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Dressing your windows is imperative for the styling and function of your home; whether you need blackout blinds for those long weekend lie ins or white voiles to brighten up your living room, the job needs to be executed properly and with lasting finish, especially if it's for your forever home! Introducing the best thing to happen to windows since double glazing, Stitched. 

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How does stitched work? 

So, how does the My Bespoke Room of the curtain industry work, we hear you ask? Luckily, this can be explained in just seven easy steps...

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Still have questions? Don't worry, we were eager for more from our fabric fanatic friends too, so we asked them some of our burning questions...

A Q&A with Stitched 

  • Tracks and poles: Where do we start? What are the most popular tracks/poles and when/where do we use them? 
    Poles typically come in three parts the pole itself, the caps (known as finials) and the brackets. Curtains hang from the pole by the rings and are prevented from sliding off the ends by the finials. Poles can be used for Pencil, Eyelet and Pinch Pleat headings. Wave headings were not traditionally used with poles, however some designers are starting to break that trend as a Wave on a pole really shows off the natural drape of a fabric. Tracks are a more modern equivalent of a pole. Instead of rings they have gliders that sit within metal casing that glide effortlessly when you open and close your curtains. Like curtains tracks do come with finials however they tend to be stylistically more simple. You can use a track with any heading. 
    The world is full of different styles of poles, tracks, finial and brackets. Stitched like to keep it simple, supplying hand made tracks and poles from Devon that will stand the test of time in terms of style and wear and tear. 

  • What's the best way to dress bi-fold doors? 
    Big bi-folds or large glass windows are best covered by a wave heading on a track. The Wave heading allows for maximum "stack back" which means when open your curtains they will push right back allowing maximum light to enter the room. Be careful when designing your curtains that your doors fold outwards rather than inwards. If they fold inwards you will need to make sure you have enough space above the doors to hang the curtains.

  • Can you have both blinds and curtains?
    100%, this is a very popular option. Loads of Stitched customers (especially city dwellers) opt for translucent privacy blinds with curtains. This gives the luxury of light and privacy during the day and homely comfort at the end of the day. Alternatively, for those with bigger budgets a double curtain with a sheer curtain for privacy and thicker curtain for comfort is a winning formula.

  • What is the best way to finish the top - recessed, boxed, pelmets, help!? 
    The top of a well made curtain (the heading) is a style in itself and does not need finishing off, particularly when hung from a well made pole. Pelmets, swags and tails make a curtain more traditional. Traditionally they were used to cover up wonky windows, however more recently pelmets have become popular again to hide tacky tracks and poles too. Our advice, buy a simple stylish pole with a well made pair of curtains and you'll never need to worry about pelmets.

  • Are some fabrics better for different spaces? 
    There are no hard and fast rules on what fabric you should use in different spaces. However a well chosen fabric really adds an extra dimension to a room. Stitched believe in the power of plain and textured fabrics. Patterns put a timestamp on your room - pineapples are so 2016, it's now all about geometrics. Savvy customers bring pattern into a room using bold wallpapers, patterned rugs and cushions. This makes it much more affordable and easier to update your style without having to break open the piggy bank every couple of years.

  • How do you best dress bay windows? 
    Curtains, curtains, curtains! Forget roman blinds in bays, they can look smart but functionality-wise are a nightmare on so many dimensions. A well designed curtain in a bay window frames your window, allows maximum light to enter during the day, and if needed, can provide perfect blackout at night.

Got a specific question or query? Keep your eyes peeled for Stitched to takeover our Instagram this week, answering all your burning window treatment questions! 


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