Our interior designers are passionate about beautiful home furnishings but what really excites them is finding new and creative multipurpose furniture ideas that solve problems for our customers. After all, furniture should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and in recent years we are seeing some ingenious space-saving furniture designed to make your home work better for you. 

In this blog, we will be featuring multifunctional products that fulfil many everyday household needs; from modern sofas to unique storage solutions, we have something for everyone. 


Space saving furniture for your hallway

If you are tired of falling over trainers and raincoats when you walk through your front door, then look at this clever peg board from Naken. Not only is it minimalist and sleek, but it’s also flexible as the pegs can be moved around for whatever functions you need. Whether it be hanging coats, placing keys or even putting some small decorative houseplants.

Hallway with coat peg board.

Image credit: My Bespoke Room


Whether you are a fashionista needing to touch up your hair or someone who is always in a rush and needs to check you don’t have food in your teeth before you run out the door - we all need a mirror in our hallway. However, mirrors often come second to hooks and storage so we love IKEA’s Lindbyn mirror with storage built in. This multifunctional product is perfect for hallways, dressing tables and even bathrooms. Perfect for storing away a hairbrush or hair bands, hanging jackets and even your car keys as you walk in.

Multifunctional mirror with storage

Image credit: IKEA


Both men and women are equally guilty of owning many pairs of shoes but never having anywhere to put them. John Lewis have come to our rescue with the Restoration Shoe Rack and Bench. This multifunctional product acts as a bench seat for you to easily pop on your shoes and it’s built with enough storage to easily house 8 pairs of shoes!  Now that's the kind of compact furniture we all need in our lives!


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Multifunctional living room furniture

Want to have guests over but don’t have enough seats for everyone? Then you need a nesting stool set! 

The talented team over at Sofa.com have created the Woody Coffee Table. This multifunctional living room table features three stools that are ingeniously hidden under a stylish and contemporary, circular coffee table. 

The stylish furniture designers over at Danetti have also not missed this trick with their sleek and glamorous Thea Black Round Champagne Coffee Table Pouffe. Rest your cocktails and crunchy Wotsits on the top and simply pull out the pouffe underneath so your guests can rest easy. 


Multifunctional coffee table with stool

Image credit: Danetti


Need more clever furniture for small spaces? Look no further than the Olivia's Ayla Floor Lamp that doubles as a side table! This ingenious multifunctional table is a convenient height for drinks and nibbles but the attached warm lamp also provides cosy, low-level lighting - perfect for movie nights snuggled on the sofa.

 Dual function table and lamp

Image credit: Olivias

Compact bedroom furniture

It shouldn’t be news to any of us that space-saving bedroom furniture often comes in the form of ottomans. However, have you seen Loaf’s bed in a bun? This squishy footstool comes in over 100 fab fabrics and has a handy sofa bed built inside! Perfect if you don’t have a spare bedroom or want to add to your kid's bedroom for when they have sleepovers. 


Compact sofa bed and ottoman

Image credit: Loaf


If you need a multifunctional bed to help you store everything you need in your bedroom then the IKEA, Brimnes bedframe is for you! It has so much storage, from the integrated storage in the headboard to the 4 large drawers built into the bed, perfect for storing all your big bedcovers. 


Multifunctional desk and office furniture

Many of us are working from home more regularly but don’t have the room to create a workspace that isn’t crammed onto our dining room table. Don't worry the following multipurpose furniture products have answered your prayers! 

This foldaway wall desk by lpdfunriture creates the perfect makeshift workspace that you can lock away when you cannot look at your inbox for another second. 

Portrait (8)

Image credit: LPDFurniture

Similarly, there are many fold-away desk solutions that moonlight as stylish shelves. Here is one example we found on Etsy by Eylemsmart that can go from a shelf to a dining table come workspace! 


Multifunctional kid's bedroom furniture 

We love children's bedroom solutions! Our co-founder Diana is a big fan of multipurpose kids' furniture after purchasing a bunk bed with a built-in desk for her son. It’s the perfect space saving piece that’s got the practical desk for cracking on with homework but also the fun and quirky element that a bunk bed must have. 


Children's multipurpose desk and bed with storage

Image credit: My Bespoke Room


If your little one loves to have slumber parties and sleepovers then it may be a great investment to purchase a Stackable children's bed’s from IKEA. They’re easy to separate and when they are stacked it looks clean without feeling clunky like a lot of dual-function furniture can be. 


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