My Bespoke Room Head of Design invited us into her wonderful self-build in sunny Southbourne!

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Our Head of Design, Lucy Henderson is an undeniable talent when it comes to interior design and has even used her expert knowledge to design her own home from scratch! Watch this video below to see Lucy's house tour and how she created the tardis-like masterpiece that she and her family call home.


Welcome to the home of our Head of Design

"My name is Lucy Henderson I am Senior Designer (Now Head of Design) for

We saw these four garages, they were derelict, and my husband and I thought wow what an amazing location for a house and wouldn’t it be fab if we can knock the garages down and build something.

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This is the four derelict garages here, and this is the after - this is about 10 months apart. We’re a family of four, we’ve got two children, so we wanted space and we entertain a lot. We have a lot of family and friends who don’t live nearby so we have people to stay, so much.

We’ve got three bedrooms, we’ve got the guest room with an en suite, we’ve got the master bedroom which also has an en suite and then the kids room. But we’ve also got another family room down there that we call the den which is just a nice place to snuggle up and watch films, also there’s a sofa bed in there so it does double up as a fourth bedroom if guests are staying.

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We were limited with outdoor space because of the nature of the site, it was very small site. But we managed to get the garden split over two levels and the children have a little climbing wall which we managed to squeeze in. Again, we were just being as clever as we could with the walls we’ve got, so we’ve got concrete walls out the front so we thought well we can’t get a trampoline in for the kids but let’s go with a climbing wall.

We’ve worked on basement builds in the past and a lot of people are doing it in London because space is a premium. I was a little worried about light, down there, I love a lot of light, I love a lot of light as a designer. But by doing the courtyard gardens on the lower ground level and putting in huge windows in the bedrooms we made sure that we could get plenty of light.


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My favourite room is the toilet on this level, it’s the smallest room in the house but it’s actually the room I think I gave the most thought to. I went really bold because it’s actually quite fun in small spaces to go a little bit crazy I think sometimes and it’s unexpected. Everyone opens the door to go to the toilet and they’re always quite wowed and taken aback by it.

To achieve what we’ve done we’ve had to be really clever and selective with where we spend the money. We’ve splurged in some areas but a lot of what we’ve done we’ve managed to do on a budget and it just shows, that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve a really good design."

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