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house tour

A new build home infused with personality and style

Izzy, our awesome Digital Marketing Manager, and her partner George recently took the plunge into...

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When's the right time to hire an Interior Designer?

If you're buzzing with excitement to team up with an Interior Designer and give your home a...

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Meet the women behind the scenes at My Bespoke Room

While our design prowess usually steals the spotlight, there's a whole squad of unsung heroes...

Inspiration & trends

Meet your style: Eclectic Maximalist

Welcome to possibly one of the coolest sides of interior design, where rules are meant to be broken!

Inspiration & trends

Meet your style: Elegant and sophisticated creative

Are you ready to step into a space that feels like a 5 star hotel that has been totally...

Inspiration & trends

Meet your style: Earthy Boho

It's time to bring out the macrame wall hangings and woven baskets - because we're talking all...

how to

Your 13 step spring cleaning checklist - Marigolds at the ready!

Typically, the annual spring clean is used to dust off and air out our homes so that they sparkle...

Inspiration & trends

Meet your style: Classic neutral

Welcome to the motherload of classic and neutral home inspo where soft, warm colour schemes and...

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Is an online interior designer the right fit for you?

Ever wondered: what actually is virtual interior design? And is it right for me? If you're itching...

Inspiration & trends

Meet your style: Modern monochromatic minimalism

Hey there modern lovers, monochrome connoisseurs, and minimalist enthusiasts (phew, that was a...

how to

The top design tips to boost your home's value

We all want to get the most bang for our buck, right? Especially when it comes to property! If...

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