At My Bespoke Room, we're on a mission to prove that gorgeous interior design doesn't have to break the bank! We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful space to call their own and it is indeed possible! 

To prove, it we’re sharing some of our breath-taking bedrooms that we designed for our happy clients, all created with products that cost less than £5k in total.

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Luxurious blue and blush master bedroom 

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Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Our designer Sarah loved working on this project with our client Amy on this stunning yet soothing bedroom. 

As is part of our process, Sarah created this decadent design in a 2D visual alongside an interactive shopping list full of all the fantastic products she included. This meant that Amy could shop with ease and confidence, knowing she could make the design a reality in her home.  Sarah also included lower priced alternatives for products where possible, so she could offer the client flexibility for her total spend - however, the final design totalled just under £3,500. 

Sarah opted to have a lighter grey bed against this deep dark blue (Farrow & Ball Hague Blue) feature wall for a cocooning feel, partnered with the glamorous gold, low-level wall lights creating a serene feel. Just the paint alone makes a massive impact on the space however partnered with the cosy lighting and soft blush soft furnishings elevates the room. Almost like the wall is tugging you closer to the bed!

Meanwhile, the opulent gold overhead light acts more as a statement piece of art than a ceiling light! This Houseof Cage Ceiling Light creates a warm glow in any contemporary space. If you want to see more of Amy’s beautiful home then click here to see her full house tour or click here to see the full design and shopping list. 


Calming guest bedroom with painted arch headboard

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Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

This bedroom was designed by our Head of Design, Lucy. The goal was to make a beautiful coastal feeling home in a cost-effective way and she really hit the mark! The products in this space only come to just under £2,500.

Lucy, being the super interior designer that she is, used paint to make a massive impact in this space. Lucy suggested a large pale blue arch above the bed to create an impressive focal point without the high price tag. This also makes the room feel taller as it draws the eye up and frames the bed.

The large and long curved mirror next to the bed creates a contemporary look that also makes the room feel bigger by bouncing light around the space, giving it further depth and at the same time it gives the feature arch more emphasis. This has also been achieved by adding plug-in wall lights on either side of the bed. This is a nifty trick as it saves money needed to hire an electrician.

The trick with this space is that everything is simple and understated with small pops of contrast that make it easy on the eye. Plus the carefully placed houseplants are always a welcome addition to give a bedroom some fresh texture and a pop of colour. Click here to see the full design and interactive shopping list for this room. 

Sophisticated and elegant soft pink & blue bedroom

Calming blue and blush bedroom

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room 

This dreamy bedroom was designed for our brilliant client Ingmar. The designer used her expert knowledge to focus on creating an incredible room within the budget this client specified. This meant only spending big on the essential items that need to last, like this gorgeous Oak Padma Parquet bed frame from John Lewis that we know will stand the test of time! It goes to show that you do not need to sacrifice style for budget as this bedroom cost just £4,500 and it's one of our faves!

We love how the designer used these soothing complimentary pastel pink and sky blue shades to almost create a late summer evening vibe. The delightful De Nimes 299 paint by Farrow & Ball covers the chimney breast adjoining wardrobes, giving a classic period feature a delicate but modern feel. While the pops of pink and pale blue from the velvet throw pillows make us want to fall into bed immediately!

Tying the two different colour paints together from the wall to the wardrobes is the eye-catching artwork, both taking from colours in the room and sticking with a natural elements theme, it gives the space the sense of cohesion it needs.

If you want to see Ingmar's full house tour click here or if you would like to see the full design and shopping list of this room click here


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Warm modern greige & black bedroom

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Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

This bedroom transformation is simply stunning (if we do say so ourselves!) designed by the ingenious designer Zarah. Want to guess how much all the products in this room cost? Everything from the bold bed frame to the decadent curtains cost just £2,500!

We love the dreamy paint effect on the back wall that she created by using Rustoleum chalk wash paint, which is a lot less hassle than putting up wallpaper but the effect is just as brilliant and even a bit more cost-effective. 

The contrast against this wall is created by the black metal bed frame which brings the eye to the centre of the space. The bed has been adorned with soft and plush pillows and throws that are a vital aspect of making a bedroom cosy and welcoming. 

The soft furnishings have also used muted tones of black and cream to contrast against each other, however this monochrome feel is given texture thanks to fresh houseplants dotted around the room. These give new life to any space and are always encouraged by our designers because they are proven to make you feel more relaxed and reduce anxiety - perfect for bedrooms! 

Click here to see the full design, 


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Modern warm neutral bedroom with pops of burnt red

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Image Credit: My Bespoke Room  and Da Silva Design

My Bespoke Room designer Celine created a really warm and almost sunny feeling bedroom that makes us feel like we’re on a relaxing holiday basking in the sunshine. Like Zarah and our Head of Design, Lucy, Celine has used her expert knowledge to know where she should splurge and where she should save in this bedroom. 

Celine fell in love with the soothing beige patterned curtains from Poodle and Blonde that hide the secret storage solution behind them. The fabric plays beautifully with Coat Paint’s shades Safe Play and Humble, using the neutrals in a more creative way.

Celine also used dark paint on the skirting boards to give the room a crisp contrasting outline, framing the room. This connects with the black in the cactus pattern from the curtain and the black from the bedframe and wall lights, creating a real sense of cohesion.

The space, despite the bright reds and deep orange colours, still has a relaxing natural feel thanks to the light wood, wicker baskets and houseplants that also give the space a lot more texture and cosiness. 

Click here to see the full design. 


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