you could collaborate with them and rather than all waiting 10 months to save £1,000, you could help each other out and give 9 out of 10 of you a chance to start releasing your inner interior designer sooner.


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One word… ROSCA.

It might sound like something you’d buy at an East London bakery, but a ROSCA could be your secret weapon to fast tracking your furnishing dreams.

So, what is a ROSCA? It’s a way of working together collaboratively rather than saving alone. Sometimes known as lending circles, it’s when a group of people coming together to help each other save money by lending to and borrowing from each other.

ROSCA stands for a Rotating Savings and Credit Association. Millions of people around the world use this collaborative concept, but until now it’s not commonly known here in the UK.

StepLadder have introduced collaborative peer to peer circles to help people reach their financial goals faster, stay motivated and maybe even improve their credit rating along the way. Please note StepLadder is not a savings product, your capital is at risk and there is no FSCS protection.



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How do they work?

Let’s take the example of raising £1,000 for Project Master Bedroom of Dreams. StepLadder would match you to nine other people, who also want to raise £1,000 and can put aside £100 a month.  You all pay in £100 a month and each month one of you would be selected, at random, to receive the full £1,000 bedroom budget. By lending and borrowing from each other in this way nine out of the ten people can start their decorating project sooner.

Before you know it, you’ll be sweeping aside the decorative cushions, climbing under the egyption cotton sheets and switching off the fairy lights in the bedroom of your dreams.


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Meet the author

Lucy - Mullins 

Lucy Mullins

Lucy is part of the founding team at StepLadder and leads the team responsible for educating potential members on how StepLadder could help them. She is devoted to ensuring they have a fabulous experience from initial contact through to buying their first home and beyond. Lucy has spent her career motivating and supporting people to reach their goals, as an executive coach and sports psychologist.


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