What is online interior design or 'e-design'? Essentially it's an interior design service carried out remotely. Using state of the art tech it's now possible to collaborate with a highly experienced and qualified interior designer from anywhere! All the tedious admin and sourcing is taken care of so your designer can focus solely on what they do best - creating a stunning and bespoke design for you and your home.

It's no secret how we feel online interior design has a huge role to play in the future of our industry. It’s our firmly held belief (and reason for existence!) that interior design should be for everyone, no matter your budget or location, and online design enables this. 

Why is that? Glad you asked! Below are 6 reasons why we believe online interior design has a starring role in the future of the industry:


1. It's affordable

online interior design explainedImage credit: My Bespoke Room

Number one for good reason is that e-design makes it more affordable than ever to hire an interior designer. So many of us feel that it's completely out of our reach and miss out on the huge benefits that hiring an interior designer can bring.

Everyone deserves a beautiful home and thanks to a wealth of retailers today offering super stylish furniture at an affordable price point, it’s high time that interior design as a service did the same!


We can transform your space for just £395 per room! So, fall in love with your home today by booking a room design now:

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2. It will also save you money

how online interior design saves you money

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This might sound counterintuitive but hold on for a moment! Having a seasoned and qualified professional at the helm means that you will have access to their extensive supplier knowledge and contacts. At My Bespoke Room, we work with a wide range of suppliers all endorsed by our designers. We offer a price match guarantee as well as exclusive discounts on your basket so you can rest assured that you're always getting the very best price.

Secondly, hiring an interior designer will prevent you from making any expensive mistakes. Many feel after going solo that the results aren’t what they’d hoped for and then they have to spend more money to fix the issues and get it right. 


3. It doesn’t matter where you live

nationwide interior designersImage credit: My Bespoke Room

Another issue with the industry currently is that you're limited on options for selecting designers depending on where you live. Just because you’re not based in a city, doesn’t mean you should have to compromise. 

Thanks to online interior design, a homeowner in Cornwall can work hand in hand with a designer in Scotland! We match clients with designers based on their style choices, not where they live. 


4. It’s fast but without the compromise

expert and fast interior design serviceImage credit: My Bespoke Room 

With online design, all the admin and tedious tasks are taken care of so your designer can focus 100% on you and your design. Not only does this give you a fantastic result but it also means that you can create your dream home faster! 

The ‘traditional’ process can take anywhere between  2 - 12 months compared to online design where you can begin shopping your design in just three weeks!

Receive a space you love in just 3 weeks by booking a room design from just £395!

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5. It doesn’t matter what your style is

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Speaking of style - another big benefit is that we work with over 40 designers, all chosen for their qualifications and loveliness! This means that following an easy online brief, we’re able to make the perfect match between our designers and clients based on style and family life. 


6. It’s collaborative

collaborative and affordable interior designImage credit: My Bespoke Room

Hiring an interior designer doesn’t mean you’ll lose control of the process. Quite the opposite! In our experience, the best results come from a great working relationship and a collaborative process.

We’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting our portal for designers and their clients to collaborate and swap inspiration seamlessly, whenever and wherever! At a friend’s house and see something you love? Take a quick snap and send it over to your designer in seconds.

It also provides a central hub for you both to keep track of your conversation and the evolution of your design (no more scouring through long email threads!)


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