Have you heard the news? We are ecstatic and exceptionally proud to be launching our first national TV campaign on Monday 22nd May with Channel 4!

Our wonderful clients consistently use the word ‘Wow’ when using our service. It therefore, seemed the perfect place to start as inspiration for the ad creative. In our new TV ad, we have brought the ‘Wow’ to life, showing the #MyBespokeRoom effect on our clients.

We were so pleased to work and collaborate with the brilliant creative, production and media teams Kuba and Friends and Goodstuff; who’s expertise in the TV industry has helped us create an ad that is truly representative of the My Bespoke Room customer experience.

It all became possible thanks to the hard work of our brilliant team and our backers; Channel 4 Ventures and tech entrepreneur Michael Bruce. 

Now without further ado, take a look at our brand-new TV advert below:

Video Credit: My Bespoke Room

So do you want to see how we did it? Check out this blog to peek behind the curtain and see how the interior design magic was created. 

Creating the perfect living room design

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Image credit: My Bespoke Room . Shop this look here.

At the first stage of our process, our clients provide us with their budget, measurements and design inspiration. This helps their designer better understand their taste, style and how they need the space to work for them. 

For Jean’s fictional living room, our Head of Design, Lucy designed a space with a layout that would maximise the space for the life of a young family and it could also function as a grown-up entertaining space. A lot to juggle but that is the beauty of an interior designer - we can do it all!

For the design direction, she took inspiration from our most popular designs to create this timeless scheme that would take Jean’s breath away! Lucy used a neutral colour palette with a dark green feature wall to add contrast and depth. She used the perfect balance of modern and traditional elements with a gorgeous panelled wall backdrop, hinting at Jean’s home being a period property.

Now it was time to select the products from our outstanding suppliers that would make this vision a reality. Watch the video below to see more about the design choices Lucy made and the way we personalised the space for Jean.


Video credit: My Bespoke Room 

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Working with our brilliant furniture suppliers

Image of our armchair rom our TV ad

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Once we had our design direction, it was time to source the beautiful furniture that would complete the look. Lucy worked closely with our Head of Trade, Victoria to source the best quality products that would make this design come to life. 

Victoria is responsible for finding the best furniture suppliers for our clients. She always has her finger on the pulse so that we continue to source products from suppliers offering the best quality and value. 

We began with sourcing the key items such as the sofas. We were looking for classic sofas that looked stylish but also invited you to sink in and relax. We fell in love with the Swyft sofa in the gorgeous Spruce shade that paired perfectly with the Pumice fabric in the same model. Their super speedy 24-hour delivery was also a bonus!

Video Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

We often recommend COAT paints to our customers as they are eco-friendly and of exceptional quality. Their grey-green Nomad paint was perfect for the cosy back corner of the room as it reads as it added depth to the space and creates the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall. Not to mention it paired perfectly with “Good Intentions”, which we used for the main wall, skirtings and mouldings. 


Video Credit: My Bespoke Room


Artwork is personal and can finish a space. We wanted the artwork in this room to be striking and add a splash of colour. Our clients always love the high-quality and truly inspiring artwork from Abstract House, so we opted for this colourful abstract design that pulls from colours around the room. It makes for the perfect focal point behind the sofa and we love how this modern art piece contrasts with the period panelling that surrounds it. 


Video Credit: My Bespoke Room

See the full design here and see the other beautiful products that make up this space. 



Meet “Jean from Dumfries”

Portrait (2)

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Now we had the room design good to go, we needed to find someone to represent our Jean! We found the wonderful Dani who understood the wow factor we wanted to portray. (We’re also still impressed that she managed to not blink for long periods of time, despite the wind machine blowing in her eyes!)

Next, we had to decide what Jean would be wearing. We often say that people's homes reflect their wardrobe so Jean would be an understated yet glamorous woman. 

We imagined that she would be getting ready for hosting a dinner party with friends, having a moment of peace in her favourite room. And honestly, who is going to wear high-heeled shoes in your own home? Bring on the fluffy slippers! 

Just like her home, she is dressed beautifully and yet comfortably as the late afternoon light dapples around the room from the window. 


The big day!

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Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Click here to shop the look.

On the set-up day, our Co-Founder Laura, Head of Design Lucy and Marketing Manager Izzy squeezed the sofas, plants and other finishing touches into the van and hit the road to the London studio. 

With the help of our Director Julian, we made sure everything was perfect before filming the next day. All of us were on our hands and knees, trying to get the perfect angle of the chair, the deliberate positioning of the rug and the careful placement of all the finishing touches that make a house a home.

In fact, Lucy and Laura each brought some personal accessories to give the room an authentic and lived-in feel. Laura even gave us her some family photos and her record player to use on the side table which you can see playing in the background in the ad and Lucy’s trinkets are also dotted around the room! 

Take a look below at a montage of the set-up day:

Video Credit: My Bespoke Room

Watch as our Co-Founder Laura and our Head of Design Lucy, set up our beautiful living room design, so it's camera ready.

Filming day!

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Split landscape image (12)

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

We loved working on this ad and had so much fun on set. In these behind-the-scenes shots of the team in action; you can see Laura tweaking the set and directing, Lucy struggling to craft the perfect "wow" face without laughing, Alexa guiding our wonderful photographer Leanne and Izzy can be seen filming all the #BTS footage that you can see throughout this blog. 


Video Credit: My Bespoke Room

Creating the ad was a real "pinch-us” moment - alongside our brilliant creative agency Kuba and Friends, we aimed to recreate the all-encompassing “wow” factor that our interior design service gives our customers. And we think we achieved it!

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