Planning a renovation or extension? Our layout consultancy service is designed to bridge the gap between your architect's plans and a beautiful, functional interior space that works perfectly for you.


The design consultancy service we offer at My Bespoke Room is for those who are planning an extension. You might have planning drawings, but perhaps haven’t explored the internal layout of the space and how to make it work for you and your family.

The consultancy costs just £195 for four hours and any additional hours on top are £65.


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The benefits of our consultancy service

how design consultancy works

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By really planning your space with a designer in the early stages of a build, it can prevent you from making costly mistakes along the way.

Our highly experienced designers can help you answer that cascade of questions at the beginning of a build and help you make decisions on flooring, radiator positions and really make sure you are armed to brief their builder on what needs doing.


Multifunctional spaces

Our designers love the challenge of making the most of every square inch of space! They might be able to squeeze in a hidden home office or a little reading nook when you hadn't considered it possible!



Natural light is essential to the success of a space but it's expensive to add or remove windows later. Interior Designers are well-trained at making the most of the light available by considering the orientation of your home. Certain room functions are better suited for different qualities of light so your designer may suggest a drastic layout change to maximise the potential of your home.


Open plan zoning

Open plan extensions are incredibly popular for a reason, but once they're built, the vast open space can be intimidating and hard to get right! Open plan spaces need clever zoning tricks to make each function clear and purposeful. Your designer will keep this in mind and suggest updates to your plan to create your dream open plan living space.



Storage is so underrated but is essential in day to day life and to keep your beautiful new space looking clean and uncluttered! Your designer will make sure that they incorporate any clever storage requirements such as hidden storage for toys, or display storage for anything you want to display.


Circulation space

It's hard to see from an architect's floor plan how a room will feel once the furniture is in. Your designer will be able to suggest a layout that gives you enough space for the furniture you need without creating a cramped space with no room to move.


Artificial lighting

Lighting can be really tricky to get right in a space and it’s so important to make sure your lighting is planned in the early stages of the build. You need to ensure you’ve got sockets in the right place for lamps, your dining pendant light hangs centrally over your dining table and your designer will help you ensure that you’ve got layered lighting within a scheme as well.


What to expect from the consultancy

Open plan space planning

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We start the design consultancy by really getting to know you. So we get to know your style, but more importantly how you wish to use the space as well so we can make sure we’ve incorporated your needs into the layout.

After your initial consultation, your designer will go away and explore all various different layouts for your space, all of course which are feasible and they may even explore layouts that you’ve never thought of before.

At the end of your design consultancy, you’ll have a layout you’re really happy with. You’ll also have had lots of amazing advice from your designer so you’re armed to get started on your project and turn that design into a reality.


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