This past year has been a whirlwind of excitement at My Bespoke Room, with the release of our brand new TV ad, bringing on even more lovely Interior Designers to our team, and of course, creating hundreds of fabulous designs for our amazing clients!

As we bid farewell to 2023, we've been reminiscing on the incredible year and taking a look back at the wow-worthy designs we worked on.

Even though we wish we could share absolutely every single one of our designers' hard work, we might be here till the end of 2024! So instead, we have created a list of our favourite 5 designs of the year, as voted for by the entire My Bespoke Room Designer community. So get ready, because these designs are guaranteed to spark just a touch of envy.

No more teasing - let the countdown commence!


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5. Pastel pink and green guest bathroom with octagon dot tiles

pink and green bathroom with funky tiles

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Starting off strong in the number 5 spot, is a bold and beautiful guest bathroom from talented designer, Nicole.

The client for this project wanted their bathroom to be the space in their home where they wanted to inject the most character with lots of patterns, tiles and colour, and didn't Nicole pull this off perfectly?!

With the combination of monochromatic hexagonal floor tiles and geometric, blush pink and white wall tiles, the bathroom is bound to wow all who enter, every time. 


quirky and colourful bathroom

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

The Art Deco look and quirky style really fills this space with character and is a perfect example of how going bold in unexpected spaces always works.

With the incorporation of the dark, sage green wall paint, Nicole has been able to create a natural feel within the room. Plus, with the use of house plants, which are not just eye-catching but have the added benefit of purifying the air and absorbing mold and mildew, this bathroom has a true touch to nature, which we love!

A big well done to Nicole for pulling off the bathroom design of dreams. 

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4. Bright and colourful children's bedroom with fun patterns

fun and bright kids bedroom

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Onto number 4, a children's bedroom which I'm sure the kid inside of all of you is just a little bit jealous of.

Our fab designer Tracey had the challenge of designing four different children's bedrooms for her client; all while making every space unique and every child feel special.

The brief for this design included a range of colourful pastel shades, fun stripes, patterns, and of course a canopy - which isn't a want, but a childhood necessity!

We all absolutely adored Tracey's design at My Bespoke Room HQ, due to the amount of detail she included and how she perfectly pulled off all of her client's wishes.

pastel and red childrens bedroomImage Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

The soft pink walls evoke a touch of fun but also relaxation, the ideal shade for a young child's room. Combined with the use of patterns in the rug, curtains and wallpaper, the bedroom is full of texture, making the room ooze comfort and playfulness.

Tracey has really thought of it all, with the built-in wardrobes that feature low storage for toys, meaning the room can stay clutter-free when needed but also allows for the client's daughter to access them whenever she needs.

All of the soft furnishings, such as the colourful floor cushion and stunning red rocking chair, means there is plenty of space for other children, and adults alike, to use the room comfortably and make memories. 

We've said it before, and we will say it again, well done to Tracey for creating such a stunning design!

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3. Soho Home inspired bedroom with muted tones & texture

autumnal inspired bedroom

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Heading into our favourite 3 rooms, we've made it to third place with this dramatic yet calming bedroom. This room was designed by the fantastic Olivia who had completely fulfilled her client's brief of wanting to feel as if they are stepping into a hotel room whenever they enter the bedroom.

Green has been all the rage this year and is the ideal colour for a bedroom. This muted olive tone blends in perfectly with the chestnut draws and velvet headboard, plus it projects both tranquillity and sophistication, creating a calming space.

The clients had built-in wardrobes which they wanted to keep, meaning Olivia was challenged by space, but her furniture choices and innovative solutions are really what pulled this design together. By choosing slim bedside tables and opting for elegant, gold wall lamps over table lamps, she really saved her client's space and made the room feel more luxurious.


bold and elegant bedroom

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

With the combination of mixed materials such as velvet, silk and linen the bedroom is made to feel like a warm and relaxing space that you simply want to deep dive into.

The use of the bold geometric wallpaper, as well as the monochromatic and abstract throw, was a great idea to help create more depth in the space and interesting contrast against the muted walls.

Everything about this bedroom is exciting yet calming, with clever combinations of patterns and autumnal colours making the ideal relaxation space to settle down for the night in.

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2. Cottage-inspired living room with eclectic colour scheme

cottage style living room

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

We're getting close now! Onto the number 2 spot, which is taken up by this cosy yet exciting living room designed by the lovely Karine. The client for this project was looking to embrace the home's period features while making the space fun and funky, and we would say Karine has done a great job!

Many of our designers voted this as their favourite as they understand how tricky it can sometimes be to combine old, original features with new furnishings and style. However, Karine has effortlessly combined traditional elements with more modern ones to create a timeless look.

The use of pattern in a room combined with the original features really adds to the interest and brings fabulous personality to the space, not to mention the incredible colour scheme which blends perfectly with the wood beams, creating an inviting space.


muted pink and green living roomImage Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

Karine kept the walls neutral with a soft and elegant pink shade while adding pops of colours that were inspired by the client's existing artwork. Not only this, she also used the armchair and cabinet that the client already owned in the design, proving that you don't need to start from complete scratch every time you change up your space.

The small windows in this living room also posed a lighting challenge, but with Karine's innovative layout planning and use of layered lighting, the space feels light and bright while also comforting and cosy.

Overall, this design just uplifts the home's classic Tudor features and it's a completely unique take on the cottage style we all know and love. Well done Karine!

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1. Retro, bold green and gold living/dining space

bold retro green living room

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

We've made it to our VERY favourite design of 2023, as voted for by our design community, and can you blame them? 

This elegant multifunctional room combines stunning shades of olive green and yellow gold and is nothing less than extraordinary!

This piece of eclectic elegance was created by our amazing designer Milena who made all of her client's design dreams come true. For this project, the client felt the space wasn't very cosy, required a decent amount of storage and also needed some beautiful lighting. And with Milena as your designer, your wish is her command:

The earthy green tones and varying textures definitely made this living/dining room ooze comfort and warmth, the classic, retro cabinets allow for plenty of blanket and pillow storage, plus have you seen the statement ceiling light?!


green and gold living/dining roomImage Credit: My Bespoke Room. Shop the look here.

The earthy green shades create a great connection to nature and bring perfect balance to the room, whilst the brass finishes add warmth and a slight luxe feel to the scheme.

When we say we were all swooning over those dining room chairs at My Bespoke Room HQ, we are not lying! The gorgeous chairs just paired perfectly with the black dining table and became a part of all the beautiful organic shapes within the space.

Every furniture choice in this design was so carefully picked by Milena; the combination of modern and traditional pieces, with the curved features throughout was simply just such a cool way to create an elegant room.

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