Introducing DIY Alcove Cabinets. They create alcove cabinets (shocker!) and wardrobes 'supplied as a kit for you to fit.' So basically, they do the tricky bit (building the shelves and cabinets to exact dimensions) and then just send it across to you in a simple, flat pack package. You can then fit this yourself, or alternatively, hire a handyman to do the final leg. 

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That's right! Beautiful bespoke cabinetry without the bespoke price tag. We love how DIY Alcove Cabinets work and feel like there is a real synergy between our brand and their business, so we thought it was in everyone's best interests to ask them a bit more about themselves, and share that with you guys right here, right now...

built in alcove cupboards

Image credit: DIY Alcove Cabinets

A Q&A with DIY Alcove Cabinets

1. What was the inspiration behind DIY Alcove Cabinets and how and when did it all begin?

DIY Alcove Cabinets was established in 2013 after John Graham, Managing Director of a joinery company spotted a gap in the market for a more accessible and affordable fitted furniture option.

By harnessing the power of the internet and offering a 'supply only' alternative, DIY Alcove Cabinets could offer customers traditional bespoke cabinetry but without the bespoke price. Prices start from just £390 for a full alcove dresser with soft close doors and height adjustable shelves.

Alcove cabinets and wardrobes are supplied in flat pack format as a 'kit for the customer to fit'. Costs are kept down as there is no site visit, and the fitting and painting is done by the end customer or their carpenter. 


2. What is your most popular type of order? 

We offer a full range of alcove cabinet and wardrobe styles, including traditional and contemporary, however, our most popular has to be the traditional style alcove cabinet. We have seen a definite trend in homeowners embracing the original features of their period properties. Utilising the recess either side of a fireplace not only creates valuable storage space but ultimately adds value to the property. 


built in alcove cupboards

Image credit: DIY Alcove Cabinets

3. Do you do bespoke furniture other than alcove furniture? 

Yes, in addition to fitted alcove cabinets and wardrobes we offer made to measure free-standing bookcases and wardrobes, floating shelves and cabinet doors.

4. What is the online process to get the bespoke furniture? 

Using our simple online design and price calculator tool, customers create their own alcove cabinets or wardrobes by ticking the style of doors they want, shelves, handles and other variations to generate an instant online quote.

We also ask them to upload measurements and an image of where the wardrobes or alcove cabinets will go. 

We then give the customer a call to finalise their order. Nothing goes into production until we are both 100% happy. Once the order is confirmed, we deliver the furniture within approximately 4 weeks. 

5. How do you know your bespoke furniture will fit? 

Our online enquiry form requests all the relevant measurements required to create a customers' bespoke alcove cabinet or wardrobes.

The measurements we ask for do not have to be mm perfect, we have built in a 20 mm tolerance within the cabinet construction to allow for measurement variations and the 'wonky' walls often seen in both period and modern properties. 


living room built in alcove cupboards

Image credit: DIY Alcove Cabinets

6. Can your bespoke cabinets be painted? 

Yes, we can supply the cabinets or wardrobes primed but the final top coat needs to be applied by the customer after installation. We recommend a good quality branded paint. 

7. Where do you deliver?


8. Are the cabinets difficult to install? 

You don't have to be a DIY expert to install our cabinets or wardrobes, installation is simple. Our flat pack 'alcove cabinet kits' have everything needed, including pre-cut, pre-drilled cabinet components, a parts box which contains hardware such as screws, hinges, door knobs, shelf pegs and assembly fittings and not forgetting step by step, easy to read instructions. 


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