Everyone loves a gallery wall right?! That's why we took a trip to meet Abstract House, UK based design studio specialising in gorgeous art that suits any budget and style. Check out the short films we made of our visit, packed with tips on collecting and displaying art in your home:


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With the popularity of art prints on the rise, displaying artwork in our homes as an expression of your personality is made even easier with gallery walls.

A timeless way of displaying art in your home, the gallery wall is the choice of many of those wishing to spruce up their interiors. Collect your favourite artwork and photographs together on one wall to give your room some wow-factor.


Image credit: Abstract House


Different styles and subject matter collided, but salon walls quickly became the height of fashion and entertainment. A truly grand sight, the arrangement gained popularity with collectors, art lovers and galleries. A salon even launched the Louvre’s international reputation in the art world.


Image credit: Abstract House. Artwork: Floral Watercolour Gallery Wall Art

Today, in a mix of traditional and contemporary art trends, the gallery wall remains one of the most desirable aspects of interior design. But this home exhibition has a very special theme: you.


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Image credit: Abstract House. 


A gallery wall is the simplest way to overhaul your room, no matter your budget or space. They’re fun, striking and stylish - and there are endless options to make sure your gallery wall is the perfect mirror of your personality.

It’s all about self-expression. With a gallery wall you can not only tie your room together, but inject your own character into the décor.


Image credit: Abstract House. Artwork: Black And White In The City Gallery Wall Art


Be bold. Experiment with a range of artwork - from line drawings to typography, photography, fine art prints, pop art and more - and fall in love with the eclectic mix of styles.

Bring it all together with pops of colour. Picking out certain colours from your decor 

As well as mixing and matching the art itself, the same can be said of frames and sizing. Consider trying out different coloured frames within one gallery wall and always feature art of many different sizes.

Art has a positive impact on our wellbeing, stirring a range of emotions and providing us with a source of inspiration and happiness. Your gallery wall should be like taking a short journey through your thoughts and feelings. Ideally it will make you smile, calm you after a hectic day, or spark your imagination - whatever you desire.


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Curating Your Gallery Wall

The best thing about gallery walls is their ability to make an impact in any space. They’re incredibly adaptable to exactly what you need. From huge gallery walls covering your stairway, to smaller ones to inspire you in an intimate study space; the possibilities really are endless.

Let’s talk about layouts, so you can get started with the important bit: expressing yourself and turning your house into a home.


Image credit: Abstract House.


Adding A Gallery Wall To A Small Space

If you have a bare wall in the corner of your kitchen or entrance hallway, adding a gallery wall can still create a big impact.

Simply selecting a choice of two or three artworks in different frame sizes, including figurative watercolours, abstracts and typography, you can instantly add depth to your space.


Image credit: Abstract House. Artwork: Serenity Gallery Wall Art


Looking For Something Larger?

If you have a larger space and can accommodate up to ten frames, you will have a greater choice of gallery wall layouts to choose from.

Displaying multiple coordinating framed prints in different sizes is a great way to create an eye-catching gallery wall. This abstract gallery wall is one of our customer favourites as the blue colour palette fits well in any space.


Image credit: Abstract House. Artwork: Blue Landscape Gallery Wall Art Set


Similarly, with this monochrome gallery wall, you can blend different styles together by choosing one or two dominant colours for your pictures and by also selecting the same frame colour. 


Image credit: Abstract House. Artwork: Black & White Curves Gallery Wall Art



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Expansive Gallery Walls Of Dreams

If space has no limitations for you, take a leap and create an Instagram-worthy gallery wall that’ll be sure to make heads turn. Whether you are looking to create the ultimate gallery wall on your stairway or landing, or want to add a unique gallery wall above your sofa, this frame layout really gives you the best choice with the choice of adding 22 different pictures as a true reflection of your personality. 


Image credit: Abstract House. Product: Black Wooden Frame Gallery Wall, Set Of 22.


About Abstract House

Abstract House was founded in 2017 to bring you handmade, affordable art and picture frames without compromising on quality. With zero plastic used throughout our production process and in our packaging, we’re proud to champion sustainability in manufacturing. By using real glass fronts in our picture frames, FSC certified fine art paper and solid wood moulding, we have become a haven for art lovers and home renovators alike.


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Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Lucy Henderson, Head of Design at My Bespoke Room meets Summer Obaid, Director of Abstract House.



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