The halls in our homes can often become forgotten about, but they are a room in themselves! Whether you have a small or large hallway space, everyone deserves a wow-entrance.

Seeing as your home's entranceway is the first impression that guests have of your home, we understand there is a lot of pressure when trying to create the ultimate warm and welcoming hallway. That's why we have collected our designer's top tips to craft a complete guide to decorating your hallway.

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Hallway storage ideas

Bespoke hallway storage with built in understairs nook

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Our number one top tip when it comes to hallway decor ideas is to maximise your storage. This is because the halls in your home are usually limited on space and without ample amounts of storage, you will often end up with a hallway which feels cluttered and smaller than it is.

To optimise your hallway storage, we always recommend multifunctional furniture that can look visually appealing while still having a use. For example, a hallway shoe bench can be a great spot to sit while you put on your shoes while also offering roomy storage beneath.


Hallway shoe bench

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

There are so many options when it comes to executing a hallway bench, one affordable way to add one into your hall is flipping an Ikea Kallax unit on its side like in the image above!

If you have an empty spot at the end of your hall, an easy and fantastic way to fill it is with a statement hallway table. Not only will the piece add character and style to the space, but it can also be used to store keys, accessories or anything else you need in your entranceway!

To find out more about how you can maximise your hallway storage, check out our dedicated blog here.


How to light your hallway

Hallway lighting

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Lighting is the key to creating a warm and welcoming entranceway and it can make all the difference by creating a relaxing atmosphere and highlighting the beauty of your space.

Our best piece of advice when it comes to hallway lighting ideas is to always layer your lighting. This is a tip you will hear us say over and over, but that's because it really does make a difference! By using a combination of floor and table lamps, as well as ceiling fixtures, you can create a well-balanced and inviting hallway that is ready for any lighting occasion. 

There's always space to have fun with lighting, and that still applies to entranceways. Don't go with the safe, or perhaps boring choice, and instead choose a hallway lighting fixture that is bold and beautiful, it's bound to catch the eyes of all who enter. 

Discover more about how lighting can transform your home by reading our expert guide on how to light your home all year round.


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Choosing your hallway flooring

Wooden hallway flooring

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

There are so many stunning flooring options out there for hallways nowadays, and we couldn't possibly highlight them all. Instead, our tip for this is to just choose flooring which you love and believe will be practical, the most important thing is that it suits your style and vision.

Still looking for some inspiration? Here's our favourite hallway flooring ideas...


Staircase runners

Hallway stair runnerImage credit: My Bespoke Room

Perfectly suited for period properties, this stair runner adds so much character to your hallway while also protecting your staircase from wear and tear. 

The contrast of a stair carpet against a wooden floor creates a warm and comforting feel as well as having the benefit of limiting the noise of everyone stomping up and down the stairs!


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Beautiful wooden flooring

Hallway wooden flooring

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Wooden flooring is always a popular choice in hallways and we don't blame them! Not only does it have the added benefit of being easy to clean, but this stunning and classic look always makes an entranceway feel instantly welcoming.

Depending on your budget, you could splash out on some beautiful solid oak floor or opt for some equally beautiful but budget friendly vinyl. Another great flooring idea is to stick with your old flooring but give it a fresh lick of paint which can craft an eye-catching look.


Wooden parquet flooring

Wooden parquet flooring in hallway

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Another traditional but striking hallway floor idea is wooden parquet flooring, this touch of nature in your home creates a fresh and open feel. Go a step further by continuing the flooring throughout the house to create a flow from room to room. 


Hallway tiling

Tiles are a fantastic choice to inject a dash of personality into your hallway. You can opt for the timeless elegance of a traditional Victorian black and white pattern, exuding a classic charm that welcomes guests with a touch of nostalgia. Or alternatively, you can get creative with bright tiles and intricate patterns. 

Not only do tiles offer a world of design possibilities, but they also share the practical benefits of wooden floors. Cleaning is a breeze – a quick sweep or mop, and your hallway will gleam like new.


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Colour schemes for your hallway

Hallway half painted wall

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

You can have so much fun when painting and decorating your hallway, at My Bespoke Room, we are true believers that you should go bold with small spaces as it's always a delightful surprise when anyone walks through the door. Don't be afraid to stick to muted tones and unleash your inner creativity.

Our top hallway colours to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere are soothing greens, earthy neutrals with pops of bold colour and warm shades of red or gold. However, there is no issue with sticking with warm beige or off-whites as you can always add more colour with your furniture, decor or flooring. 

Using wallpaper in your hallway is another way to go bold, try placing wallpaper along half your wall and pairing it with a more neutral colour that accents the design.

Need a little extra help choosing a hallway colour? Check out our Hallway paint colour ideas blog here.


Decor for your hall

Decor for hallways

Image credit: My Bespoke Room 

Your hallway deserves attention and care, despite its narrow dimensions; every space, no matter how small, can benefit from thoughtful decoration.

To successfully decorate your hallway, pick furniture and decor pieces which fit the rest of your colour scheme. For example, if your hallway is painted green, pick an art piece which features a similar green shade, or if you have classic wooden floors, pick some beautiful oak furniture to match.

Want to make your hallway feel bigger and lighter? Try hanging a mirror which will help to bounce around the light through the space and it's also perfect for having a quick hair check before you leave the house!

House plants are also fantastic for the hallway, they add a burst of colour as well as oxygenating the air creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Plus, if you want to give guests the real wow factor, try placing a beautiful bunch of flowers that complement your colour scheme to create a lavish entrance.


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