It's time to bring out the macrame wall hangings and woven baskets - because we're talking all about natural, boho interior design!

At My Bespoke Room, our clever designers can adapt to absolutely any style, but we do have to say there is just something about boho décor that has a complete hold on us.

If you're yearning to infuse your home with the tranquillity of nature and the laid-back vibes of boho living, you've come to the right place. And guess what? For just £395, we can sprinkle our magic dust on your space, turning it into a haven of comfort and style.

Get ready to feel just a little envious as we show off our favourite nature-inspired and boho rooms whilst giving you all the insider tips on how to nail the look!

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What is boho-style home décor?

boho style living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room.

It's all well and good telling you that your interior design style is boho and inspired by nature, but what does that actually mean?! And so, our pro designers have broken it down:

Bohemian décor: Stepping into a boho home is like entering a colourful kaleidoscope of carefree vibes; creating a space that feels effortlessly fabulous. Picture cosy textures, lush greenery and a mix of patterns that are as unique as you.

Natural interior design: Now it's all about bringing the outside in, where every room is made to feel like a piece of organic beauty. It's time to embrace earthy tones, natural materials, and touches of greenery, breathing life into your space.


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How to design a natural boho home

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Everything in proportion

boho style home decor

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

At My Bespoke Room, we've got a golden rule that's as essential as your morning coffee: the 70/30 rule. This concept helps you keep your room unified whilst not looking too matchy-matchy.

Now, don't get us wrong, we adore those earthy boho vibes, but in the world of interior design, balance is key. That's where our rule comes in handy.

We say, let the natural and bohemian styles dominate about 70% of your space, leaving that sweet 30% for a sprinkle of any other décor and styles you love.

By sticking to this rule as a rough guide, you can take your home to the next level, creating a totally unique space.


Colour schemes inspired by nature

cozy boho bedroom

Image credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Silva Design. Shop the look here.

When choosing colours to match your boho-style interior, look out for natural and earthy schemes that Mother Nature herself would give two thumbs up to!

Think warm neutral shades such as off-whites, warm browns, soft greens and burnt oranges - all of which evoke a sense of calm, making your home feel like a peaceful forest retreat.

The benefit of having nature-inspired shades is that they pair beautifully with natural materials such as wood, stone and rattan, making your bohemian room look effortlessly cohesive.


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Furniture choices and layouts

boho room inspiration

Image credit: My Bespoke Room.

When it comes to snagging furniture for your boho room, look for pieces that speak to your free-spirited soul: think reclaimed wood tables, plush cushions in earthy hues, and maybe even a funky rattan chair or two.

Boho interiors are all about throwing the rule book out of the window and embracing a more eclectic approach to layouts.

Forget straight and angles, are think more feng shui, after all, nothing in nature is beautifully aligned with a ruler.

Think about how you use the space over what looks best and try to create an open and airy feel to truly bring the outdoors in.


Complimenting styles with your natural, boho room


Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

As we said earlier the 70/30 rule really is our go-to when designing any space, so if you're looking for some style inspiration to match the rest of your boho home, we have some suggestions.

Mid-Century Modern: This style brings the groove of the '60s with sleek lines, organic shapes, and a love affair with natural materials. This splash of retro flair will blend in seamlessly with your boho home.

Eclectic: Eclectic design dives into the art of mix and match, where every piece tells a story and no two corners are the same. It's a joyful jumble of styles, textures, and patterns that perfectly suit a natural boho room.

Rustic: Rustic design is all about seeing beauty within imperfections and celebrating the raw beauty of natural materials like wood, stone, and leather. It complements boho and natural interiors by adding warmth, texture, and a sense of rustic charm.

Scandinavian: You may have heard of the term "scandi-boho" and that's because these two styles really do go hand in hand. The clean lines and neutral tones of scandi style design provide a sleek backdrop for the more vibrant elements of boho décor. The minimalist features and cosy textures create the perfect warm and homely feel.


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Mistakes to avoid with boho interiors


Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Disregarding your comfort: While aesthetics are super important with boho-style rooms, it's crucial to not take your comfort for granted. Make sure you check that rattan chair is as comfy as it is beautiful, otherwise, it will end up being a waste of space.

Ignoring scale: One prevalent blunder in boho interior design is overlooking the importance of scale. It's crucial to carefully consider the size of furniture and décor elements relative to the space. Oversized items may overpower the room's cosy vibe, while undersized pieces can get lost in the mix.

Skipping out on greenery: Plants are a fundamental element of nature-inspired and boho interiors, adding life, freshness, and a connection to the outdoors. Avoid neglecting greenery in your design, as it not only enhances aesthetics but also improves air quality and promotes well-being.

How our designers create natural and boho-style homes

Our designers love creating boho interiors as there is nothing better than taking inspiration from nature. Check out some of their previous designs to get inspired and start designing your boho style room.

Natural living room ideasnatural living room ideas

Image credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Silva Design

This natural living room fully embodies the outdoors, everything from the eclectic wallpaper to the woven rug just screams boho.

Creating comfort and cosy vibes in a boho style lounge is essential, by layering soft furnishings of varying patterns and textures, you create a warm and welcoming environment.

With lush greenery sprinkled about and a palette straight from Mother Nature's own canvas, this sitting room feels more like an outdoor retreat.

And for that extra touch of rustic charm, slat wall panelling is your boho bestie—bringing that earthy, outdoorsy vibe right into your cosy abode.


living room ideas nature

Image credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Silva Design


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Natural bathroom design ideas

natural bathroom design ideasImage credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

When it comes to nature-inspired design, green is our go-to hue—it's not just trendy, it's a breath of fresh air in any space.

The green subway tiles in this boho bathroom are just completely perfect, as every single one is slightly different creating a really natural feel and totally unique look.

Botanical artwork, indoor plants and terrazzo floor tiles all make this bathroom feel more natural and like you're stepping into an outdoor tropical shower.

And, looping back around to that 70/30 rule we balanced out that natural goodness with a touch of modern elegance. The gold finishes create a luxurious feeling while the vertically stacked tiles create a modern look because even in the wild,  a bit of sophistication never hurt nobody!


natural bathroom before and after

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

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Natural wood kitchensgreen natural kitchen

Image credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Silva Design.

This boho kitchen is an absolute palace of ply which is effortlessly complimented by deep green cabinets - another homage to Mother Nature herself!

The open plan shelving adds to the natural kitchen as the walls are adorned with house plants, mason jars and beautiful natural décor, crafting a relaxed and casual vibe.

The raw plywood paired with contemporary white tiles creates a dynamic space with varying textures, adding to its earthy charm.

Don't forget those finishing touches! Handcrafted décor like ceramic vases and woven baskets will truly bring your boho kitchen to life.


natural wood kitchen

Image credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Silva Design.

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Cosy, natural bedrooms

boho sage green bedroom

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Surprise, surprise here's the green wall paint again! And did you know that green shades are perfect for boho bedrooms? They're known to have a super calming effect that is perfect for sending you into a peaceful sleep.

Cosy boho bedrooms are all about tapestry throws and layered pillows, making you just want to dive into bed.

Boho style bedrooms are the perfect opportunity to throw in those natural elements. Turn that woven basket into a laundry bin! Or if you're lucky enough to have some extra room, a rattan room divider is the perfect option to fill the space.

To finish off your natural bedroom, make sure to include warm ambient lighting - pendant lights, lanterns or even a Himalayan salt lamp are perfect to compliment your boho bedroom décor.


bohemian bedroom decor ideas

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

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