There are just three simple steps before you can start your home transformation journey! Here's Jess to tell you more...


Are you struggling to make up your mind about what you want your home to look and feel like? Maybe you just don’t have the time to work out and plan exactly what you want in some of your rooms, let alone go and shop around for what you want? 

Our Interior Designers will help you transform your space, within your budget and in your own unique style all handled conveniently online! 

To get you started, we will need you to complete three easy steps:


1. Accurate measurements

The first of these are the measurements. We have a really simple measuring guide for you to follow. You can simply fill in the blanks on your estate agent plans or sketch it out on the back of an envelope and we will do the rest for you.




2. Photos of the room

Secondly, we would need some photographs of the room in natural lighting if possible, but we’d like to see all four corners of the room to get the best sense of the space.

Don't worry about tidying up! The more we can understand about the challenges of the space as it is, the better.




3. Inspirational Images

Lastly, we just need some inspirational images from you. So this can be a Pinterest link, a Houzz board, some screen grabs from Instagram, anything that gives us a sense of your style and your preferences so that I can match you to the right designer and they can use these to kick off the process for you.

We’ve worked on thousands of room designs, so there’s no style that we can’t handle so just give us a couple of images to get us started and your Designer will work with you to get the best out of your preferences.




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