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Jewel tones are a timeless trend in interiors, so your home will ALWAYS be in style

Rich jewel colours are a timeless interior trend: deeply embedded in historic homes and royal palaces, they have stood the test of time and are still hotter than ever in the world of interiors. It's not tricky to see why deep emeralds,  blues and lavish reds are still trending in the 21st century; they're bold colours that can be used as accents to add depth to a lighter, neutral room or as wall paint that packs a punch or large upholstered furniture for a real statement.

Despite jewel tones being extremely versatile within different colour schemes, they do need to be handled with care as too little can look lost or out of place and too much can be an assault on the senses. Don't let us scare you off, because jewel colours can transform a space and add a little bit of luxury to any interior, in any style. 

We have compiled our favourite jewel tones with loads of top tips weaved throughout this blog post. Keep scrolling to see how you can make this trend work for you and your style. 

Green with envy emerald


Image credit: Convoy Tumblr

With the rise of 'organic style' interiors, green is really having its moment in the spotlight and emerald tones are leading the pack. The colour is deep and luxurious whilst being soft and gentle, so it can be the main colour of the room or an accent. Not convinced? Maybe you will be when you hear it's a jack of all trades; some designers even refer to emerald green as a neutral because it's so versatile. It's hard to find a colour that emerald green doesn't complement. 

Marvellous mustard


Image credit: TrendUHome

Yellow is brilliant to bring a pop of colour to an interior as it's vivid and vibrant and is proven to improve your mood because it feels like sunshine! Mustard yellow is a more muted and deeper yellow shade so it's more lavish than the primary colour. Mustard works brilliantly as an accent in artwork, cushions and throws or as an occasional chair or even a velvet sofa. 


Royal purple


Image credit: Dear Designer

The common misconception is that red or gold are the colours of royalty, but purple is the shade of pure royal opulence. The colour adds drama and feminine elegance to your room - fancy a regal contrast? Pair with mustard yellow as these are opposites on the colour wheel. 

Indigo blue


Image credit: Home Lovr

Deep blues rose to fame in 2016 and 2017, often paired with a dusty pink or blush, and their popularity isn't waning. Much like emerald green, blue is complementary of so many other colours and therefore if you take the deep plunge into a navy statement, you aren't tied to a single colour scheme. 

Paint it red


Image credit: Yellow Trace

Deep ruby reds, whether they're more terracotta or berry toned, are the perfect pigment to add the ultimate feeling of luxury to your interior, whilst remaining warm and cosy. Either be daring with a red wall, or dip your foot in the water with red hues in a patterned rug or soft furnishings. 

Don't want your room to look super dark and dramatic? Add a ruby red velvet accent chair or artwork against a light and bright backdrop - think Snow White but more chic. 

Blue on blue


Image credit: Home Decor Ideas

We're leaving you with a 2019 super trend: blue on blue. The rule used to be to contrast your furniture against a wall colour otherwise it'll get lost in the background - throw that rule out the window and don't go searching for it. Deep blue upholstered furniture against a deep blue wall creates and understated WOW factor in your home. Basically, navy is amazing and it's hard to have too much of the deeply beautiful shade. 

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