So, you're thinking about hiring an interior designer and starting the exciting journey of a home makeover? Great! But before the process can begin, it's important that you have a vision of your dream home or room.

Welcome to the world of Pinterest, where an abundance of interior design inspo is just a click away. Our designers love nothing more than being presented with a Pinterest board of your deepest design desires; it's a great way to communicate your vision and for your designer to start creating your wow-worthy home. 

But do not threat if you've never even touched Pinterest before, we've created the top guide on how to create a Pinterest board for your interior designer. Get ready to make your dream home a reality...


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What is a Pinterest board?

Interior design pinterest board inspiration

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Pinterest is an amazing online platform where you can create a virtual interior design mood board. Getting started is as simple as quickly creating a free account and then clicking away on pictures that you love.

The board you create is an incredible tool for your designer to gain an understanding of your personal style, favourite colour schemes, what furniture you love and what you may need out of your room. 

With Pinterest, you can browse through their infinite catalogue of images, or you can even upload your own! This means that if you've found something you absolutely love while scrolling through Instagram or even whilst visiting a friend's house, you can just grab a picture and upload it onto your Pinterest account. 


What should I include in my interior design Pinterest board?

how to create an interior design pinterest board

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

There are no rules to what you should and shouldn't add to your Pinterest board, the main thing is that you're adding images which you love; you can always let your designer know what you like about certain pictures, and perhaps what you dislike too!

Start searching for anything as broad as 'living room inspiration' to as specific as 'eclectic floor lamp'. Pin any and all images that you love, and then later you can go back and start removing any that doesn't fit within the theme. Then it's time to discover Pinterest's very smart feature, whereby scrolling to the bottom of your board, it will suggest similar images that you may also love and adore. 

Don't worry if you're still not sure where to get started, we asked our designers what they love to see on a Pinterest board, and here is what they said: 

Rooms that have the "look" you're going for

Green and neutral living room | Interior design inspiration

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Full-room images will probably end up taking up the majority of space on your Pinterest board, whether you enjoy the whole look of a room or just certain elements, there is no harm in pinning it. As you start the design process, you can discuss with your interior designer why you chose certain room pictures and what you love about them.

These pins give our designers an overall understanding of what your vision is, and also particular elements such as types of layouts you prefer, colours that you like pairing together and different types of furnishings you like.


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Colour schemes you love

Turquoise and pink living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Whether it's simply swatches of your favourite colours, images of rooms painted in a certain scheme, or furniture that you just love the shade of, pin it!

Can't decide between one colour theme or the other? Don't worry, you and your designer will talk about your space and how it's used and together you can pick and choose the perfect scheme for your home. 

Struggling to choose a room colour? Read our blog here on what to consider when choosing a room colour.


Furniture pieces you're considering

Gold bar cart in dark living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Your Pinterest board doesn't have to be completely made up of beautiful interiors, if you scroll upon a specific piece of furniture or have found something online which you have been pondering over, add it to that board! 

Having specific furniture pieces will help your designer understand the function of your room and your personal style. Plus, if you stumble across a furniture piece that you can't seem to source or is out of your budget, you bet our designers can find you something similar which you adore.

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Existing items you own

how to include existing furniture in new room designImage credit: My Bespoke Room

While taking a picture of something in your home might not look great on your board, having an image of furniture you already own and want to include in your design can be really useful.

Seeing that armchair you love or your favourite painting next to the rest of your inspiration pins can help you and your designer envision how it will fit in with the style of the space. 


How our designers use your Pinterest board

Interior design transformation

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Once you're matched with your designer, you will look through your Pinterest board together and talk through what you like about certain images. Our Head of Design, Lucy, explains what typically takes place when she and a client first review a Pinterest vision board...

Online interior designer"I often find that there are some photos that stick out as being random and out of place, and may ask why this picture has been chosen, normally, it's because there is a certain item or styling feature that the client really loves.

Together we will often fine-tune out your favourite photos, that best match the style and functionality of your room, also while taking out any that don't quite fit the design direction! 

I regularly come across couples that make mood boards together and there can be a contrast in style. The fun task for me is merging the two concepts together to make the perfect design that compliments everyone's individual taste".


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