Welcome to the second instalment from the fabulous team over at Rockett St George. In the last post they kindly gave us a tour of their unique homes. Here, they share their tips on how to nail that curated look they do so well.


Turn clutter into dazzling décor

Dark wall with green foot stall and gold decorImage Credit: My Bespoke Room

"At Rockett St George, we know how challenging it can be to turn your treasures into a striking style spot. So, if you have ever wondered how to eliminate clutter and turn it into dazzling décor, then this guide will be perfect for you.

We will show you how to display your trinkets, mementoes and beloved objects by transforming them into a curated look that stands out from the rest.

So without further ado, let us take you through the steps on how to achieve the fully curated look!


Refining your trinkets

Exposed brick wall with shelves and knick knacks

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Firstly, it’s important to declutter before starting to curate a display in your home. Start by going through your trinkets and ornaments and choose the ones that are most thought-provoking or have a marvellous meaning behind them.

Moreover, pieces that spark a memory are going to be seen as glorious adornments within your interior, wherever they are placed.

With this in mind, try to think about items you have collected over the years and which will really bring you joy when you enter a room. The next step is to make these lovely knick-knacks stand out in a way that looks curated and purposeful within your scheme.


How to make your décor look ‘curated’ rather than ‘cluttered’

white wall with painting, cactus plant and hanging decorationImage Credit: My Bespoke Room

Once you have refined your favourite pieces, it's time to put together a look that will transform your space. Below, we are going to go through our favourite ways that we love to bring effortless charm to any corner. 

We also love collecting mementoes from our travels that we can look back on for years to come. So, if you are an avid shopper and collector but you are wondering how to decorate with your travel souvenirs, we can show you how!

See below to discover fun ways to display travel souvenirs and how you can uniquely showcase your collectables within your home.


Cabinet of curiosities

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Image Credit: Rocket St George

A cabinet of curiosities is the perfect way to incorporate all of your gorgeous trinkets without adding clutter to your home.

Whether you have a wall hanging cabinet or a free-standing one, the shelves provide plenty of opportunity for display. On top of this, the same can be done for a wall of shelves in your home. 

For each shelf, imagine it as its own theme by starting to group together pieces that relate to one another or look stylish paired together. Additionally, this is a chance to express your personal style through the smaller pieces that you add.

This could include polaroid pictures, seashells from a holiday and quirky ornaments to name a few. This is a great way to showcase your mementoes collected from the world in one beautifully styled place.


Sumptuous sideboards

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Image credit: Rocket St George

When styling on a sideboard, this is a spot where you really want to create the wow factor. What is more, many factors can be explored to make your display stand out from the rest.

When curating a look on a sideboard, we first like to look at height. This means that if you have three main ornaments, having each piece at varying heights will really bring attention to every element of the display.

Next, we can start to look at colour and texture. To stand out from the rest, choose different tones, patterns and finishes for a daring display to adore. To ensure that your style spot still exudes an eclectic charm, try to match certain colours and textures, leaving your showpieces to really speak for themselves amongst your display.

This means that whilst being ultra quirky, your treasures will also seamlessly complement one another. Additionally, this is where you can also incorporate your collectables to add that one of a kind allure to your space.


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Wonderful walls

Living room with picture rail of prints

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Decorating with your treasures is definitely not limited to shelves, cabinets and sideboards. There is so much that you can do by using an empty wall in your office space, living area and more.

By mixing amazing art prints, striking ornaments and memories you hold dear, this is a brilliant way to curate a dazzling display that is meaningful to you. Above all, you can really get creative with the styling of your statement wall feature. 

For those who are wondering how to display your trinkets on the wall, we say go for it! Hanging boldly beautiful items amongst your artwork will really transform the feel of the display and help you to curate an eclectic look that is bursting with character. So don’t be afraid to have a play with unique pieces such as plates, mirrors, wall ornaments and chic collectables too.

Alternatively, why not stick a cluster of small treasures and keepsakes to a board to create your own framed art print?! This will help to bring together a fabulous feature wall that is totally unique to you, which we simply love!


How to display using collections

Cabinet full of cook books

Image credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Silva Design

If you have a multitude of pieces that you have compiled over the years and you are wondering how to decorate with collections, let us talk you through.

Whether you want to display an array of small trinkets, books or artefacts, we have some great tips on how to achieve this.


How to style

shelves with books and trinkets

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Firstly, you will want to refine your collection and choose which pieces are the show stoppers. For example, for a collection of glassware or chopping boards in the kitchen, which ones will you want to bring to the forefront of your display?

Alongside your showstoppers, you will want to balance this with additional designs that will fill the space on your shelf or sideboard. By styling a group of your collectables in one place, this allows you to create a stand out scheme of statement adornments. So what's not to love?!

If you are pairing various pieces from different collections, think about what could bring them together? Something as simple as colour can easily do this for your display. From a collection of killer heels to arts and crafts knick-knacks or even a selection of retro cameras too. 

Think about what defines these pieces and which ones you really want to show off in your home. This is where you can start using shelving, windowsills, cabinets or side tables to showcase your treasures in an ultra-unique way.

Wherever you choose to place these pieces, remember that you can be as creative as you like with this! Don't be afraid to really mix and match for an ultra eclectic look.

Check out our Styling Your Home mood boards on Pinterest for more inspiration on achieving that curated look & how to use creative display in your home."


Stay tuned for the next part of the series when we ask them all about achieving this look in a new home....


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