Hey there modern lovers, monochrome connoisseurs, and minimalist enthusiasts (phew, that was a mouthful!)—welcome to the cool and contemporary corner of design.

Our professional and oh-so-smart designers can perfect any desired style, but we are well-versed in crafting dreamy minimalist spaces, and boy, do we have some tricks up our sleeves! 

For just £395, we've worked our magic on countless homes, turning them into sleek and stylish sanctuaries.

But enough chit-chat, let's dive into the good stuff—the swoon-worthy inspo that'll satisfy all your modern, minimalist needs. 

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What is modern, monochrome minimalism?

monochrome minimalist bedroom design

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

All of these styles intertwine to create one mega (and beautiful) theme, so let's break it down into the 3 elements as there is just so much interior goodness that can be included in this category.

Modern design: Blending sleek lines, minimalist vibes, and a splash of contemporary flair, it's all about embracing simplicity mixing clean aesthetics with a touch of personality. Think bold statements, fun shapes, and spaces that feel effortlessly chic.

Monochrome interiors: Now we're talking colour schemes, by playing with shades of black, white, and grey you create a timeless and captivating space. This style celebrates the power of simplicity where every shade is dancing in unison.

Minimalist homes: With this aspect, less is truly more with clean lines, neutral colours, and furniture chosen with a purpose - every item has to spark joy! Minimalism is where clean aesthetics reign supreme and clutter goes to die (or at least finds a more organised home). 


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How to pull the style off

Wondering how our interior designers create dream rooms on the daily?! See how we can transform your space in just 3 weeks...


The 70/30 rule

minimalist black and white living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Our designers swear by the 70/30 rule when it comes to transforming your home.

Sure, every style has its charm, but too much of one thing? Well, it can make your space feel like it's stuck in a style rut!

That's where the magic of mixing and matching comes in. We recommend letting modern, monochrome, minimalist vibes dominate about 70% of your space, while the remaining 30% is your playground to sprinkle in a dash of whatever tickles your fancy.

This is what will make your home stand out from all those Instagram homes. It's the recipe for a fabulously diverse and delightfully unique home!


Nailing the colour scheme

minimalist lounge room ideas

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

When it comes to monochrome, it may feel like pulling off the correct colour scheme is pretty self-explanatory, but we've got a few tricks up our sleeves to turn your home into a cosy haven instead of a scene from an old black-and-white movie.

Warm off-whites will be your best friend as they add to the cohesive monochrome look whilst infusing comfort throughout the space.

Even though the basis of your colour scheme will be black, grey and white, don't forget that 70/30 rule! Sprinkle in bursts of colour with artwork, soft furnishings or house plants.


Furniture choices and layouts

minimalist design for living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

When it comes to the minimalist aspect, it's all about thinking about quality and lifetime value - choose pieces that you truly love and that are of great quality, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Modern home décor is all about clean lines, simple design and sustainable materials. Search for contemporary pieces that are not just beautiful, but functional too - bonus points for multifunctional pieces that double up as storage or extra seats! 

Now, let's talk layout. It's all about creating a harmonious flow through the space - start by decluttering - less is definitely more in this game. Embrace negative space and let your furniture breathe.

Consider a statement piece like a bold black coffee table as your focal point, then build around it with minimalist accents. And don't forget the power of symmetry - balance is key to nailing that modern, monochrome, minimalist vibe. 


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Complimenting styles with your modern home

minimalist kitchen design

contempory, minimalist kitchenImage credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Living in a modern minimalist house is like hitting the reset button on your living space, offering a sleek and stylish canvas to play with. Our designers adore mixing in a few extra styles to sprinkle some personality into the mix. Here are a few favourites they can't get enough of:

ScandinavianKnown for its simplicity, functionality, and light colour palette, Scandinavian design aligns well with a modern, minimal, monochrome aesthetic. It emphasises clean lines, natural materials, and a snug atmosphere that's as inviting as a Nordic cabin in winter.

Industrial: Picture gritty urban landscapes softened by chic design elements—exposed brick, metal fixtures, and concrete floors—that scream "cool" without even trying.  When paired with a monochrome colour scheme and minimalist furnishings, it creates a contemporary and edgy look.

Mid-century: With its clean lines, organic shapes, and timeless appeal, mid-century modern design pairs seamlessly with a monochrome aesthetic. Incorporating iconic mid-century furniture pieces adds a dash of vintage flair that's sure to turn heads and spark conversation.


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Avoiding design no no'smodern minimalist living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Clinically matching: As we've hinted at once or twice (or maybe a tad more), our designers swear by the 70/30 rule to keep rooms lively and dynamic, steering clear of that "same old, same old" vibe.

Ignoring texture and patterns: Texture adds depth and visual interest to a monochrome space. Smooth surfaces are so last season - spice things up with a mix of textures like wood, metal, or textiles to create more dimension.

Neglecting lighting: Monochrome spaces can become dominated by shadows.  Lighting is key, my friend. Let the sunshine in and sprinkle some artificial glow to strike that perfect balance between brightness and mood. It's like giving your room its own little spotlight – let it shine, baby! 


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How our designers create modern, minimalist spaces

Our professional designers are no strangers to the modern, monochromatic and minimalist look, so if you're looking for an extra splash of inspiration, check out more of their innovative designs...

Minimalist bedroom designs

minimalist bedroom decor

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

One of our designers crafted this monochrome bedroom while stilly cleverly creating a cosy feel. The layering of plush cushions and a luxuriously large rug make the cool colours feel instantly warmer.

Low level lighting is also a winner in minimalist bedroom designs as it's essential for creating that relaxing feel that helps you wind down at night. 

Symmetry reigns supreme here, adding that extra touch of cohesion and minimalist flair. And we couldn't resist spicing things up with a sprinkle of natural elements—hello, houseplants and boho wall art! It's all about striking that perfect balance while sticking to the 70/30 rule.


minimalist bedroom decor

Image credit: My Bespoke Room.

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Minimalist black and white living room

minimalist lounge room ideasImage credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

This monochrome living room is blessed with beaming natural light that floods the space with a bright and airy feel.

While our designers opted for pristine white walls to amplify the brightness, they sprinkled in dark feature walls to create contrast and a cosier feel. 

The dark painted chimney breast steals the show crafting a perfect focal point in this minimalist black and white living room while the monochrome sofa breaks up the large space.

And let's not forget our green companions—lush houseplants add a refreshing pop to the monochromatic palette, while abstract patterns in artwork and soft furnishings add to the minimalist magic.


minimalist black and white living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Modern, monochrome kitchens

monochrome, modern kitchen designs

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

One thing we all undeniably think about when imagining our dream home is a sleek, modern kitchen and our designers are no strangers to these minimalist kitchen wonders.

To create such a swoon-worthy kitchen design, think about sleek cabinets with no handles and storage galore to keep your countertops fresh and clean.

Points of interest can be added through textures and shapes, such as the mosaic tiles and mid-century-inspired chairs in the modern kitchen design above.

Minimal décor, by the likes of artwork, succulents and pottery, have given this space such an understated character whilst maintaining a clear-cut monochromatic look.


monochrome kitchen with botanical accents

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

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A stylish monochrome bathroom

monochrome bathroom

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Minimalist bathrooms just create that spa-like feel where you feel like you're stepping into complete luxury.

Our designers achieved the modern, monochrome look in this bathroom with their tribute to terrazzo. These tiles, although simple in colour, add rough texture to the ensuite creating a stunningly interesting space.

We always go for sleek minimalist fixtures in modern bathrooms such as these matt black taps and shower heads which bring that extra oomph against the pristine white backdrop.

And once again, lighting has a major impact on the space with soft, diffused lighting fixtures mounted to the walls to create a warm and inviting ambience.


classic monochrome bathroom

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

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