For the first time ever, My Bespoke Room has hit the screens! Are you avid watchers of Grand Designs? A sucker for Location, Location, Location? Is More4 or Home your go-to channel, when you want to put your feet up and relax into some easy TV?

Well, don't fast forward your adverts, because nestled between these fab programs we're the first ever interior design brand to air TV adverts, and we are super excited! 

To celebrate, we thought we would give you a sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes in the making of our ad.

The concept 

We wanted our TV advert to be super simple, just showing what our design service can do and how it works. The concept was to show a couple who had just moved into their family home, unsure what to do with their empty living room. They turn to My Bespoke Room who took the stress and hassle away, designing them a room that works for them and their family. You can tell by the happy faces of the family that it's perfect for them in terms of style and functionality! 

story board of home TV advert

Image credit: My Bespoke Room


Designing the set

2d 3d visual of living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Every Complete Design Experience design package comes complete with a 2D visual and virtual shopping list and our TV set was no different! One of our fantastic designers, Claire, pulled together a design that was stylish, yet practical and timeless for a family home.

The design included a shopping list full of furniture and finishing touches including retailers such as, Rockett St. George, West Elm, Focist and The Poster Club, for us to follow to bring the design to life.

And that's exactly what we did . . .


living room with navy sofa and blue occasional chair and gallery wall Image credit: My Bespoke Room


Voila! There you have it, our real life TV set.

We create beautiful rooms with our online interior design service daily for our lovely customer's, however, because we are online, we don't often get to see the final result in person! And, we'll be honest here, it really is pure magic and we're extremely jealous of you, watching your designs come to life in your own home. 

Love the look? Just click the button below to see the full room design and shop the look. 




sideboard with lamp and candles and vase

Image credit: My Bespoke Room


It was important to create a room that didn't look like a show home, but an aesthetic of a lived in home that is beautiful, styled and functional.  After all, we design real homes for real people.

Therefore, we included lighting as if it were an actual living room. We layered the lighting with a ceiling light and ambient lighting with a floor lamp and table lamp - a must when zoning a room. Don't forget the natural light that would flood through our pretend window. 

Finishing touches, such as lining the shelving unit, a curated gallery wall and indoor greenery complete the look and ensure the design is completely cohesive. 


TV set of living room for filming

Image credit: My Bespoke Room


When designing, we had to keep in mind that the room would be filmed and on TV and needed to be bright. Therefore, we incorporated an abstract patterned rug and a coloured accent chair.

All our room designs, from Mini Makeovers to Complete Design Experience Plus' include at least 3 alternatives for each category, see how this works on the 'As Seen On TV' shop the look via the button below. 



Furniture and furnishings

We needed to organise with the retailers for ALL the chosen furniture and finishing touches to arrive on one day. so that we could travel up to the studio and check we have everything prior to the filming day.

With different delivery and lead times, you can imagine this isn't always a walk in the park. Luckily, we had the benefit of our own (free and with a price match guarantee, by the way!) Personal Shopping Team to help us organise this aspect. 

There were a lot of deliveries to sort and in some cases assemble! A huge thank you to West Elm,, Focist, Rockett St George and The Poster Club for all their help with the furniture.

At this point, it was hard to imagine all these boxes in the green room as a full room design but, with the 2D visual in mind, we kept the faith. 


Bringing the set to life

The day of filming arrived! It was all hands on deck as we had a long day of filming, but first, we needed to style the set perfectly so it was all ready for the actors that would be a family for the day - over the moon with the My Bespoke Room online design service.


The filming family

family on sofa in living room with gallery wall and shelf styling

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

A home is just a house when there aren't any occupants inside right? So we needed some people to live in our newly created set. We are also huge advocates of homes being a happy place where you feel comfortable, therefore we made sure there was time for the actors to bond and chat to give that wholesome family feeling! 


HubSpot Video

Video credit: My Bespoke Room

We didn't want our advert to be cheesy, but we couldn't lie and say that this isn't the normal reaction to our interior design service - just check out our reviews for proof! 


Explaining our service

living room with gallery wall, navy sofa and brass accents

So, we've spoken a lot about the aesthetics, but what about the content? 

We do so much for our customers, yet we needed to get all those great things into 30 seconds/20 seconds and 10 seconds. How can you condense our services into a matter of seconds? 

Well, we think we just about managed it. In short, we design your room online, from brief to the final design, in a collaborative process, and then the personal shopping team bring it to life.  Want to learn more about our services and how it works? Just click the button below! 



Swapping in and out alternatives 

We mentioned before that we provide alternatives for you to swap in and out. This way there are options at varying price points and what you order with our personal shopping team is ultimately your choice - we just make sure you have a curated shopping list so that you can buy with confidence, knowing that the finished project will be a gorgeous room design that is cohesive, gorgeous and functional AND designed to your personal style. 

Below we've shown how just swapping a chair/rug/cushion can refresh and restyle your room design whilst still complementing the rest of the design. 


A bit of baby blue

before and after design and reality photo

Image credit: My Bespoke Room



A neutral palette 

before and after and design and photo

Image credit: My Bespoke Room



Beautiful blush

before and after design and photo

Image credit: My Bespoke Room



Shop the look

shop the look of a living room 2d design

Our projects page is chockablock full of shoppable room designs, that show a visual, annotated floor plan and a full virtual shopping list, complete with large furniture items right down to the finishing touches. 

Just popping by for a bit of inspo? Just click the button below to browse our projects page.



Remember to keep your eyes peeled for our advert on the channels More4 and Home for the full and finished TV advert! 


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Click here to see the online version of the guide 



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