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A complete guide to indoor planting

We've been known to talk about the benefits of and our love for indoor planting once or twice before, but just incase you've missed our fanatical declarations about all things green and leafy then we're thankful that you've stumbled across this blog post.

Indoor greenery is a great way to add life to any lifeless corner, enhance your decor and quite frankly, just look really, really good. On top of being easy on the eyes, plants can be super useful too.

They spend their day purifying the air, helping you focus, improving your mood, sending out calming vibes and aids a fabulous night's sleep. Out of all home decor, they're probably the most willing to help out around the house. 

We think every home should have at least one plant. So, whether your home is starting to look less residential and more like a greenhouse or whether you're new to the plant game, we've pulled together this handy guide of greenery that's bound to give you some top tips and heaps of inspiration. 


Faux vs Real: the age old argument 


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There are pros and cons to both types of plants, but we're not strongly against either. Faux/artificial plants are low maintenance and can look super realistic, whilst real plants are, well, the real deal and provide oodles of health benefits, but they can be a bit needy sometimes. 

To create that luscious green effect with minimal maintenance we recommending choosing a combination of the two. Layering faux and real will deceive even the nosiest of neighbours.


Reasons to fake it 


Image credit: Just like playing house 

No water? No problem. If you're known to forget to water your greenery for 3 months straight and only remembering when you notice your peace lily drooping and palm browning - then going on and drowning the poor plants trying to make up for lost time then artificial plants might be your saviour. 

Artificial plants are also a fab solution for anyone that travels a lot or doesn't get much natural sunlight in their home. 

However, they will need to be dusted now and again so you can't completely forget about them. 


Opting for the real deal 


Image credit: Becki Owens

Taking on the responsibility of real plants can be well worth it and not only for the beautiful look. You will get a sense of achievement once you fully master your plant care schedule! Honestly, for some it's as rewarding as looking after a pet. A pet that doesn't constantly steal your clean washing from the basket or scratch your furniture.

Also, plants are great for your wellbeing. Some plants in particular are fantastic for purifying the air, improving your mood, aiding your focus and helping you drift into the land of nod at nighttime. Plus, they can make you feel proper zen. 

Passionate about cooking and using fresh produce? Well, it can't get any fresher than being grown in your own kitchen or garden. Why not give growing your own herbs or fruit a go?

Small spaces: succulents & cacti

Image credit: Becki Owens 

Succulents and cacti, otherwise known as small plant solutions for your smallest corner. No matter how small your space, a simple potted succulent or cactus will sit happily and add that desired pop of green. 

We all run out of floor and surface space pretty quick, but don't fret, you don't need to forgo plants! Just take it to the walls. Whether you place plants on a shelf or in a wall planter, we promise it'll make all the difference.

Don't like the wild and growing maybe slightly out of control look? Keep it contained. Terrariums aren’t just insanely Instagrammable but are a great way to be creative when adding pops of green. They make really makes a statement without taking up much space.

Top tip: Succulents and cacti come in so many shapes, sizes and textures so you can really have fun with your plant style. Create plenty of visual interest by layering different types.


Go home & go big 


Image credit: Harlowe James 

Don’t be afraid to upscale your plants to small trees and big leaves. By adding height, depth and texture to your indoor planting you create instant impact.

These lovely large and leafy plants aren't limited to the more modern Scandi style rooms either. If your taste is a little more traditional you can go for something like an olive or fig leaf tree. The key is to use plants with deep greens or more grey tones.


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An indoor garden, good enough to eat 


Image credit: Andreas Mikkel Hansen

Plants just give, give, give, and we LOVE IT. Plants are already busy looking great and purifying the air, but now we would like them to feed us too.

Yep, if you take care of your plants, they'll take care of you! Growing herbs in your kitchen is not only super useful but also a great stylistic element. 


Feeling fruity 


Image credit: Lexi Grace Design

Not only do fruit trees look beautiful but they grow fresh produce for yo.! We love lemons, limes, figs and olive trees.

Say hello to herbs

Image credit: The Home I Create

Herbs are great for adding natural fresh scents into your home and they're not bad for all that cooking malarkey either. Basil, rosemary, mint, sage, oregano... the list goes on. 


Try out some topiary


Image credit: Jillian Harris 

If you want to style up your herbs, go for a topiary finish, these work fantastically with herbs such as rosemary and lavender. Topiary is also a great porch plant - always giving a fresh welcome to your visitors. 


Lively shelves 


Image credit: Domino 

I am sure you have seen the plants scattered through the previous images and on Instagram and Pinterest and are wondering: “how do I get that look?”. Whether you are after a full home jungle or something more subtle, we recommend one thing: layering.

Pair up and group plants with a range of different textures and heights for added depth and interest. For example, cascading ivy next to a tall snake plant and layered with a mini succulent will definitely make your eyes dance across the shelf. 


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