Find out the hottest trends of 2019, right here, right now. This year you can expect a bold kitchen, sustainable living, fringed furniture, industrial interiors, warmer tones and a whole lot more...


Kind interiors

Sustainable interiors

Image credit: Plant Light Book

As a whole, we’re becoming more and more conscious about sustainable living; we’re recycling, we’re eating vegan, we’re trying not to live in excess - and rightly so! Why stop with food and recyclable packaging? Sustainable living in the home is on the up, and more and more people are researching how to make their homes more eco-friendly. We now want to know what type of materials are used to build our furniture, does the company have positive values, an ethos we feel proud to stand behind, and do they give back to the environment? Sustainable living might be going for the ‘less is more’ approach, or using companies that try to be as eco-friendly as possible, either way, this trend can only mean good. Keep your eyes peeled – we have a blog on sustainable living coming soon!

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Dare to go dark

deVOL_Bath_LoRes 6-web
Image credit: Devol Kitchens 

Searches for black and navy blue kitchens are up 93% in the past 6 months, and it’s no surprise why. They’re simply gorgeous; striking in an understated way whilst being complementary of any interior style. Navy is the new grey and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon as it’s so versatile. Dark tones look gorgeous in both traditional and modern and minimal settings – don’t want to be too daring? Keep the walls light and bright, such as the image above.


Fun with fringing


Image credit: Around The Houses 

Fringing is back whether you like it or not. We saw fringing swish it’s way down the catwalk, and now it’s sweeping into the world of interiors too. Cushions and curtains, mirrors and throws, even lamps and chairs are jumping on the fringe bandwagon. Add a flirty and fun touch to your home with some fringed furniture. 


Blur the lines between the indoors & outdoors


Image credit: Haarkon

Remember when the outdoors was just your garden space, perhaps occupied with a lawn and flowerbed, and your inside you had your living space in the lounge, a place to eat in the dining room and a place to cook in a separate kitchen? Those were dark times, literally.

Houses look lighter and brighter since open plan kitchen, living and dining areas started growing in mass popularity over the last decade and now the garden wants to be part of the action. 

Cohesive design from indoor to outdoor spaces create seamless continuity giving your home a feeling of harmony and togetherness. We're completely in love with bringing nature into your home, and in turn, taking your home into nature. A room dedicated to indoor greenery are becoming increasingly more popular, especially in city homes. Filling a room with all things blooming and organic gives you a green oasis to escape to, a sanctuary to de-stress in and a place to retreat to, away from a 21st century fast-paced life.

Plants are the easiest and cheapest way to update an interior, and as well as looking gorgeous, they provide oodles of health benefits such as anxiety relief and purifying the air.


Nudes & neutrals


Image credit: DIY Creation

Do you dare to go bare? Over the last few years grey has dominated the world of interiors and now beige is fighting back. Apart from, we’re not calling it ‘beige.’ Sandy shades are all over the neutral palette and giving interiors an organic touch that seems to be hitting the home from all directions. Interiors are now highlighting and emphasising the relationship between humankind and nature, and nude, earthy tones are a stepping stone to help us do so. Pair with black edged furniture and accessories for a more modern finish, or layer with rustic textures such as stonewashed linens, jute rugs, reclaimed wood and rattan furniture to give a more natural and unpolished look. 


Flirty florals


Image credit: My Bespoke Room 

Florals are ‘cool’ again, and we couldn’t be happier.  Florals have transcended the ages and are a traditional staple in interiors. However, for a while they were branded as ‘dated’ and ‘old-fashioned.’ Well, not anymore! The pattern is blossoming (pardon the pun) throughout the home, from statement wallpapers and wall murals to bouquets lining the surfaces and floral patterned cushions gracing the sofas and beds. A traditional print is timeless, or you could go bold with a more abstract design.




Image credit: Ninety Four Design

Before talking about Mid-Century Modern, we’re going to refer back to a quote by Coco Chanel: ‘Fashion changes, but style endures.’ If this is the case, Mid-Century modern must be pure style as it doesn’t seem to have a sell-by-date. Clean and low lines and natural finishes are still dominating interiors, and are super complementary of other interior styles, so can be integrated in and out of design as you please.


Splash backs with character


Image credit: Nicole Davis Interiors

We have already spoken about dark cabinets taking the spotlight, but they’re not the only thing packing a punch in kitchen design. Kitchens are now so much more than a functional space to cook (although, they do still need to be functional), they’re a place to be bold and display oodles of character. Patterned tiles are sure to make sure your kitchen reflects your abundance of personality.


'Less is more' artwork


 Image credit: Avenue Lifestyle

The ‘less is more’ approach is again, reappearing in artwork. Online searches for ‘line drawings’ have spiked, and minimalist illustrations and figurative artwork are appearing more and more on the walls in the most on-trend rooms.

In a more sparse design, line drawings are great as stand alone pieces, if you want a bit more pizzazz in your room, they’re also beautiful pieces of art to break up a gallery wall or picture ledge.


Rattan indoors


Image credit: Blog Lovin

Rattan, Boho, Modern Ibiza, whatever you call it, it’s a vibe with a twist. Rattan furniture, pom poms, patterned fabrics and natural textures are all making their mark this year and we can’t get enough. Make your home feel like the holiday home you’ve always dreamed of, or make your holiday home the most stylish Airbnb around.


Kip like a king


Image credit: Abantia Decor

What does a four-poster bed mean to you? Luxury? Comfort? Safety? Either way, they’re back for 2019. Whether it’s a traditional and curtained or a more minimal finish, this statement bed is making a royal comeback.


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