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Home office inspiration to help you decide your WFH style

We want to help you feel as sane, happy and healthy as possible. We've pulled together our top tips on working from home and how to create a home office that works for you. 

Some of you might be planning a home office update but don't know where to start when it comes to deciding on a style or design direction. Therefore, we've collated some popular home office styles to get your creative juices flowing. 

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1. Vintage


Image credit: A Casa Delasa 

We love a vintage office - they're classic and never go out of style. Go for dark or red woods, brass accents and some ornate framed artwork

If you really want a stylistic edge, try mixing old and new. Go for a classic desk and finishing touches but incorporate a modern light and/or chair. 


Minimal and airy


Image credit: Modsy Blog 

If you work better with few distractions and clutter, it might be worth going for a minimalist look. With this style, less really is more.

To avoid looking too clinical, incorporate natural tones, textures and finishes such as rattan, faux fur and light wood to add warmth. Indoor greenery adds life to a stripped back design.


Embrace colour 


Image credit: PMQ For Two

Does colour stimulate you? It might be worth considering adding a pop of colour! Whether this is painting the wall(s) or using coloured furniture, this is a style that you can really have fun with. 

If you're nervous about creating a colour scheme, try matching just a few sample materials and paint colours to see if you like how they work together.

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Mid-century modern


Image credit: Blog Lovin 

Another style that we don't see going out of fashion any time soon. Match dark/mid stained wood, clean lines and brass accessories to pull off that mid-century vibe. Adding a hint of 'Scandi' design will soften the look.




Image credit: Tuft & Trim

An industrial design will show that you mean business. Exposed brickmetal finishes, leather, natural wood and dark colours will give you that industrial loft look that you desire. 

Include pattern, greenery, soft furnishings and artwork to make sure the end result isn't too cold and harsh. 

A Scandinavian haven


Image credit: By Garmi

Scandinavian or Nordic design is the perfect combination of simplicity and minimalism paired with cosy textures and that infamous 'Hygge' look. 

Keep the furniture and walls light and bright, with lots of white and natural finishes. Include heaps of texture for a comforting end result. 


Embrace pattern


Image credit: Historias De Casa

Pattern really isn't something to be afraid of, and since you're going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, it's worth having fun and getting excited about the prospect of updating the space.

If you love pattern then you should definitely think about having a fun wallpaper that you adore, a patterned desk chair or a fun and full gallery wall


Dark and dramatic


Image credit: Cate St Hill

If black is your happy colour, then a dark office might just be the perfect option for you. Either go all in and paint the entire room an off-black or deep navy colour, or just commit to one feature wall - yes, that's right. Feature walls are still a thing and often perfect for a home office if you want to make an impact but not be too much for a working space. 

Dark colour schemes look great with pastels, blushes and natural tones. Plus, a dark backdrop is perfect to really make your artwork or wall decor pop. 


Natural boho 


Image credit: The Confused Millennial

Last but not least: organic boho. Bohemian home designs are taking the Instagram interiors world by storm and we can certainly see why. Lots of texture, organic finishes, indoor greenery and a touch of pattern instantly makes you feel more relaxed.

Get yourself a patterned rug, load up on textures and keep the rest light and simple and you'll nail this style.


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