'Trend' can be quite a polarising word, as we essentially jump to the conclusion that we're going to be told what's 'in' and what's 'out'. This definitely is not our motivation as we aim to design timeless interiors that will stand the test of time.

So, don't panic, we're not going to tell you that brass has been and gone, so remove those new bathroom fittings and throw out the gold accents or that luxury LVT is old news, therefore you must rip up your floor and spend some serious £££ on a designer carpet. Trends are something that we can try to ignore, but our homes, styles and tastes will inevitably be touched by them at in one way or another - often without us even knowing. 

We, of course, constantly educate ourselves and are inspired by what's fashionable within the industry so that we remain in-the-know and our advice is 'on-trend'. However, our main motivation to keep up with the fads and the fashions is that we adore watching styles, classic and modern, evolve, change and refresh, as this is a direct reflection of how we are living in the current day. 

Interior trends adapt to our needs and wants; they are representative of what we, as humans, are more drawn to right now, what brings us comfort in day to day life and the direction of how interiors will cohabitate with people in years to come. 

We are seeing more organic finishes, obvious global influences, an increase in the use of colour, the exploration of soft shapes and texture and a shift towards personal wellbeing and environmental sustainability

So, goodbye to interior trends 2019 and keep reading to see our top 29 trend predictions that you're guaranteed to see in abundance in 2020... 

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1. Bold abstracts

bold abstract living room in bright primary colours

Image credit: Living Etc.

Abstract art and patterns have definitely stood the test of time when it comes to interior trends, however, they're bigger and bolder than ever. Larger scale abstracts and bright block colours are taking centre stage, leaving the smudged watercolour look as a beautiful supporting act. This movement in abstracts is definitely bringing back a retro look that has been out of the headlines for a while. 


2. Muted tones


Image credit: fugar. sepatula

Colour has made a comeback in 2019 and this is set to continue into 2020. We still love the reliable neutrals but people are definitely becoming more comfortable, experimental and playful when it comes to colour, meaning we're seeing pops of pigment here, there and everywhere. For those that aren't as drawn to brighter block colours or are turned off by primary shades, then the 'muted tone' trend is definitely one to back. 

More muted, chalky shades allow us to add character, interest and heaps of colour into the home without feeling like an assault on the senses. They can also work as brilliant neutrals, allowing you to pair and complement with other muted colour palettes and add a small burst of a brighter hue if you wish. 


3. Nordic simplicity

minimal scandi bedroom design

Image credit: Coco Lapine Design

Nordic and Scandinavian design has been dominating interior style searches and this isn't dropping, nor is it plateauing. It seems that we are more and more drawn to the hygge lifestyle that Scandinavian simplicity promotes. Comforting textures, uncomplicated design and warm neutrals create an atmosphere of calm and serenity that is welcomed as a necessary retreat from our fast-paced, 21st century lives. 


4. Textured comforts

cosy living room with lots of textures and indoor greenery

Image credit: One World 

Successful interior design will always include a combination of textures. Layering textures ensure a cosy finish and added character and interest so your eye will dance around the room. In addition, a diverse range of textures give a warm and cosy look and feel which is enticing and comfortable - a home needs to be lived in after all! 


5. Japanese design


Image credit: Deco Magz

Western countries are definitely being inspired by Japanese culture and style; humble materials such as rattan, jute, terracotta, plywood, hemp and burnt wood are being seen more and more in our interiors. We're drawn to the serenity, simplicity and, well, 'zen' of the Japanese interiors. 

Their design culture revolves around clean and uncluttered living, giving a 'clean', minimalist finish.

There is a big nod to natural beauty which adds to the tranquility of their design, whilst the perfect balance of their design ensures an aesthetically pleasing and stress-free look. 


6. Botanicals


Image credit: Homes To Love 

Botanical, floral and plant prints are still being used exceedingly within the world of interiors. These prints are now more muted, softer and versatile. We're seeing botanical prints included in traditional designs and more abstract styles used in large on walls or main furniture items. 


7. Globally-inspired

orange and neutral living room with abstract geometric patterns

Image credit: Salon - Decoration For Home

We have always taken inspiration from across the globe, however, our homes are looking more and more well-travelled. Asian tranquility, bold African prints and colours, ornate European finishes, Persian patterns and Scandinavian simplicity are all being seen in our Western interiors, and we love it. 


8. Simple glamour

modern classic living room with abstract art and gallery wall

Image credit: Laura C. Singleton

Those who love a more  classic finish, don't worry! 2020 isn't all bold colours and patterned prints. We taking the luxurious and glamorous styles of traditional interiors and scaling them back to their most simple state. Leaving the beauty of defined furniture shapes, grand metallic accents, large statement artwork and neutral palettes combined with deep navy and rich emerald to give the impression of opulence and extravagance, yet all in a completely understated way. 


9. Textile artwork and 3D walls

3d wall covering juju hat with rattan headboard bedroom

Image credit: The Every Girl

Artwork is no longer retained by a slimline 2D frame, texture is hitting the walls too. Juju hats and textured wall-hangings are adding depth and dimension to our interiors. Taking it a step further, we've seen a comeback in 3D wall coverings - and no, this doesn't look like your grandma's ceiling from the 70s. 


10. Vertical and indoor gardens


Image credit: Architectural Digest

If you haven't heard us talk about indoor greenery, then we're sorry to hear that you haven't been following us closely enough! We are huge advocates of indoor planting and flowers as they have so many benefits: they provide stress relief, air purifying qualities, increase your mood, add life to empty spaces and are a super affordable interior uplift. 

Indoor greenery is being stepped up in 2020, no longer is it some succulents on a shelf or a large palm in the corner, people are creating indoor gardens and mounting their greenery on the wall, creating vertical planting displays. 


11. Contemporary fireplaces


Image credit: ensidecor

Contemporary fireplaces are the perfect way to modernise your home, whilst keeping it cosy and avoiding that stark contemporary look. There are styles that work perfectly in Nordic, classic, ultra-modern and eclectic styles. A fireplace also gives main feature and focal point to a room, which really helps when it comes to layout planning. 


12. Pink

rattan headboard bedroom in blush and crimson red

Image credit: Instagram, @langdonltd

Pink, rose, blush, coral - all of the pink tones (apart from maybe fuchsia, unless it's in smaller bright pops) are 'in' at the moment. There is talk about muted blush being considered a neutral because it's just that versatile. Pair with deep jewel tones, contrast with orange/red autumnal shades or use pink add depth to an otherwise very neutral room. 

Basically, it's quite difficult to go wrong when it comes to beautiful blush. 


13. Vienna straw/rattan/cane 

cane dining chairs with glass panelled door minimal living room

Image credit: table

Rattan has become a big hit in 2019 and is set to stand strong in 2020 too. The movement towards more sustainable and organic interiors is HUGE and cane is the perfect light and natural material to complement this trend. Rattan is no longer limited to that tired garden set that you have outside on the decking, it's transitioned indoors and we couldn't be happier about it. 


14. Wall murals


Image credit: Love Create Celebrate 

We've previously spoken a lot about how wall murals are perfect for children's rooms, so that they're fun and colourful yet still remain classy and stylish. However, they're making their mark in the rest of the home too. 

Wall murals are amazing for including large scale patterns or incorporating imagery that can add heaps of character and interest to your home. There is so much diversity  when it comes to wall murals, there should be something for everyone. Have a search what's out there and let your imagination run wild.

 Dressing rooms, bedrooms and washrooms are brilliant spots to pack a punch with a wall mural, but they can really be included anywhere. 


15. Dark kitchens 


Image credit: Joe Purvis Photos & Pike Properties

Dark interiors doesn't mean dark interiors. You can use dark shades and colours and still have a bright and fresh looking room, without it feeling dull and moody, especially in kitchens

Pair dark cabinets with light worktops and splash back tiles providing a beautiful contrast. Brass accents and organic materials also ensure that the dark look isn't too harsh. 


16. Mint


Image credit: Best Design Books

Not to be confused with the Duck Egg trend that dominated interiors about 5-8 years ago. Yes, Duck Egg is a lovely soft colour that looks beautiful in many different traditional styles of interiors, such as country farmhouse or classic French looks, however, the Mint trend that is hitting our homes in 2020 is like Duck Egg turbo-charged. 

This colour is so pigmented it almost has a neon finish (search Neon Mint), and is cropping up in so many different rooms and styles. Go big and paint a wall or start implementing slowly with coloured accessories and soft finishes. Either way, it's a beautiful colour that's both calming and vibrant, and you'll be bang on trend. 


17. Carpets

floral stair runner with white panelled wall on staircase

Image credit: Interior Designs Home

Carpets are back! Who's happy? Not just any carpets, patterns and interesting textures are dominating the flooring industry. Experiment with patterned carpets on staircases or in hallways, bedrooms and landings with a patterned rug/runner to see if this trend is for you. 

Retro florals and bold and busy patterns are back and interestingly, work beautiful in more modern interiors. A nod to the classic adds character to minimalist looks and soften contemporary styles. 


18. Colour 

brightly coloured bedroom with wood bamboo rattan headboard velvet and floral wall mural

Image credit: Minted Interiors

We've spoken about specifically colours that are leading the pack in 2020, however, there is definitely a movement in just using colour in general. Bright pops of pigment, complete primary colour overhaul, deep jewel tones or a collection of more muted shades - they're all going to be there in 2020. 

Ultimately, your interior needs to make you feel good and happy, so if you have a favourite colour way then use it! So many people are afraid of using colour in their home and we do get it, but we're giving you a 2020 new years resolution: dare to use colour! Whether this is braving a bright cushion or injecting your home with the complete rainbow, we'll be right behind, supporting you.

Top tip: Take a look in your wardrobe and see what colours you tend to wear and are drawn to, then think about how you might be able to incorporate in your interior. 


19. Curtains

white curtains in bedroom

Image credit: inattendu

Have you seen the pattern in these 2020 trends? We have! Next year is set to be big on texture, layering different fabrics and materials and 3D finishes over and over again for optimum style and appeal. Homes are supposed to not only look fabulous, but feel great too. 

Curtains don't need to be just for window treatments, but as makeshift doors for wardrobes or room dividers. 


20. Coloured glass and mirror

circular coloured mirror

Image credit: Iamfy

Colour is even making its way onto glass and mirrored finishes. This can be done in an abstract, alluring way or sectioning mirrors and furniture to create a geometric pattern. Either way, coloured glass is not something to shy away from in 2020 - just make sure you have at least one regular mirror if you want confidence in blending make up perfectly, or picking out a complementary outfit! 


21. Circles and curves

modern country cottage living room with cuckooland rug

Image credit: Cuckooland via House Beautiful 

We're ditching harsh lines and straight finishes and turning towards softer shapes. Circles and round edges have been everywhere at designer trade shows and have filtered down into high-street brands. 

It's important that interiors are healthy for your mental wellbeing and it's suggested that rounder shapes give a more 'inclusive' and kinder feeling to the inhabitant and is welcoming to guests. 


22. Art deco influence

blush crimson red pink walls with teal armchairs and patterned rug

Image credit: Daily Dream Decor 

It's quite apparent that trends come in and out of style and Art Deco keeps coming back for more. Curved furniture, brass accents, precise and clear lined patterns, rich colours, mirrored surfaces, sunbeam shapes, metallic details, statement lighting and lavish ornamentation are all being brought back in to a modern interior.

Art Deco styles are perfect for adding an element of luxe to an organic and otherwise stripped back modern interior. 


23. Little & large tiles

white shower with seat and small hexagonal floor tiles

Image credit: House and Home Review

Small and large tiles aren't necessarily a new look, however, there is definitely a rise in pairing the very large with the very small. Contrasting the size of tiles is a brilliant way to play with scale and create your own depth and pattern. 


24. Free-standing sinks


Image credit: Lusso Stone 

A new decade is upon us and sinks have decided that they don't want to be part of a vanity or stuck in it's classic style. Introducing: the independent sink. Contemporary bathrooms now have a dedicated sink area to make a style statement, rather than just being a practical and functional addition. 

This is a beautiful look for large and modern bathrooms, however, if you're tight on space and need that added storage, we suggest you stick with a combined sink and vanity unit for the time being. 


25. Black metal

black metal bed frame in white bedroom \

Image credit: Hack the Hut

Black metal is straying from it's comfort zone in the industrial style and is being found in all different styles. Black metal is a classy and classic look that works in a country cottage, minimal & modern flat or a rustic, eclectic renovation.

This is a brilliant opportunity to up-cycle existing furniture - a super affordable way to be completely on-trend. All you need is some black paint or a black spray can and plenty of space.


26. Geometric lighting


Image credit: Flos

Lighting is a constant space for experimenting within the interior and is also integral in any home. Lighting should never be an afterthought!

In 2020, lighting will be more than just functionality and ambience, lighting will look like art! Add pattern, shapes and interest to your room with statement lighting that are that little bit different. There is a huge rise in geometric pendants, such as the above by Flos! 


27. Neon

neon ice cream wall light LED\

Image credit: The Home Scene

Neon signs are already a big stylistic trend, however, soon you'll be seeing them where you least expect. 

Neon wall art and lights are being seen in traditional and modest interiors to create the ultimate impression. Interior design is supposed to make you feel something, and if that's pleasant surprise, then we're all here for it. 


28. Handmade craftsmanship 

handmade coffee table living room sideboard armchair

Image credit: Wood Tailors Club

We've mentioned this over and over again, but natural is so hot right now. Special, hand-crafted furniture definitely celebrate the beauty of wood and the art you can create with the material. Handmade furniture ensure that your home looks quality and unique, and not like everyone has all tumbled out the same high-street shop. 

We are all individuals, so why should our home look like anyone else's? Celebrate organic interiors in your own way with furniture that works for you, whilst supporting smaller businesses that are producing handmade pieces. 


29. Environmentally kind

rattan box neutral natural interior urbanara

Image credit: Urbanara via Hey Lila Hey

Sustainability is cool. Whether you're passionate about reducing your waste and carbon footprint and doing your bit to save our beautiful planet or you just want to be 'in' and 'on-trend', we don't care, because either way you'll be doing good for the environment and looking great whilst doing so. 

Up-cycling existing furniture, natural and organic materials, modest styles and a clutter-free home are all ways to live more sustainably. Investing in the right technology can also ensure that you're not being wasteful or over-indulging where you don't need to. 


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